lunes, 11 de diciembre de 2017

Capping off

Yesterday I ran at 6 p.m, I had been doing home work for the whole day basically and I was pretty stressed out mentally, so this run really served me well. I decided to run without  watch and run easy, my quads were sore, so wanted to take things easy.

Did my normal route and kept the effort easy. The day was very rainy and it was pouring lightly, but glad I got my run in.

5 runs this week and 1 gym session.

Today I rested. My right ankle was bothering me in the last few runs at the beginning. Have a great start to the week!

sábado, 9 de diciembre de 2017

A couple of runs

On Thursday I rest and went to the gym instead.

Did bíceps and Back with lower weight tan in previous sessions to get back into the swings of things.

Deadlift:  3 sets of 6 reps with 50 kgs.

Barbell row: 3 sets of 6 reps with 36 kgs. Felt good on these and with good form.

Pull Ups: Did 2.5 reps in the first set, then did 2 sets of 1 rep. I think I improved on this exercise despite the 2 weeks off.

EZ Bíceps curls: 1 sets with 12 kgs, then did 2 sets with 14 kgs x 8 repeats.

Alternate Dumbell curls: 1st set tried 10kgs, did 4 reps with my right bíceps, but 3 with the left, then decreased weight to 8kgs, did 8 repeats for the next 2 sets.

Felt good. but I had not come back to the gym to do my tríceps/chest and legs/shoulders. Tomorrow and next week I think I wont be consistent because I have exams and Works in the master, but the running will remain consistent.

Yesterday I was very sore and went out at 6 p.m. to run very easy my bread and butter route, first half was in 17:21, at that time I realized how tired I was, then back to Guadalupe in 34:06, then completed a couple of more mins to do 36:13 total time.

Today I was lazy the whole day and ran again past 6 p.m., today I did not feel so tired so I decided after the 7 min mark or so to push the pace a bit, got to the halfway in 15:42, my fastest halfway ever, then continued with that effort till the 19:06 before decreasing the pace because I was feeling tired and did not want to turn this into a race. Continued easy to Guadalupe, got here in 31:56, then completed the last couple of hundred meteres that I normally do and finish up the run in 33:44, so a couple of mins faster than my normal run, not too shaby.

I would like to know my splits, but this is not measured and I only go by effort. Anyway, effort is what really matters at the end.

Have a great Saturday!

miércoles, 6 de diciembre de 2017

Catching up

On Monday I ran the same route and ran at around 12:30 p.m. total time was 35:30. I felt so so on this run, I felt good at times, but felt tired at other times, but I got it done.

Yesterday was off.

Today I procrastinated the run till 6 p.m. and the original plan was to run at 11:00 a.m. I just lie in my bed watching videos and on the internet, so did not want to waste all my day so at 6 p.m. I decided to get my run in.

I did the my 35 mins bread and butter route, but this time I did not wear watch, wore my gloves and hat, because lately the weather has been too cold, so most of my runs from now on will be with gloves on. Today I did it a bit faster than normal, I put a bit more effort than easy, but it was not a hard run by any means. Felt good and relaxed, it was good to run with the sun down. Dont know the total time since I was not wearing a watch, but maybe 34 mins something.

Oh I forgot to mention that today`s is a public holiday here so thats why I run at that time that I am normally at clases.

Have a great Wednesday!

domingo, 3 de diciembre de 2017

Back to the running scene

I had to take 1 week  off, due to a strong flu that I got  on Monday, my policy for the last few years is not to run when you are sick, and I decided to take a week off, because the weather here has been cold, and I did not want to get the sickness backwards.

Luckily I was back at it today. I did not go to the gym either, only to clases.

Today at 12:35 p.m. I put my clothes on and I was ready to go. I did the same route as always, got to the turn around point in 17:09, then got back to Guadalupe in 33:43, then completed 35:42 mins.  I felt good, but the run felt long mentally, but I felt good once I warmed up, it seems that I did not lose any fitness in this week off.

I hope not to take more breaks unless I get sick, the policy will be 5 runs per week, 35 mins + for the day. Only 1 run this week due to the sickness.

This upcoming week I will run 5 times and will get back to the gym as well. That run felt really good and I am happy to have came back to the running scene.

Have a great Sunday!

domingo, 26 de noviembre de 2017

Ponle Freno Madrid: 5k race, 23:25!

Yesterday I take the day off so that I am fully recovered for this morning`s race.

I generally run the day before, but honestly I dont see too much difference in running the day before or the the prior to the day before, once you warm up before the race, you feel good to go, and my goal was to just run 5 times this week as I am doing lately.

