miércoles, 15 de agosto de 2018

Keeping active

The calve is still bothering me, I tried to run yesterday but as it was bothering me walking I knew that the run would be very short indeed. However, I had planned to walk the whole route. I walked the first long lap in 17:10, then tried to run and only made it to 5:22, I had stop to stop, then completed that lap and the third lap waking, then did the Little lap, finished in 54:55. Then when my brother finished his run I did another Little lap with him.

Then after dinner, I went outside, and walked around 3 more kms, to enjoy the views of Valencia. So as you can see, I cant run a lot, but I have been walking a lot, because I want to lose this extra weight and get back to 175 pounds some day, lol.

I had been feeling pretty good on runs, but this damn injury does not allow anything!

Anyway, I ll keep you posted!

lunes, 13 de agosto de 2018

Injury Update

Today I had to rest because the calf is bothering me a lot. I did not even attemp to run, because I test the calf inside home running in place, etc and it was affecting my form so much that I did not even try to run today.

I wanted to run through it, but that is not the most intelligent thing to do, if its better tomorrow I ll run 20 mins, if not, I ll rest again. Its frustrating because I want to run, but that injury is preventing me to do so.

Hope your running is going well!! Cheers!

domingo, 12 de agosto de 2018


Yesterday I ran with my brother in the Turia park. My plan was to do 6k. We started our run at 7:00 p.m. which is still clear.

I started the run feeling good and easy, but after the 2.3k my left calf started to bother me and it got worse as the run went on, I felt really frustrated, I stopped the watch at 17:37, before the 3k mark and called it a day, then walked home with my brother.

Today I put a spray in my calf, but it was bothering me, but I cant stand to stay inside here, at least I wanted to test out the leg, so at 6:30 p.m. I was going to do the bread and butter route, but if the calf bothered me so much I would stop the run and finish up walking.

Long story short, I only could make 2 laps (9:35,9:13) feeling pretty good cardiovasculary, but the calf was bothering me since I started, but when I was about to complete the second half the tighness was unstandable, and called it a run just after the second lap in 19:04. Frustrating when you feel great and an injury stops you.

Completed the last long lap and 2 Little laps walking, I need to get my exercise in.

I ll keep running 15-20 mins ( I ll try at least), I wont rest, I am sorry, but I cant be at home the whole day and that injury is crazy, one day I have to stop and the next, I am feeling great. Weather is decreasing, not as hot as previous days!

All in all 5 days of running, although a couple of those days were very short runs because of the injury!!

Have a great finish to the week!

sábado, 11 de agosto de 2018

Yesterday`s Aerobic Threshold run

Yesterday evening, around 7:30 p.m. I went out running with my brother, I borrowed my watch because his was not charged. He was doing a workout: the whole run 5k+ 20 seconds on and 40 seconds off, so I ran watchless. We did our bread and butter route, which is 3 laps in a big in a 1.5k or so loop, and 1 lap in a Little one of 600m or so, totaling around 5.1-5.2k according to Dan`s GPS.

The plan for me was to run easy, but only the first lap and a half was easy, after that I sped up Little by Little, the last lap was strong, but never red lining. I could not check lap splits because I was not wearing a watch, but I felt really good and smooth, it seems that my new nutrition plan is paying off, besides the last couple of dinners where I have cheted a bit with Kebabs and hot dogs, but besides that I think is pretty healthy. Dont get my wrong in the residence I ate healthy, but the food had a lot of oil (fat) and the potatoes were basically fried everyday, and I tend to over eat there. I think I did pretty well there, given all the food that I ate and did not put on a lot of fat, I ran consistenly though when I was healthy (not injured nor sick).

I accelerated in the last lap to see if I could catch my brother but was unable to do so, He finished the route in 27:10, I finished in 29:03, and I was kind of surprised with my final time, I was running strong and confortable and I thought that I was running in the 30:30s. The weather was not that hot tan on previous days so that played a factor also.

All in all a good run and a good aerobic threshold run. After the run I did push ups, 2 sets of 15 repeats and 1 set of 6 repeats ( I was very tired). I dont remember the last time I did 2 sets of 15, so I might be getting stronger.

I ll run in the evening today, I want to run around 40 mins  or 6-7k, those 5k We have to leave it behind.

