lunes, 20 de febrero de 2017

Great finish to last week and good start to this week

Yesterday ( Sunday), I went out with my father to the mirador at 8:10 a.m. or so, I wanted to do 10k, but my father went to bed at 3:00 a.m. and was up this early to run with me, so I cut the run short and did 8k like He did.

As soon as We started I knew that the pace would be faster than normal, He wanted to run faster, and when We were running head to head, at times He would speed up to build a gap, but I covered the gaps, because I had nothing to recover from, I also wanted to push the pace a little. We go the 3k mark ( km 0 of the mirador) in 16:45, then next km I had to run it in 5:09 to build a gap on my father, halfway was 21:55, and my father was around 10-15 seconds back. Then I ran on my own, but I decided to keep the pace going, next km came in 5:16, and 5k in 27:11, the pace felt managable, but I did not feel the greatest. I honestly came tired to this run, due to maybe the 2 mini tempos
( 2ks under 10 mins) that I did during the week.

The goal was to try to run 43 mins or at least maintain my first half, 6th km came in 5:21, then I took advantage of the big downhill, and with a bit  more than a km to go I had 37:13, I really raced the watch at that point wanted to do 42:59 at least, honestly did not want to come over 43 mins, so I really digged deep in the last km and could finish the 8k in 42:24. To my surprise my father came along not long after in 43:06, wow that old guy is in better shape than I thought and He drank more than 12 hours yesterday, went to bed at 3:xx a.m. and woke up to run at that pace, I went to bed reasonable early ,  I did not drink and He is 33 years older than me and He almost defeated me great.

This was not an easy run for me by anymeans, but it was not all out either, I just came a bit tired and pushed more than necessary in the last km, sprinting in the last 100-200s. Last km for me maybe was in the 4:30s range. last 3k were in 15:12, and I think my father did that time also, because I think He decreased the gap that I carried over the last 3k.

Anyway, it was a good run, a lot of work to do! Very good week of training. 5 runs thatweek!

Today ( Monday), I was starving when I got home, I almost skip the run, but I downed 2 glassed of water and felt better, got out to do my easy run. Got to the conservatory in 7:56, then did 5 laps there in 6:16,6:05,6:07,6:10,6:04. Then back home to finish up 7.5k in 46:24.

I honestly felt very good on this run, felt strong. The only thing was that I was very sore from the 15 push ups that I did on Saturday, and  bit sore due to the effort yesterday.

All in all, felt pretty good at the end, and glad that I did get my run in!

Have a great start to the week!

sábado, 18 de febrero de 2017

Morning run with my father

Today I woke up at 8:00 a.m. after going to bed at 1:20 a.m. drinking beer yesterday. Woke up without problems to do my run, and I got out to the conservatory at around 8:25 a.m. with my father . We got there together in 7:39, but then after the first hill, I just built a gap and the gap just got bigger and bigger, till the end of the run where I finish the 7.5k run 46:06, and He did 47:11.

The splits for the 5 laps for me were 6:14,6:15,6:12,6:11,6:10, so pretty consistent. The effort was easy and I never really pushed the pace. I was a bit tired though, from the 2k accelerations that I did on Thursday and Friday.

Tomorrow the plan is to do 10k to the mirador, and do at least 2k at 5 min/ per km, We will see. But at least I want to get 10k in. I hope that my father does the same as last week, Hope He runs at 5:40s per km pace tomorrow, We will see.

Have a great Saturday!

jueves, 16 de febrero de 2017

A big catch up

I have been a bit lazy in the posting departament, I have been running.

Previous week I rested Tuesday and Wednesday, then back on Thursday .

Thursday - 7.5 in the conservatory in 45:36, feeling good , but with a strong side stitch,

Friday - left work early and got in a 7.5k run in 46:26, Jose Luis Perales was rehearsing for a concert , terrific voice. Felt good, but not great, it was a rainy day and on those days I run slow and feel heavy.

Saturday - After the run on Friday I went out drinking to say good bye to Adelino that was getting back to spain, and I got home at 4:20 a.m., slept 2.5 hours and woke up at 6:50 a.m. to get my run in with my father, We went to the conservatory and did 7.5k in 45:51. Did the last lap there in 5:03. Honestly, I felt good, the tiredness did not catch up just yet.

Sunday - Went to the mirador at 8:15 a.m. with my father and He went ahead from the get go and did 45:45 for 8k, I felt the tiredness, and kept the pace easy for the whole run, finished the 8k in 47:40, with a 1+ mins negative split.

