domingo, 18 de agosto de 2019

Evening humid 80 mins"Long" run

Today I ran in the evening at 6:30 p.m. with the sun shining hard. As I was running alone today, since my brother was in a tour, I decided to run in the Blasco park close to my home. 80 mins would take me more tan 14 laps in the Blasco park, but that was more attractive than to walk 20 mins to the Turia park and 20 mins back after my long run, so I opted to run close to home.

I wore confortable clothes because I knew that it was going to be hot. wore my hill runner singlet, which is very confortable. I felt flat in the first 2-3 laps but the pace was pretty Good, faster than it felt. First lap was 5:48, then worked my way down to 5:39, in the second lap, so I knew that it was going be a Good day and eventually I started to feel better and better. 3 laps came in 17:07, 6 laps came in 34:00, 8 laps came in 45:07, then turned around and did 6 laps clockwise to change things up, 10 laps came in 56:16, 11 laps in 61:52, 12 laps in 67:26, 13 laps in 72:56, 14 laps in 78:34, and then completed the 80 mins. Those splits are off my memory, I pretty much memorized all my splits, kept my splits from 5:33-5:36 for most of laps, last lap came in 5:28, feeling very Good, but was very thirsty, no problema as I was 5 mins away from home.

I felt really Good after the 3rd lap and started to feel better and better, was soaking wet at the end though, singlet and shorts wet, so the humidity was very high. I have found that tht terrain is very favorable to run since my knees did not suffer and I felt awesome, the only problem was that I needed water after the hour since I was feeling very thirsty.

Around 12.8-12.9k total. 5 runs this week as planned and feeling better and better. Around 49 kms for the week, which for 5 runs is not that bad. Have a great Sunday!

Saturday 5k tempo run @23:02 + 2 x 200m @41,43

On Friday I took the day off. I was very tired at work in the evening and even walking felt flat, but I was going to rest anyway, but that was not a Good sign for my Saturday`s tempo run.

On Saturday my brother and I did our workout in the evening, since in Friday night We went to the all you can eat Asian buffet and when I woke up still felt full. I was feeling Good energy wise though. After I ate lunch, I started to feel flat and tired, and when I started my warm up, I knew right there that it was going to be like last Saturday, hold on for dear life and do the best you can, so I pretty much rule sub 23 mins out of the picture. I prepared myself for 23:30 or something like that.

Did my 15 mins warm up to the Turia park including 5 x 50m strides, in the middle of my warm up met my brother because He lives on my way to the Turia park. In the warm up felt flat and in the strides I did not have it, but this time I was prepared mentally to run bad. The heat was not that high, but it was high. The plan was to run a 5k tempo and if I felt alright, I would include 2-3 x 200m.

15:40 for warm up, then the workout started, my brother was doing intervals, so He went out like a bat in the first repeat ( He did 3:47 in the first 1k repeat), I stayed back at my effort, I crossed the first km in 4:30 and did not feel that flat like last Saturday, so I tried to keep that pace and see if at a Good effort level I could run sub 23 mins, note that this is not a time trial, the goal here is to run at an effort that think you can sustain for 8-10k, so that is the main goal for me. 2nd km was 4:42 (9:12), right there I knew that it was not going to be that easy since effortwise the 2nd km felt as hard as the first one, then I tried to accelerate a bit, since in the turn around point you lose time, did not look the watch until the 3rd km, but pressed the Split button at halfway and it was 11:29, so I was right on pace right there, 3rd km came in 13:49 (4:37 for 3rd km), and that point I did not care too much about running sub 23 mins, I just wanted to stay at that same effort and finish feeling strong. 4th km came in 18:30 (4:41 for 4th and triying to keep pace), I knew at that point that to run sub 23 mins I would have to make it a race and that was not going to happen, I just maintain the same effort and tried to lose the least time posible, tried to stay relaxed and and fast strides, finished the 5k in 23:02 , the last km was in 4:32, but finished pretty tired, I would prefered to finish way stronger and I dont understand how I could sustain that pace two times in a row to run 46:30s in the 10k in May, and feeling very fresh. After the 5k, I jogged 400m, but I was huffing and puffing, so I did not start the 200s very recovered, then did 2 x 200s in 41 and 43 seconds. The second repeat was in a strong headwind so I would take it. Anyway, the meat of this workout is the tempo and I think I did Good despite not feeling well in the warm up. Its time to build up to 6k tempo again and remain there for a while. Then did 12 mins for cool down.

