sábado, 23 de julio de 2016

Morning easy run

Today I went out running at 8:20 a.m. as last Saturday, I wanted to run with company like the past Saturday, but I had to run alone this time around, ha, I always run alone so not too much of a problem.

I went out to the conservatory and ran easy. The sun was shining hard and the heat and humidity strong, the effort felt really easy, but I was generally tired, I think that is because I have been stressed with work lately.

Never looked at the watch, ran 5 laps to the conservatory and back home for a total of 7.5k. Splits looked like this: 7:56 to get to the conservatory, then 5 laps in 6:20,6:14,6:12,6:15,6:11, then 7:09 to finish up the 7.5k run in 46:53.

I thought that I was going slower to be honest, but it seems that fast pace on Thursday helped to get the turnover a bit faster. As I post this I realize that I did not feel any soreness from that progressive run, I mus have been improving.

Have a great Saturday night!

viernes, 22 de julio de 2016

Thursday late night progressive tempo

Yesterday it was another 9:05 p.m. run, its good to find out a new time for running, you have to explore new ways to get your running in, and even more when you are leaving work way too late.

Yesterday I had planned to run somewhat fast, because I was going to rest today (Friday) again, that is the schedule that is working for me the last few weeks, and taking advantage of the weekends.

So I headed out without having eaten dinner and that worked well, not side stitch today. I ran easy till the conservatory, then I said to myself that I wanted to do all laps sub 6 mins, not that hard, but a little faster than my normal easy pace and if I felt good I would increase pace.

I felt good and the splits were like this 6:03,5:52,5:44,5:23,5:10, then got off the conservatory and did the last 1.2k in 6:11, did not sprint, but finished at a strong pace. Did 7.5k total in 42:54. That was a good progressive run and I finished feeling strong and not huffing and puffing like most tempo runs. Either I am getting better or I felt better at the end because I eased into it . Either way, I am happy with this run, given the late start and the fact that I have been very stressed by work.

The running helps and when something is important to you, you will find a way!

Heat was strong also, I was sweating very much!

What is your excuse??

Have a great Friday!

martes, 19 de julio de 2016

Easy running

Today I left work at 6:40 p.m. and was out running at 7:30 p.m., later than I would have liked, but I have to get my training in. These past days have been crazy at work and the stress continues, luckily I have the running that helps me decompress a bit and relieve stress, the best stress reliever in my book.

I was a bit sore from Sunday so I took it easy, but as I am resting tomorrow, I sped up a bit in the last couple of laps, not a lot , but just enough to get sub 6 mins laps, so you can say it was steady state last couple of laps.

I felt good today, a bit tired at times, but generally good, the heat was awful and was soaking wet at the end.

I only looked at the watch post run, but the splits were 8:01 to get to the conservatory, 6 laps in 6:24,6:17,6:09,6:13,5:54,5:40. The last 2 laps were with a gatorade bottle in my hand, big mistake, I should have waited till the end of the run, I only took a little zip, I basically downed it post run. Finish up with 90 secs to finish my 7.5k run in 46:28.

Have a great night!

lunes, 18 de julio de 2016

Trying something new: Late night run

Today I tried a couple of new things, not because I wanted to, but sometimes you got to do what you can with the time given, so lets get start!

A friend called me when I was leaving work that He was close to my house and He would come visit me, I did not want to miss the run, so in the back of my mind I said to myself that I would run today no matter what, yea sounds obsessive, but I fee/felt very motivated with my running these days and I am enjoying it very much.

Another thing that I tried  was when I got here with my friend We both ate dinner , I ate a couple of chesse sandwiches, I never eat before my runs or at least that close to it, I ate those sandwiches 1 hour before I started running.

Sometimes you have to take risks to test some other methods, but in my book, those pre workouts before running does not apply too much, my stomach cant sit food very well so close to my running time, maybe for weightlifting is different because is not that continious as running.

I started running at 9:02 p.m. today, the latest I have gone out running in my almost 14 years of running, felt weird at the beginning, but then felt natural and the park was very peaceful.

Soon into the run I could feel those sandwiches in my stomach and I experienced a side stitch for a short amount of time, then I felt good, but then again experienced disconfort in my stomach, of course I was very hungry when I got home, I would not have waited till 10 p.m. to eat dinner, at 8 p.m I was ready to eat dinner and that is what I did.The best part of the run was the last lap in the conservatory where I could finally got into a groove and felt really good, the same on my way home, before that, it was just a caracter builder, from lap 2-4 I felt like crap, felt low in energy, but then as I said , things started to improve nicely, the good thing is that I never gave up and continued to do my planned run.

The run consisted in 5 laps to the conservatory and back to total 7.5k of running. Never looked at the watch and just kept the effort easy. Ran 1 lap with a friend of my friend Jose, We chatted a bit, but He only lasted one lap and I was all alone once again.

Splits were 7:54 to the to the conservatory, 5 laps in 6:29,6:33,6:31,6:26,6:21 and 7:03 to get home. As I said I felt really good at the end, maybe that was the time when I made the digestion, lol

7.5k in 47:54, Happy to have gotten my run in, no matter at what time!

It was nice to run at that time, it would be good to do a workout in the park at that time, not too much people, not people to dodge or dogs to dodge, you can get into a great groove during hard workouts at that time, of course, the sooner you get the run during the day the better. However, We dont always succeed at that, and We got to find an alternative, as long as you are running, time of day does not matter much, training put in is what really matters.