Monday - 7.5k in the conservatory in 45:47. Felt decent. The run was done at 7 p.m.

Tuesday - 7.5k in the conservatory, 1 lap easy, then 2 laps sub 10 mins, I did 9:54 (5:00,4:54), then 2 laps easy and easy to home to finish in 44:28.

Wednesday - off, first day off since Thursday.

Thursday (Today), I wanted to basically do what I did on Tuesday, 2 laps sub 10 mins. So got to the conservatory in 7:45, then did 1 lap easy in 6:15, then 2 laps in sub 10 mins, I did 9:52 (4:58,4:54), then 2 laps easy and back home easy in 44:12, so a bit faster than my last run. I wanted to run fast on tired legs, but I think I am getting more tired than I should in only 2 laps flirting with the 10 mins for 2 laps. Anyway, I think I am heading the right direction if I am testing those sytems a bit.

I ll race a 5k in March, yea this time is true, and I want to run sub 25 mins, I should run it, but I have been out of racing for so long that I am not sure.

My training overall is going well, aiming for 5 runs per week, and a bit quality here and there, next week I ll incorporate some shorter/faster intervals.

Have a great weekend!

martes, 7 de febrero de 2017

Catching up

The last week was not a very good week of training. My first run was done on Friday, because I had not feeling well and was getting home very hungry, that with low motivation. But by Friday I was eager to get back to the running.

Friday I did 5.5k at 7:00 p.m. , did 33:40 for 5.5k, did not feel great, but not bad either.

Saturday morning I ran with my father, but had to cut the run short, because the legs did not respond and cut the run short , I did 5.5km in 34:29.

Sunday - I ran in the evening hoping to feel better, I felt tight on the calves and the whole run pretty much was in survival mode, I did 4 laps in the conservatory and stopped there and came back walking. Did 5.5k in 34:15 or so.

3 runs that week, felt like crap, but at least I got some running in.

Monday -  I  got out with Adelino at 7:45 p.m. to the conservatory, I can say that this was the only time that I felt good and I felt my legs under me for over a week, We did around 7.5k in 44:55. Got there in 7:59, then did 5 laps in 6:12,6:05,5:51,5:43,5:43, from the conservatory to home 6:54.  I felt like a runner again.

Today I took the day off, but tomorrow I ll get back at it. I hope to feel better and better.

Also, I am getting my diet under check once again, since I noted that I was getting fatter again, looking at the mirror, I have not weighed yet.

Have a great Tuesday!

domingo, 29 de enero de 2017

Sometimes you have it, sometimes you dont

I rested on Wedesday and Thursay as work was hectic. And one of those days I just very hungry before running.

I was back at it on Friday and on my walk to home from work I felt good and the ciatic nerve was much better as I could walk straight once again. When I went out running I did not feel that great, I felt tight and heavy and only felt good when I loosened it up after the 3rd lap out of 5 lap, did 7.5k total on Friday. 7.5k watchless.

On Saturday morning at 7:30 a.m. I went out with my father to the conservatory and I ran easy with him, 5 laps running easy and good conversation, around 10-20m to go ( finishing the run), I felt with no energy suddenly, but luckily the run was over. Dont know the time as I was not wearing a watch, focused on feel and breathing.

For today I had planned, a 5k tempo run in the mirador and I would total 11k which would be also my long run. I headed out with my father to the mirador at 7:25 a.m. and I felt really tight, heck the last workout was on Monday and I feel like s·$%t yet, what is wrong?

I felt with a very sore left hamstring and sometimes th bead mechanics led to a pain in my left hip, couple that with very tight leg muscles. Anyway, I thought that as soon as I warm up all would be fine, but honestly it was not the case.

We got to the mirador in 19:40, then stopped for 20-30 seconds to get mentally prepared, and the workout was on, the only time that I felt good was in the first 200m in 56 secons, The plan for the run was 25 mins or less, but I was toying with the idea of sub 25 mins ( my first one on years).

