viernes, 15 de febrero de 2019

Evening watchless 6k tempo

Yesterday was my day off.

Today I have planned my tempo run and I did it with my brother. For today We have planned a 6k tempo run, We have been doing 5k tempos, but its time to step up once again. I had around since November since I did 6k tempos and now I apparently am in better shape than the 30:11 that I did on November.

The goal for today was to run 29:50s or 30:00s, I was not to force the pace. In fact, as I race without a watch and I am racing a 5k race next Sunday, I decided to do my today`s tempo without a watch, just by effort.

We warmed up 15 mins and I did 5 x 50m or so strides to get the legs loosen up. Then it was time to start the tempo, I started out at a pace that was challenging, but I could sustain for more than 45 mins. My brother wore a watch but He does not look at it during the tempo, so both were running "blind". However, I have done enough tempo to run pretty much the effort/pace that I should be running. My brother gapped me after the first 500m and I could never bridge that gap, I did not force my pace, but He ran pretty strong today. In the second km He had a gap of 10 seconds ( I counted it in my head), in the 3k (turn around point) I could close the gap, and the gap was only 3 seconds or so, I lost a couple of seconds when I was going to make the turn, because  another runner was coming in that very moment, then I thought that I would catch my brother, but the gap got bigger and bigger and I sped up because I felt more loose and felt the turnover faster, so He must have accelerated even more than me, I just forget about him and focused on keeping the same effort/ pace till the finish, always analizing if that effort could be sustained for a long time to keep the tempo as honest as possible. I felt confortable, but at the same time felt unconfortable, I think that is how a tempo must feel, in the last mile I was running with another runner and used him to keep my focus and tried to accelerate a bit without going over the top, the gap that my brother had on me in the 4th was 17 seconds or so ( that is what I counted in my head), He finished in 29:32, I finished 9 seconds back in 29:41 I must have accelerated in the last km to bridge some of the gap, I finished at the same speed though! I was surprised with the time, I thought that I ran slower, happy about the time and effort. Loving these hard workouts! I skipped the 200m strides today because I was somewhat tired and tomorrow morning We have 90 mins planned, so I did not want to over do it.

Cooled down for 1.7k to complete 10k total. Weather was good, wore my windbreaker. According to my brother`s watch We did a huge negtive split, the first 2kms were slow for me, but then I warmed up and could increase the pace. Anyway, good effort for a good workout!

miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2019

Evening recovery run

Today  at 7:05 p.m. I ran in the Blasco park with my brother. For today We had a recovery run to regenerate from yesterday`s intervals. Today`s run was slower than I would have liked, but We just kept things easy and conversational.
We did 8 laps to the Blasco park in 48:09, so what took 8 laps to do today, took me 9 laps on Monday, but I was tired today. First lap was 6:11 and never looked at the watch again since I knew that it was going to be very slow. Good conversation and good weather though!
The weather was in 12 celsius or so, I did not wear my windbreaker, just a t shirt and shorts and I felt cold at the beginning, but then felt great once I warmed up. Around 7.2k total according to my brother`s GPS.

Tomorrow a day off!

martes, 12 de febrero de 2019

Evening Interval workout with my brother: 1 x 1600s, 2 x 1000s, 2 x 400s

Today I did my intervals at 7:10 p.m with my brother, We started a bit later than planned, but got things done. We warmed up 15 mins easy running and I incorporated 5 x 50m strides as usual to warm up the legs.

The plan for today was 1 x 1600m, 2 x 1000m, 2 x 400m. All with half distance jog recovery, so 800m easy after the mile, around 500m after the 1000m and 200m between the 400m.

I started at a good pace, around 52-53 seconds the first 200m, and then decided not to look at the watch till the end of the repeat. My brother took the lead and built a gap, He finished the 1600m in 7:10, I came in 7:12, I was very surprised with how slow it was compared to last week and how We went out in the fist 200m today, anyway, the stimulus is what its important and that is only the first part of the workout. My brother was frustrated with that time, because He felt tired and heavy, I felt good and relatively controlled.

I even did the recovery jog faster than him, so had to wait for him in each repeat to start the next one together, no biggies though.

In the 1000m repeat, I just built a gap on my brother and kept it till the end of both repeats, I was surprised with how good those went, 4:07 and 4:03 for 2 x 1000m. I think that I had around 8 years without hitting those times, so that was motivating.

I was tired, but We had 2 x 400s to go, so I toughed it out and got things done, the 400s were in 1:31 and 1:22.06. The 91 seconds I really pushed a bit while keeping good form, after the 200m jog recovery, I just decided to really hammer the last one digging deep, but without losing form, I was surprised with 82 seconds. Had around 10 years without hitting such a split. It was when I was running my mile PR 10 years ago in 2009, so again, that was very motivating, but still lot of work to do to get back to that kind of shape.

I dont know my brother`s split in the 1000m and 400. I defeated him on those, but He was not too far back. I am in better shape than I thought, but I will just keep working hard and see what happens.

16:30 easy running to home for cool down, so around 10.4-10.5k total for the day. Nice and solid workout. Weather was pretty good, wore my windbreaker because it was cool, around 10-12 Celsius maybe.

lunes, 11 de febrero de 2019

Late morning easy run + 6 strides

Today I ran alone at 11:45 a.m., in the Blasco Park. The plan for today was 8 laps easy including 6 x 20 seconds strides, but as last week when I got to 8 laps, just decided to do 9 laps because I was feeling good.

