domingo, 23 de noviembre de 2014

Finishing up the week in a good note

Today I ran a bit later than planned, ran at 9:30 .a.m. or so, I honestly was very tired from yesterday´s evening run, I was smart and decided to ditch the watch today and just log the miles in. I went out to the conservatory and did the exact route as the past two days, that is getting old and I ll need to find new routes. Felt tight and sluggish for the first half of the run, then kind of loosened it up and felt decent, although the sun was pretty hot and strong, well, you got to brave the elements if you want to succeed in life. 5 runs this week and feeling stronger, the ideal would be 6 days of running, but 5 is good too. Maybe I did around 45 mins today.

Have a great Sunday everyone!!

sábado, 22 de noviembre de 2014

Another rainy day

Today I ran in the evening once again, I like the silence of the conservatory of Saturday´s evening. Anyway, running in the afternoon its not something that I ll always do when I ramp up my training, but I am enjoying my runs a lot no matter if they in the evening or early morning.

Today  at 6:30 p.m.I did the exact route as yesterday in 44:08. After 20 mins I felt low on energy, but then after the 35 mins I felt really good again, finishing the run feeling really good. I did not close hard because tomorrow I want to match my brother 's last km in around 4 min of his time trial, last Sunday I could not even do 4:10, I was on my way to it but gave in in the last 150s where I slowed to a jog. Felt good today and the running is going good, feeling stronger and stronger!

Have a great social Saturday!! I ll stay here reading and watching videos!

viernes, 21 de noviembre de 2014

Catching up

I did not run on Wednesday due to sleeping in, but I made a commitment to run at least 5 times per week and I have following that to a T for last month +.

Yesterday I went out running at night at 7:00 p.m. got to the conservatory and met Jose there We ran for 22 mins, and He kept my pace easily, after that He stopped due to a side stitch, I continued to finish my run in 46:27. Did 4 laps to the lap that I do when the conservatory has closed areas. laps were in 9:50s and got down to 9:21 in the last one. Felt really good and feeling stronger each time.

Today I was off from work and after a hard rain a got out to do my run did 3 laps there and got home in 44:21. Felt really strong and felt really good, the weather was pretty good also. The only unconfortable were the paddles in the streets that I had to dodge at times. Have a great Friday everyone!!

martes, 18 de noviembre de 2014

Nice start to the week

Yesterday was my day off.

Today I went out running before 7 p.m. I just left work earlier today,  ran sans watch again and did 3 laps and ran some more, I think I ran around 45 mins, felt really good there and increased effort sometimes. I am feeling stronger! those are good news!! when I was walking there post run I met a good friend, came home and have dinner with my brother too! Good times!! Weather is cool! I dont feel that drawning heat !!

Have a great night folks!

domingo, 16 de noviembre de 2014

Catching up

I missed Tuesday and Wednesday´s training. Tuesday decided to rest and Wednesday slept in and could not go at night because I had the Finances course. I need to make up both days, so I ran all of the remaining dasys of the week.

Thursday when I got from work headed to the conservatory and did 46:15 easy.

Friday did the same thing and ran 44:51, that day I worked a lot and got home late than planned,headed out that day at 7:25 p.m.

Saturday Headed out in the afternoon just before 6 p.m. did the same route as Friday feeling like a million of bucks, did 43:43.

Sunday morning headed out with father and brother at 7:30 a.m. to the mirador, did 9k total and did 1k with my brother at a fast pace I encouraged him to finish his time trial, He wanted to stop but I think I avoided that, He left me in the dust in the last 150m, I was just huffing and puffing, He did 4:10 in that km and I did around 4:30, jogging the last 150m. Completed the 9k total.

I finished up the week on a good note, I think I have 1 month running 5 times per week, which is good, I would rather train 6 days per week, but 5 times per week is just decent compared to the inconsistency I have been carrying in the last years/months. I will continue like that and I hopefully will get fit and lean.

Have a great Sunday Everyone!

martes, 11 de noviembre de 2014

Catching up

Saturday I went out running in the evening, poured pretty hard and I got soaked to the bone, for me that was a refreshing feeling, had the opportunity to run with another guy for 10-15 mins, He had a great pace and is training for a half marathon that is held on November 23 th, I encourage him, I had to work a bit to keep his pace, his name is Frank and I would like to run with him again and race with him. I did 48:42 total , finishing there in the conservatory. I just ran corner to corner for more than 3 laps. Then I went out with my brother and my friend Hugo to eat a burguer and then to drink a few beers at Hooters, very nice place with a very good vibe there, I really like it, I over eat that day ha, after eating the burgers at Wendys, We had the beers there, but I also orderer a couple of serving of ckicken strips., a very good note to end the day.

Sunday I went out early with my father to the conservatory, my legs were fried from the get go and I only got to run 38:46, sprinting in the last 100-200s. Capped off another week with 5 days of running, Consistency is coming back.

Monday was a public holiday here so that meant an early morning run with my father, We headed out to the mirador and I was going to do 10k, but then cut it short due to feeling tight and tired from the get go once again, 8k in 46:30, with last 3k in 16:09, again sprinting the last 200s. A lot of work to do!!

viernes, 7 de noviembre de 2014

Evening run

This morning slept in once again, but as long as I am runnnig I am fine, so when I got back home from work I just dressed quick and headed out to the conservatory and did 3 laps corner to corner in less than 10 mins each lap, then finished there the 45 mins. Felt tired today, I worked a lot and hurried up a lot to get home early, but got later than planned though, that is the downside of evening running, life could get in the way too easily, as a result missing the run. All in all glad that I ran today.

Have a great night all!