Have a great night!

domingo, 17 de julio de 2016

Tempo run + strides

Today I was unsure about doing my tempo run, even when I went out running, the plan was to run one lap at tempo effort, then one lap easy, repeat the process till 5-7 laps or so, but when I did my first lap easy that my tempo run started I decided to do a continous tempo run, felt good for the first couple of laps then got tired, by the end of the 3rd lap I was tired, I dont know if it was mental because I have been doing only 3k tempos. Decided to do 1 more lap at whatever pace following the same effort, of course when I got to the flat part I sped up a bit, but I was huffing and puffing too much, and wanted to keep myself under control.

So did 4k tempo, then did 1 lap easy, and then decided to do another lap doing 4 strides, then on the way home, in the last 500s decided to throw a couple of more strides, so it was a good day of training! 9.5k total in 54:58 and the run flew by mentally because I changed things up and dont followed the same pace for the whole run.

Splits were 7:59 to get to the park, then did 1 lap easy in 6:31, then 4 laps at tempo effort in 5:20,5:18,5:14,5:07, then 1 lap easy in 6:39, then 1 lap doing 4 strides in 5:24, I got surprised with that one because I almost equalled the tempo run pace and this lap doing strides felt easy, I just sped up for 100m, then jogged for another 100m before repeating the process once again, then I kept an easy pace till home, but moving the legs, since I wanted to make this day a quality day, in the last 500m as I said I threw I couple of 100m strides to total 6  x 100m strides to learn to run fast when tired and to practice my raw speed.

To be honest I thought that the tempo effort was faster today, but at the end of the day a tempo is a pace confortably hard and the pace for last week was faster than I should, so today it was more accurate, but I find that I finish the tempo effort more tired than I should given the slower pace, no biggies, thats what my body had for today and I felt really good at the end, very strong.

Note: I did not look at the watch during the run, I just run by effort, and look at the watch post run when I am at home, I am getting into the habit in doing that because following a precise pace for a tempo run its not optimal, you should run tempos off effort and easy runs for that matter!

It was a very productive weekend, a couple of 9.5k runs and one of them with quality thrown in! tomorrow its going to be very easy.

Have a great rest of Sunday!

sábado, 16 de julio de 2016

Morning hot run with good company

Today I was not sure if I was going to run in the morning or if I would procrastinate till the afternoon, I had something to do in the evening, so that afternoon could get complicated. So I grew a pair and headed out at 8:20 a.m. to the conservatory with the sun shining hard.

Within the first 5 mins I was sweating already I knew that its going to be a long day, I never looked at the watch, I considered to do a tempo run, but the way I was feeling in the first couple of laps and how hard the heat was, I skipped that, and opted to do the run completely easy.

when I had 2 laps and something I saw a woman and I wanted to catch her to run with somebody for a bit, its hard to run alone in that heat, it took me more than 1 lap to catch her, when I was approaching I recognized the woman, its a very athletic woman that I have seen for more than a year in the park running, and She runs at a good pace, so that would be a good fit. I had run with her in the past, but only for a short period and She did not even remember me, I even knew her name.

Anyway, When I caught her I went ahead just a bit, but waited for her and then She ran nex to me, until She took off her earphones and asked, How many laps do you do? and I responded and We started talking briefly, I did not talk much because I realized She was struggling sometimes. I was only doing 5 laps, but I had something to do, and it was to help her finish her run, She was in her 1st lap or so when We met, so that was a good opportunity to add more mileage myself and to help her/motivate her to complete her run.

I dont coach anymore for lack of time decided to quit, but I am good at motivating others at running.

Ok! Back to the run! I worried when She had  a bit more than a lap to go and She was huffing and puffing and sometimes decreased the pace just too much, I just tried to encourage her the best that I could, but I did not over do it.

Luckily in the last lap She kind of recovered and even finished with a sprint, She has a very good  sprint ability, and it was very fun to run with her, I hope that We can meet again in the future, not easy to run alone in those conditions, and its always good to meet new people through running, I have met amazing people through this lovely sport!

After the sprint I just shook her hand and told her " good job" She said " thanks you too", I never told my name,  then I just turned and completed my 7th lap and headed home to complete 9.5k in 59:23.

Splits were: 7:47 to get to the park, then 7 laps in 6:23,6:17,6:05,6:17,6:02,6:34,6:07, then back home in 7:23 for a total of 59:23 for 9.5k.

As you can see, the splits were over the play, but that is the style of the gal, She would speed up and then 300s later She would decrease pace.

It was a good run all around, and that is why I love running, you could motivate each other, even strangers, when you are there clicking the miles, they are no longer strangers, they are part of your team, that is the beauty of running!

Of course, the tiredness went away, but my focus changed from being the tired to being the motivator, helper!

Have a great Saturday!

jueves, 14 de julio de 2016

Easy run with 6 strides

Yesterday was a day off. Today I went out running at 7:15 p.m. or so without  a watch because my brother took it to his run, yeah! I wanted to do a fast lap or 2, but wanted to track it so played by feel. When I went out I felt like crap for the first 20 mins, was feeling full, but after those 20 mins I started to feel better and better up to the point of in the last lap + my usual 90 seconds, did 6 strides, totaling around 7.8k.

I felt really good on the strides, very relaxed, smooth and fast. Would love to feel like that on intervals, but what can you do!!

Felt awesome at the end, and its amazing how a run can start awful and improve to greatness by the end.

Tomorrow is going to be another day off, before running a tempo on the weekend and maybe  a longer run. I want to lose more weight, because I am eating a lot of junk lately, and see my belly getting a bit bigger, so dont want to lose all the progress that I have made.

7.8k without a watch, feeling great at the end. Weather was hot!

Have a great Thursday and Friday!