Felt fresh today so went a little faster than my normal easy pace, kept the effort easy though, looked at the watch in the first half and it read 5:38, then decided no to look at the watch till the end of 8 laps. kept an easy effort and in the 6th lap I did 2 laps of 20 seconds strides, I did not count the time, but I estimated time/distance for strides, just focused on good form, then checked the watch at the end of 8th lap and I had 43:07 feeling pretty good, so I decided to add another easy lap, which came in 5:23 for 48:30 total time.

Weather was around 14 Celsius, and for the first time in several months I did not wear my windbreaker, just wore a short sleeve t shirt and my shorts (as always). Glad I did that because I felt hot in the first couple of laps, then the weather was pretty nice.

Around 8.1k total, pretty good easy run + strides. Tomorrow intervals!

domingo, 10 de febrero de 2019

Morning recovery run

Today I ran in the morning around 9:30 am in the Blasco park near the place that I live in. I almost move the run till the evening, but then decided to run. The reason was that I was sleepy and i get very bored in the evenings when I run in the morning. However, I wanted to run with my brother and wanted to get the run done.

We ran 8 laps in the park very easy. I felt really good and easy. Time for 8 laps was 46:35 and according to my brother`s GPS watch there is 7.1k. Anyway, another good recovery run in.

Good week of running for me, 6 days of running, 2 workouts and a longer run, so that is the effective training in my book.

Have a great Sunday!

sábado, 9 de febrero de 2019

Morning "long" run

Today I felt surprisingly good, I thought that I was going to be sore from last evening`s tempo run, but I felt good. I met with my brother at 11:00 a.m. to do our " long" run in the harbor, the route that We have been doing the last 6 Saturdays or so. Its a pretty cool route, good view and enviroment.

The plan for today was to do 80 mins easy pace, We started out very slow and then gradually increased the pace as the run went on, did the first "loop" of the route in 57:44, very close to what We did last week, then kept running till I complete 80:33, ran extra 33 seconds so that is a bonus, ha.

We felt pretty good, but at the end We both needed water, its heating up here in Valencia, the weather was only around 15 degrees, but I felt hotter than that, and even more since I wore my windbreaker. Anyway, felt very strong and kept the effort very easy. Another one in the books! Its good to have the company of my brother also, it would be harder to do them alone.

viernes, 8 de febrero de 2019

Tempo run 5k + 2 x 200m

Yesterday was my day off.
Today I had planned my tempo run, so at 6:00 p.m. I met my brother to do our tempo run, its been a lot of fun to do these tempos with my brother, He beated me in the previous one, but today it was not the case, ha.
We warmed up 15 mins easy incorporating 5 x 50m strides to get ready, He likes to do longer strides, but 50m for me its enough.
The plan was a 5k tempo at 24:50s or so, or at least sub 25 mins, plus some 200s afterwards to practice fast running without losing good form.  The tempo started and my brother took the lead, I like to go out slow and let the pace come to me, I glanced at the watch at the 200m and We had 59 secons, right where I wanted to be, and I just wanted to maintain that effort/pace , 1st km was in 5:05, so inmediately I passed my brother and put a surge, because We were going slower than I wanted, as soon as I sped up, but brother knew that We were going slower than planned ( He does not look at his watch during tempos), 2nd km was a bit faster, but still slow in my opinion, 10:06 (5:01 for that km), I felt pretty good and controlled and had several years, after that I took the lead till the halfway point 12:35 (2:29 for that 500m), after I turned around I put a surge and never was caught, I did not even look back, I just put the surge and did  my own business till the end of the tempo, i got carried away and did the final km way too fast, I regreted later, but what can you do. 3 kms came in 14:54 (4:48 for that km), at that point I knew that I was going to run sub 25 mins no problem, with 1 mile to go had 16:49, so I had to do the last 1600 in 8 mins to do the same exact time as last weel, very doable, when I hit  km 4 in 19:41 (4:47 for that km), I really let myself loose in the last km to finish fast, I did not even sprint, but I really pushed the pace on that one. Finished in 24:09, so 4:28 for the last km, was very surprised with that one, because did the last km at my interval pace, it was good practice for fast running when tired, but I regreted later, I should have done in 24:30s-24:40s, but oh well!! My brother did 24:53, but a bit slower than last week, but He told me He did not feel very good. After the 5k tempo, I jogged 400m to catch my breath, and then decided to do 2 x 200m with 200m jog recovery. Did 43 and 42.06. To be honest felt tired during the 200s because I could feel some lactic acid from the tempo, but I could just move my legs just fine and finished feeling pretty good. After my 200s, Did 16 mins easy running for cool down. I did a longer cool down, because my brother did 4 x 200s, instead of 200s, so in the meanwhile I just did extra cooldown, after He finished We cooled down together and talked about the workout.
I did a huge negative split 24:09 (12:35, 11:34), so 61 seconds faster in the second half, I dont remember the last time I did a time like that in 2.5k, anyway, heading the right direction, a lot of work to do. Weather was good, wore my windbreaker but sweated more than necessary, so that means its heating up. Around 10.6k total or so.
Felt good overall and another workouts in the books! Tomorrow early a "long run" in the port.
Have a great Friday!