The first km came in 4:59, and I was huffing and puffing and the pace getting slower, the mile came in 8:04, then the 2k came in 10:05 (5:06 that km), right there I decided to get to the 2.5k mark and call it a day, my legs were not cooperating, the feeling either, and the time was getting worse and worse, it seems that I have my hamstring pulled, because no matter how easy I run, the soreness there is still there, and it seems that I am in worse shape than I thought, it seeems that I just gave it all on Monday, since I finished very tired and today i am not recovered from that. Maybe it was all the crap that I am eating lately, and as  a result getting fatter. I am getting fatter that is for sure, since as I have not weighed myself, I can see it clearly in my belly, legs, neck, face, etc.

Luckily, I know how to reverse that, and I ll start eating healthier again. The good thing of today`s run was that I quit the workout, but as I was 5.5k out of home, I had to run easy to home, and ran 11k, which my longest run in a while (in a year maybe)?I dont plan to do another workout  right away, since I dont want to run mediocre once again, it was a smart decision, but its not fun to feel like shit when are supposed to feel recovery and ready to tackle your workouts.

Tomorrow is a public holiday here, and I will dictch the watch and do another 11k. If I cant get my workout, at least I will get some endurance. Time for 2.5k tempo that I did was 12:37, and last 8k for me were 46:55.

Have a great Sunday folks!

martes, 24 de enero de 2017

Easy run?

Today it was supposed to d be an easy run, but I was so tired from the workout yesterday that it was everything but easy. The ciatic nerve was hurting a lot of work when I stand up at work, I was just limping there, but I knew that as soon as I warmed up during the run I would be fine.

I got out running today at 7:40 p.m., I headed out to the conservatory without a watch. The goal was just to run easy today no matter the pace, and I said earlier that I was not going to wear a watch during easy runs, so that the recovery process is a lot faster.

I did 5 laps in the conservatory, feeling tired  and questioning why I run, lol! I had a lot of time that during an easy run I felt so tired. The ciatic nerve improved, but never dissapear. I completed the run without major problems and the only time that I felt loose during the run was in the last km, or from the conservatory to home. The effort was pretty easy, though.

Tomorrow I ll take the day off, to let this soreness( or injury?) heal a bit.

7.5k total easy watchless.

Have a great night everyone!

lunes, 23 de enero de 2017

Finishing the week easy and starting the week hard

Yesterday I ran in the evening at 6:00 p.m., because I went to bed really late last night and when I woke up the sun was in full force, so I let the run till the afternoon. I just ran easy to the conservatory watchless, and did 5 laps there and back home at a relaxed pace. At first I felt tired, thanks goodness I left the watch and home and posponed the workout for today. I really drank more than I should On Saturday, no hangover though, I just felt heavy in the first half of the run. Finished the run feeling pretty good, though.

4 runs for the week, not what I was hoping for, but I saved a week that could have turned into a disaster.

Today I wore my watch because I wanted to do something fast, as I was coming walking from work I decided to do sub 40 mins for 7.5k or 5:20 pace per km or faster, I even did the math in my head on my way to home, I was determined to run at that pace.

I think I am good at judging pace, because I finished the 7.5k in 39:50, so pretty close to what I was hoping for.

I set out at a good pace from the get go, wanted the pace to be as even as possible, and not that I have to do run too fast in the second half to make up the time. Had trouble on my way to the park, too many cars in the UTESA college, and I have to dodge cars and switch directions there, basically the first 500-600s opf the run were a mess, but I did not let that to stop my plans.

I got to the conservatory in 6:57, around 10-15 seconds slower than I hoped, but Iost a lot of time, then tried to relax and run 5:20 for the upcoming 5 laps, splits were 5:19,5:11,5:12,5:14,5:13, and from the conservatory to home did 6:11 to finish in 39:50. Best time in 7.5k in the last few years,

In the second lap when I saw that 5:11, I tried to easy up a bit, because I had a lot of running left, I basically did not slow down, I had no problems maitaining the pace, the problem was that with each passing lap the fuel was consuming, and I felt the last lap in the park in slow motion, was surprised when I saw that split, I tried to relax on my way home, because it was all downhill, the uphills in the park were eating me with each passing lap.

I was hurting a lot, but the pace was not difficult to maintain, but to sustain that effort level was hard. I finished very tired, but strong at the same if you know what I mean! walked for a bit and celebrated, because I accomplished my goal for the workout.

A lot of work to do though! next few days are going to be easy watchless, and then will run a  faster workout Thursday or Friday, probably with Adelino.

I have decided to do my easy runs watchless and only wear a watch for hard workouts, such as today. I think that will prevent to obsess about time on easy runs, and to run  them real easy to recover.

Have a great Monday!