jueves, 8 de octubre de 2015

Nice evening run

Today I headed out to the conservatory at 6:25 p.m. and today I wore my watch, but just recorded splits, but only looked at them after the run, so basically the run was entirely by effort.  I felt bloated in the first couple of laps but then loosened up pretty good and finished feeling much better and faster than I started.

The splits were 7:48 to get to the conservatory and then did 6 laps in 6:13,6:06,6:01,6:00,5:52,5:44 and ran some more to complete 45:30 what I could call 7.5k.

The reason of not watching the splits was due to an article that posted my online friend and fellow runner Ryan Hill in his website, about how the watch is useful, but only for post run analysis, you dont gain anything by modifying your paces because you dont like what you see on the watch.

Its better to run by effort like I did today and then check splits or your time after the run, I realized that lately I have been racing even my easy runs and that is a mistake, I ran much faster today than other days where the pressure to get down of 6 mins per lap is huge, but today it just came naturally and just happened when I loossened up.

I have done runs like that in the past (several years ago to be honest), but doing that today I see that its a very effective way to train because you are paying attention to the body and not reacting to the watch.

" Let the watch report, not direct" was the tittle of the article, and I think a lot of people train way harder than they should or race the watch even they should not.

Today I drank soda because I wanted to, but I realized that it bloated me a lot and today i could not understand how I could zip a lot of that, its tasteful, but as soon as I drank my two 16 onzes cup, I felt bloated and that carried for half of the run.

Given that I drank that everyday I could not spot the bloatness (I dont know if that is a word) and thought that it was normal, today I can tell that its not normal and its fairly unconfortable.

I ll still drink coke, but much more less than before, I just need to drink more natural foods and stick to mostly water, that coke is good for an ocassion, maybe 1 time per week, but I can see that the excess of that its causing me to gain a lot of weight and causing that my performances decrease.

Hope you have a great night!

miércoles, 7 de octubre de 2015

Running with a friend

Yesterday I took the day off.

Today I talked with my friend Juan and We arranged to run together so at 6:45 p.m. He came, got dressed and at 6:50 p.m. We headed out to the conservatory at a very easy pace, I wanted to do 6 laps there, He did 5 laps and I think He did an awesome job.

We got to the conservatory in 9:02 and then did 6 laps in 7:07,7:01,6:54,6:50,6:41, and then I just increased my pace for my finishing lap, I mustered a 4:54 last lap, I had around 6 months that did not do sub 5 mins, last week I really tried and only mustered over 5 mins, but this time I was going fast but not over the edge and could do 4:54, then ran some more to complete the 7.5k in around 50:02.

Overall it was a good run, I helped a friend to do his run, especially in the last couple of laps where the going got tough for him given his breathing, He could do a negative split nonetheless.

That was the first time that He ran in the conservatory, but I warned him about the hills and not being the same as the mirador, the conservatory is much harder and the splits just reflected that.

The left shin sometimes gave me problems, but I hope that it does not get worse!!

Have a great Humpday!

martes, 6 de octubre de 2015

Monday run

Yesterday I forgot to post honestly.

Danilo and I got to the conservatory at 6:05 p.m. or so, We got there in 7:33 and I felt like I was working, then Danilo started pushing the pace and built a gap, He was running much better than Sunday. After a lap Jose joined me but after around 400s He sped up to join my brother ahead, They built a gap of 10 seconds on me, but I did not let that gap got bigger, I was feeling confortable, but with a quick turnover.

After 4 laps in the conservatory I called it a day and did a couple of mins more to complete 5.5k for a total of 32:30. The reason that I called it a day was because the pace was not that easy and the splits were way too slow, also  I get pissed off when people dont train as hard as( not even close) me nor as often and they can maintain your rythm without much effort, even pull ahead. To be honest in the last lap, I could pass my brother and my friend, but I was not going to make that a race, if they want to race lets put a number on our chest. I just called it a day and headed home walking from the park.

Laps were 6:00,5:47,5:38,5:45, faster than my everyday pace, but that should be very easy by now. The legs are just heavy and I have to maintain a quick turnover to maintain that pace.

Typing this I wanna run, because Sunday and Monday were both short runs, and the body is asking for more. I ll probably rest today since the left shin is giving signals of inflamation and hurted a bit when I started running yesterday.

I have realized that the conservatory is not a good place to train if you are a runner, yeah! the conservatory has 2 hills on each lap, but I have trained there for years now and I have gotten worse not better and a big reason for that is that in the mirador you could do a lot more quality stuff, thus improving fitness faster and getting more hard efforts. I ll try to incorporate more mirador running, and when I have a car the staple of my training will be tempo runs and speed workouts there in the mirador, that is how you improve, not just jogging 4-6 laps in a park (each lap has 1 kilometer) and mentally seem that you ran 2 hours because of the monotony. In the Mirador you run 8k and its a breeze, this is an aerobic sport so the more mileage the better( up to a point of course), so no matter if each lap of the conservatory has 2 hills, you can get enough quality or enough long running there to really improve further.