I woke up at 6:35 a.m., got ready and headed out the door at 7:40 a.m., started walking and got to Arguelles (1k from there), the weather was cold, it was 1 degree celcius when I left the residence, I knew that it would increase, but did not increase much. I wore my hat and a long sleeve t shirt. Once I got to Arguelles, I started my warm up and I warmed up around 2k, because Arguelles and the start of the race are 2k+ apart. I was feeling pretty good, but the right achilles was bothering me,but I knew it would be just fine as soon as I warmed up.

I got there around 8:15-8:20 a.m., the race started at 9:00a m. I decided to enter the corral early and warmed up a bit more there, did a couple of race pace strides also, I looked like an elite there, but obiously I am not anything close to it.

I had the Green wrist band which indicated that I would run 23-24 mins, at least thats what I told when I went to get my bib in the expo yesterday. In the back of my mind, I wanted to run 25-26 mins, after all I have not been running races and and I am only running 35 mins easy runs and a progression run here and there, and last week did 3 x 1 min and on Thursday did 5 x 20 seconds strides, so not ideal, but I was feeling pretty good on my runs and this weather really suit me.

I was not pressured for this race, I could sleep well, and did not feel anxious, but thats because I was not pressured for time, I just sign for this race to compete, see where I am at and to experience Racing in another country.

After I finished my warm up, at 8:30 or so I positioned myself in the second row of the people that were going to run 40-50 mins in the 10k, so about my pace in the 5k.

I dont wear a watch for races so probably I would only know time in the finish line and thats how it played out!

At 9 a.m. the gun went off and We were off!

I got out well at a good effort and pace, I have to Dodge some people but nothing to crazy, as I positioned myself well in the starting line, people generally had the same or better ability than myself. I continued at the same effort, trying not to get carried away by the people passing me, when We hit the 1k mark, I just hear the gps watches making noises, but my surprise came when after the 1k, maybe 1 mile, the pacer of 45 min in the 10k was just ahead of me, I just said to myself, what the fuck! you are just running at 4:30 per km, and I was feeling fine, I did not need to slow down because I was running by feel and my body told me that that effort felt all right.

Just after the 2k  I was running at a good pace, the 45 mins pacer go away Little by Little, but I felt so strong that I said , wow maybe if I dont blow up too bad I can run sub 25 mins. I was running in a parade, but We were running pretty much at the same pace, so that did not bother me and I was so in tune with my body that I just payed attention to myslef and dont let other distract me, at least in the first half, then you have to compete to maintain effort.

Just after the 2k the course Split up, the 10k runners continue ahead and the 5k runners turn to the right, I was surprised with the few people that actually turned right, then I found myself running in a Little pack , but then We turned right again and I saw that big hill I just said "fuck", I was running strong, but did not expect that kind of steep heel, then I manned up and keep my effort while others ran the hill faster, I just relaxed and continued at the same effort, I wa surprised when  I saw a 10 year old child or so passed me with authority, then I dont remember if He continued building a gap, or just passed him when We were downhill, after the big hill, We ran flat for a bit, and then climb again. I was surprised because I was running so strong and the cadence looked good, I was sure that I would susprise myself with the finishing time, but then I tried to remain in the present and race my competitors. After We did the clib, there was a big downhill of around 300m, I found relieve on that, I just let gravity take me down, in that moment I was running  head to head with another guy, but eventually that guy built a gap and when more people passed me I tried to go with them so that I could catch the guy, but I could not, but the good news is that I did not slowed down much either.

When I passed the 1k to go mark , I said to myself, just keep the effort and in the last 200-300 just give it all, I kept pushing and tried to maintain contact with the people ahead, I was not in a parade anymore, then I saw that people start turning right, and when I turn right I saw the finish line at about 150m, then I gave everything I have while looking at the finishing line clock, I said! that is 22 mins? then I run closer I read 23, then I accelerated even more to not run 24 mins, I start punching the air while sprinting, then threw a couple of more air punches and when I stopped the clock read 23:44, but in the chip time I ran 23:25, I congratulate myself and was very proud!! I did not expect this time, I was expecting before the race something like 25:50-27 mins.

Then drank wáter, sat for a while watching the other runners getting to the finish line. Then ran  bit more, around 2k to cool down, then did the last 1k walking. So did 9k for the day or so.

The most important thing is how I felt and I raced again, I did not race since June 2016 nd I did not run all out there, and I had not run 23 mins in the 5k since 2013, so why I punched that much when I got to the finish line, not hte time itself, its that I am coming back. I thought that I was done, but I had not felt this strong during  a race, I just could maintain pace and not blow out.

The reasons of this performance could be the following or a mix of them: The weather, the weather was just amazing. I had not run a race in this type of weather, 5 degrees Celsius. I have been going to the gym for 6 weeks to lift heavy shit, so my increase in strength could relate to the strength carried to the race. And as soon as leaving the gym tired, I put my shoes and went out running on tired legs so that stress could count as improvement. I have been eating breakfast since I got here in Madrid, as it might appear that I am eating more, I am actually thinner, the portion sides that they serve are very controlled and often you find myself complaining because in the DR I ate less frecuently,  but the portions were big, maybe that balanced portions througout the day keep me energized and maintain a good quantity of calories. Maybe in the Dominican Republic I was in this kind of racng shape, but as I did not compete I could never know.