I did around 10-10.1k total. Feeling Good today (Sunday) as I type this, no soreness at all, and in the evening I Will run my "long" run.

jueves, 15 de agosto de 2019

Easy recovery run

Today is holidays here in Valencia, so no work today. I ran a bit earlier today at 6:00 p.m., but at that time the sun is still hitting hard. I ran with my brother today, but in reality I ran alone, because I built a gap as soon as We started and I almost lapped him, eventhough my pace was very slow today because I was recovering from my workout yesterday. I did 8 laps in the Blasco park at an easy pace, and the heat was not really strong today, in fact, there was a nice breeze.

First lap was 5:55 or so and I kept pretty much that pace till halfway point in 23:23, then I sped up a bit in the second half as I felt better. Kept the effort very easy though, finished 8 laps (7.2k) in 46:00. My brother said He was very full from lunch, so thats the reason He ran that slow. Drinking a beer as I type this, enjoying the day off from work.

Catching up

Sunday - On Sunday I ran with my brother at 6:30 p.m. in the Turia park, not much going on today, thats why We decided to do it in the evening. My brother would do 90 mins, but I was up to only do 80 mins. Good decision, since I was very tired from Saturday`s tempo and by the 3rd km I knew that it was going to be a long day. I endured though and could finish the 80 mins. Too hot and humid, but I made it till the end. After the halfway, my brother built a gap and that gap got bigger and bigger. Crossed the 12.1k in 75:30 or so, then completed the 80 mins, so around 12.7k total.

5 runs for the week. That is a frecuency that I am satisfied by now and it seems that is not affecting my training.

Monday - I ran after work at 8 p.m. or so, did 9 laps in the Blasco park, and as usual did strides from laps 6-8 and then 1 lap for "cool down". First lap was 5:50, halfway 23:00 something, crossed the 8 laps in 44:36 and completed the 9 laps (8.1k) in 50:08. I was a bit tired from the long run the day before. The heat was not that strong on Monday.

Tuesday - Planned rest day

Wednesday - Yesterday I did intervals. I warmed up from home till the Turia park and met my brother haflway into my warm up, since I cross his house during the warm up. Warmed up 15:40, including 5 x 50m strides as usual, during these strides I knew that it was going to be a good workout because I felt fresh during these strides. I was not sure about the workout that I was going to do, but I was sure that I was going to do 1600m for the first Interval, after that Interval I was not sure if I should do 800s or 1000s. However, I wanted to do at least 3 miles worth of fast running. I did 2 x 1600s with 800m recovery and 2 x 800s with 400m recovery. I felt good in this workout, after a long day at work and a hard week of work, so I am not complaining. Splits were 6:57,6:46,3:18,3:16. My brother was doing a shorter repeat workout, but I feel that I have the speed and these long workout are gonna move the needle more than shorter workouts. I felt real strong in these workout and was very happy with those 2 x 1 mile splits. That 6:46 is my fastest 1600m repeat in years and was faster than the 6:48, I did 6-7 weeks ago. I have not lost fitness even running 5 times per week instead of 6 times. After the repeats I cooled down for 12 mins, so around 1.7-1.8k. Total for the day was around 10.9k or so. It was hot, but not like Satuday or Sunday. Today We could run fast.

domingo, 11 de agosto de 2019

Saturday`s tempo run: 23:46@5k too hot and humid

I rested on Friday. As I have said, I am running 5 times per week these days, but still getting my hard workouts in, so I dont expect to lose much fitness. However, yesterday`s tempo run was the total opposite of last week`s tempo run.