Another thing is that since I am only drinking water for the most part for the last week, I dont fee bloated after or during runs and I feel like I could speed up and work harder without going to trash, not like when I zipped more than 5 glasses of coke per day, I felt like I was going to explode during runs, back then did not feel the difference because that was my way of living everday, now as I am drinking only water I can feel much better during runs and during my day, although I have to admit that sometimes the craving comes and I just endure to avoid those cravings, overall feeling much better.

so 5.5k total in just over 32 mins.

Have a great week!

domingo, 4 de octubre de 2015

Short run to cap the week

Today I headed out in the evening at 5:15 p.m. with my brother to the conservatory, He wanted to run 65 mins, and I wanted to do around 7.5k.

I got to the conservatory in 7:43 or so, and my brother already was behind I just kept building a bigger lap, but He was feeling very bad and tired that He called it a day after the 2nd lap when He had 20 mins, I was surprised because He seldom do that kind of thing, but He did a fartlek last week, that probably fatigued him way more than it should and the heart rate skyrocket even running easy,along with it is the weight issue, He has increased around 15 pounds of fat in the last 6 months or so.

I did 4 laps in the conservatory and stopped there to go home with my brother, so I did not do 7.5k, but at least I could spend time with my brother doing something We both love so much.

The splits were pathetic so does not worth mentioning it, but I finished the run hard and I want to throw something hard tomorrow, maybe in the form of strides or some 1 min intervals, We will see.

5.5k and 6 days of running again this week, I think that this consistency will pay off.

No sodas since Monday and I have been feeling pretty good and smooth during my runs, not that bloated feeling during runs or after lunches, I am feeling much better to be honest.

Have a great end of week!

sábado, 3 de octubre de 2015

Easy morning run

Today I woke up real early to run with my father and to have the afternoon/evening free for today. We went out just past 7 a.m. to the conservatory and I left the watch at home once again and it was a good decision, if on Saturday I would have done that the run  would have been a lot different.

Today I started really tired, but as I was following my body, I was just running easy and running according to how I felt, I never really felt what I would consider good, but much better than last week, simply by following my body´s signals.

We did 5 laps in the conservatory, but We did it in opposite directions, I did it counterclock-wise and He did the laps clock-wise, so We met twice in each lap. After I completed my 5 laps I had to wait 2-3 mins jogging around (not that I was going much faster lol) so that my father could join me and We could left the conservatory to home.

We did the last 1.2k together at a ver slow pace, I wanted to finish with my father and as I was feeling pretty tired, that served me well. Goal for today was to run easy at whatever pace the body would tell it was easy. The weather was not that good today, it was starting to heat up.

All in all 7.5k without watch.

Another reason that I felt so tired and I said it last week is that when I run 12 hours after my last run especially if its a morning run, I feel really tired and sluggish.

Have a great Saturday!

viernes, 2 de octubre de 2015

Great easy run with variations

Today I headed out with my brother  at 6:30 p.m. to the conservatory. I  was running watchless but He was wearing one because He was doing 10 x 1 min fast and 1 min slow workout.

I did with him the first repeat and that felt fast and smooth at the same time, but as soon as I stopped I felt the fatigue and the huffing and puffing started and I needed 1.5 laps to recover, I really wanted to do more repeats with him, but when He started the second repeat and I was still huffing and puffing. But that 1 min interval served me  a lot , because I felt smooth and light the rest of the run to the point that I did 5 x 20 seconds (eyeballed the 20 secs) strides in my last lap and those strides felt great, I had not felt that great in a while.

I did 6 laps there for 7.5k total, I did not wear a watch, but the effort and the speed for the strides were good.

Another reason that I felt so good today it was because it was not too hot, the whole day has been fresh.

With runs like this you really get motivated to run and to train hard.

7.5k untimed.

Have a great Friday!

jueves, 1 de octubre de 2015

Easy watchless run

Today I left the watch at home and just ran what felt easy. I just wanted to do around 45 mins so around 7.5k.

I went out to the conservatory at 6:15 p.m. did 6 laps there very easy and confortable, it felt nice to have a run when you forget about time and just run easy by effort, I think that its truly my easy pace.

Those 6 laps seemed like 10 because the monotony of the run running in circle for 1k, that is getting old and when I ramp up my training which will be very soon, I ll have to run in the mirador where 7.5k there feels like a breeze.

7.5k total without watch.

Checking the  5k race entry fee, and all the information, realized that it was cancelled because it did not appear anymore in the calendar, no biggies as I find another 5k on October 11th (next Sunday) which I ll run, that gives me more time to have better runs and increase my mental confidence at least eventhough the fitness in a week does not change at all.

Have a great night everyone!