However, I will just keep running and will keep going to the gym, that is what I am enjoying and if the result of that joy will be faster times, then those are welcome.

I really enjoy this race, and I hope to run it again in the future. I cerainly will sign in for another race, but I dont know when. As I love to run, I will just keep training although I dont compete much.

Have a great Sunday!

5 runs this week and 2 gym sessions, again skipped legs and shoulders due to the race, but next week I ll hit those things hard in the gym.

You can check out here  video from the finish line, I am the guy with the black hat , red shorts and long sleeve black shirt:

Photos from the race:

sábado, 25 de noviembre de 2017

Shaking out

I rested on Wednesday.

On Thursday I went to the gym to do my Triceps and chest sesión, and I really improve from last week.

Bench press: 3 sets,1st set was 6 reps with 36  kgs. Then I decided to increase weight in the following sets, 2nd set 6 reps with 40 kgs, then the last set 40 kgs with another 6 reps.

Incline bench press: In this one I had to decrease weight, 1st set 6 reps with 34 kgs, second set the same, in the last one had to decrease the weight to 32 kgs, I was very spent, 6 reps. I almost fail in the last one, not good when you dont have a spotter.

Dips: I did 4 sets of 2 reps. As I pushed that hard in the bench press, I thought that I would not be able to make it, but I could do it, I was very happy because of that.

Seated Overhead Tricep extension: 3 sets of 6 reps with 14 kgs, that was not an easy feat.

Triceps push down: I started in 20kgs from the get go, did 3 sets of 5 repeats with 20 kgs. My tríceps are getting stronger. I wish I could make that progress in pull ups.

I was very satisfied with this gym session.

After this session I got out to do my run at 11:00 a.m., I did the same route , but wanted to do 5 x 20 seconds in the flat terrain. I felt really good in the strides, the achilles tendón is bothering me when I start the run, but it dissapear as sooon as I warm up. I did 35:08 or so feeling pretty good.

Yesterday I went out to do my easy run at lunch, I had some clases to do, but I finished at 11:40 a.m. so I took advantage of the time and did my run. Did the same route, keeping the effort very easy to prepare for my 5k race tomorrow. Did 35:44 total time.

Today I rested from running, but went to get my bib walking and the building was about 2.5 miles from here, so I walked like 5 miles or so today, I just wanted to see if I could warm up to the race, I ll go running from here and will get there running and walking, around 2-3k warm up, then line up and race in Madrid. My first international race, all my races had been in the Dominican Republic, it will be fun.

Stay tuned!

martes, 21 de noviembre de 2017

Easy run + gym work

At 9:40 a.m. I started my gym session which would be Biceps and back.

Deadlift: 3 sets: 1st set was 4 repeats with 60 kgs, 2nd set 6 reps with 60 kgs, then the 3rd set I man up and added 1kg to each side, to do 5 repeats with 62kgs. So I can say that I improve in that live by 2 kgs, next time I will start with 62 kgs. My form in the deadlift has improved as well.

Barbell row: 3 sets with 44 kgs, All 3 sets were 5-6 reps. I will ramp up next week. At least I did not got worse.

Pull ups: In this exercise I seem not to make any progress, I just did 1 repeat and tried to hang on as long as I could, I dont know How it will improve on this exercise, and its one of the most important exercise for upper body strength. The thing is that I enter this exercise tired from the deadlift and barbell rows, maybe I should start the pull ups fresh? and do it another day?

EZ Barbell Curl: 3 sets with 10kgs, 1st set 4 rep, 2nd set 5 rep and last set 5 reps, I struggled on these. This is the first time that I do EZ curls.

Dumbell Alternate Curls: Did 3sets : 1st set with 10kgs did 4 reps with my right arm, but 3 with my left arm, could not make a 4th. 2nd set was 10kgs the same thing as the previous set,4 reps with right arm, 3 with left arm, last set I decreased the weight to 8kgs and could do 9 repeats almost not making it with my left arm in the last rep. I enter this exercised fried with the EZ curl before.

I am satisfied with my progress except for the pull ups, I seem not to make any progress.

I ran at 11:00 a.m., as soon as I went out I felt totally tight and tired, that gym session probably got something out of me, ha. I just ran easy  and when I got to the point where I normally turn around I had 17:27, so almost 30 seconds slower, yes, I was tired and tight!

As the run went on felt better and better, and I warmed up nicely in the last 10 mins of the run, once I got to Guadalupe I ran a couple of more mins to finish my run in 36 mins.

Tomorrow is going to be a rest day from running and lifting.

Have a great Tuesday!