Last week, I felt fresh and finished strong. Today I just could not maintain pace and finished very tired, wanting to quit after 3k. In the warm up I knew that it was not going to be a good day, I was sweating a lot in the warm up and my legs felt flat and tired. My brother wanted to run 22 mins in 5k, but I told him that today it probably was not going to be posible, the heat was very high and the humidity was crazy. On Friday the temps were in 41 Celsius, on Saturday it was 30s but it felt way hotter than that.

I wanted to go out at a good pace and see how my body felt, the answer is terrible. The first km was in 4:35, but right there I knew that I was not going to be able to maintain that pace until the end. I felt flat and was huffing and puffing already, so I eased back a Little bit to see if I could find another gear, second km came in 4:50 (9:25), right there I knew that I was dead and I would have to work hard to even run sub 24 mins in the 5k, my brother and I crossed the halfway head to head in 11:46 (2:21 for that 500m), then after the turn around I built a Little gap, but after the 3k that came in 14:08 (4:43), that gap became bigger and bigger, 4th came in 4:52 (19:00), I knew that I was running terrible and feeling even worse, at that point it was mental battle to remain strong and finish the thing despite the time would be slow ( that is the reason I dont wear a watch in races), tried to finish strong while keeping the effort steady, but trying to close hard in 4:30s the last km. but 4:46 was the fastest that I could muster given the conditions, finished the 5k in 23:46 feeling like crap. I was going to do 2-3 x 200s repeats, but I decided to not do them, and just do my cool down, I was feeling too unconfortable to stress my body even more. My brother did a disaster in the last 2k and finished in 24:58, but at least He finished. After the run, We both complained about the conditions, but also We were pleased with remaining tough and finishing the thing despite things not going our way. For cool down We did 12 mins at an easy pace, so around 1.8k. Total for the day was 9.1k or so.

This evening We are going to do our long run for the week, We Will see how the heat behaves and how We feel. Its amazing how from one week to the other doing the same workout can bring totally different outcomes given conditions and how your body feels. Effort is what matter though, and the effort was there.

viernes, 9 de agosto de 2019

Intervals and an easy run

 On Tuesday I took the day off

on Wednesday evening at 7:15 p.m. I went out to the Turia park to do a workout with my brother, which was  8 x 400s in 1:39,1:37,1:37,1:32,1:32,1:34,1:32,1:23. The heat and humidity was very high, and We were soaking wet at the end of the workout, it seemed that We were out off a pool. I honestly wanted to run faster on these, especially in the first 3 repeats. The first one felt fast and I only ran sub 1:40, which was slower than some of my 1 lap repeats that I did last week in the Blasco park. Anyway, I think the heat had to do with it and I did not feel bad. I pushed in the last one and could muster a 83 seconds 400m, I probably should not do that because that would compromise my Saturday`s tempo run. Warmed up 16 mins incl. 5 x 50m strides and cooled down around 16 mins to home. Around 9.2k total

 On Thursday I did 8 easy laps in the Blasco park in 45:29. Felt tired today and my legs did not have much today, just an easy relaxed run as a recovery run. Just realeasing stress from work while putting in the miles. 7.2k total,

lunes, 5 de agosto de 2019

Zapping the zero

Today I left work at 7 p.m. and I was running at 7:50 p.m. or something like that. The motivation was zero because I worked a lot today. However, you have to get things done if you want to progress. I know right, that after the first lap things improve a lot, pretty much always is like that.

I did 9 laps in the Blasco park today and from laps 6-8 I incorporated 6 x 100m (or so) strides. In the first stride felt very sluggish and heavy, but as the strides went on I felt smoother and smoother. I only looked at the watch in the first lap in 5:52 and in the 8th lap, but pressed the Split button in the halfway (23:01), 8 laps came in 44:14 and finished the 9 laps in 49:46. Almost like last week, where I ran 49:48. The weather was hot today, but not too much!

8.1k total.