See you in a few hours!

viernes, 10 de agosto de 2018

Catching up

Monday I ran at 7 p.m., decided to run on Monday because I had to rest on Tuesday due to some errands, so did the bread and butter route and finished in 31:49.

Rested Tuesday and Wednesday.

Yesterday I ran alone at 7:15 p.m. with the sun shining hard, but not so hot like previous days. I kept the effort easy and did the bread and butter route. I finished in 31:41, feeling very good. Splits per lap were 9:33,9:19,9:08. The Little lap was done in 3:41. Felt good!

I ll run in the evening today so stay tuned!

lunes, 6 de agosto de 2018

Finishing the week with 6 runs again

Yesterday I went out to run with my brother at 7:45 p.m.with the sun and humidity hiting hard, but you got to do what you got to do. I am still somewhat tired from Thursday`s effort, I decided to leave the watch at home and to run easy. However, I would do the last Little lap at a fast pace to test the legs.

I went out with my brother watchless and my legs were dead, I just did not have it today, He built a gap after the first lap, then kept it at it till I accelerated in the last Little lap, even then I was working hard because He accelerated also, and I did have nothing in the legs, but kept the high effort regardless.

Finished according to Danilo`s watch in 31:13, a bit slower than Saturday and yesterday I did not forcé the pace. Well, at least I got my run in. I have to get used to running hard again, since in the last loop , which is around 600m, I was going around 4:50 per km and working, so I need to start working at that level, so that my running improves, thus my weight loss.

My nutrition is improving a lot, so my goal of 180 pounds is coming nicely. I have to be patient though!

Finished last week with 6 runs, short runs, but the consistency is there at least!

Have a great start to the week! I have not decided if I ll rest today, maybe yes, maybe no!

domingo, 5 de agosto de 2018

Catching up

On Friday  I was supposed to rest, but since We are staying at home most of the time, there is no real reason not to train, so I decided to get my run in at a recovery pace to recover from Thursday`s effort. I felt really sore, but was feeling good on the run until the last last lap of the big loop, The left calf started to bother me and I almost stop, it did not get any worse, so I decreased a bit the pace and could finish the run. 3 big loops (28:25) and 1 Little loop to finish in a time of  32:17 with a very easy effort. The total distance according to my brother`s watch is 5.18 kms or so.

After the run I felt the calf a bit sore (not yesterday`s tempo related), so I thought about resting on Saturday, but as We runners are stubborn, I decided to again get my run in, I mean, if you have free time why not take advntage of it and do productive things with it, of course, if the calf started to bother me I would stop inmediately, because the goal is to run 5 times per week, not 6, but it seems that in the last couple of weeks I have run 6 times per week.

Yesterday I kept the effort easy, my brother took off early since He was doing a tempo run (He averaged 4:59 per km), so He is in good shape. I kept the effort easy for the calf and because I am still recovering from my "tempo" that I did on Thursday. However, I ran faster than expected keeping the effort easy, 1st lap came in 9:16, second lap in 9:06 and the last big lap in 8:57 (27:19) and the Little lap in 3:29. I was kind of surprised with the time, final time was 30:58. The calf behaved well.

Both runs were around 7 p.m.with the sun shining hard and the heat strong plus humidity.

I am arriving to my runs feeling pretty good and not full. I am trying to eat healthy since I got off Guadalupe, I cook my own food and manipulate the ingredients that I put in, so that is a big part of losing weight.

I am eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, if I feel hungry before my run I would eat a toast with peanut butter, that would hold me till after the run. On lunch, I am eating rince, boneless porl ( 2 slices), an egg with a bit olive oil, a decent quantity, so after lunch I feel satisfied but not stuffed. For dinner, I eat 2 sandiwch, 1 of tuna and the other with turket and cheese, that leave me satisfied, but not stuffed. For breakfast I am eating a turkey and cheese sanwich of  with milk and chocolate powder, that holds till lunch. I ll have to improve my veggies and fruit intake, since I left Guadalupe I have not taken much of those. I ll vary lunch sometimes and I Will eat potatoes and chicken for example, I think the key is to have healthy sources of starchy carbs, good protein (eggs, meat, peanut butter) and healthy fats (olive oil, PB, nuts, avocado).

I ll keep posting how my diet goes, since that is the biggest factor for my weight loss goal, if I want to run faster I have to lose weight, no way around it.

Today I ll run in the evening as well, maybe I ll throw some strides if the calf permits.

See you later!