viernes, 17 de abril de 2015

Good evening run

Yesterday I took the day off.

Today I headed out to the conservatory and when I got there in7:31, knew that it was going to be a good day, did 7 laps in 6:07,6:06,5:40,5:24,5:40,5:43,5:21. Did around 8.5k in 48 something. After the 3rd lap I just chased another guy that passed me, I never caught him. I felt really good today and the legs were very fresh. I cant say that I was running confortable, but felt a lot better than the past few runs where I just slugged around. Weather was acceptable.

Have a great social Friday everyone!

miércoles, 15 de abril de 2015

Slow run with fast finish

Today I went out to the conservatory at 6:15 p.m. got there in 7:43, feeling very tight in the lower part of the leg, that tighness was there till the last couple of laps that I could loosen up a bit and speed up some. I ran with Jose for 5 laps. I did the first one on my own then He joined me and finished the run basically together. We did 3 laps slow and then He started to speed up, at that point I was not that tight so I sped up some too so that I did not lose any contact with him. He kept speeding up in the uphills and built a bit more distance on me, but I stayed patient and played my cards right, when I got to the flat sections I sped up and took advantage of the final downhill and could pass him in the last 15m of the run so I won. ha I was so focused on him that I forgot to take the last lap´s split. splits per lap were 6:22,6:29,6:19,6:18,5:44 and in the last one that I sped up a lot especially in the last 300s I think I did it in 5 flat or less, I really dont know, but when I sped up I felt smooth as opposed as when I started that felt totally slow and tight.

I did 45 mins total, around 7.5k, I am not feeling my best but at least I am getting my training in. I know that consistency will get me to feeling better soon.

Have a great night everyone!!

martes, 14 de abril de 2015

Post no. 1000

Wow time passes by very quickly. I remember when I started this blog, it was October 2009. I started it for fun and today I am posting post no. 1000. It reflect that when people do things little by little overtime it becomes a big result. That applies to all areas of life, for example if you read 5-10 pages of a book day by day, eventually you will read several books without having to sacrifice much. The same with exercise, you do the work day by day, one day at  time, one day you ll accomplish your goal. Valuable things dont come overnight, you have work day by day, and see it as one day at a time, to really get results. If you think about the result as a whole, you might get frustrated and quit getting in the work. If you see it as a day to day process, you wont get caught about the desire results. Its good to visualize results, but you got to really enjoy the process to get  the desired result. What a big rambling!!

Today I headed out to the conservatory at 6:20 p.m. and soon after starting, started pouring lightly, then increased, but that did not bother me the least, I did 7 laps in 6:15,6:04,6:01,6:02,5:53,5:57,5:55. I ran almost a lap( the first lap) with Jose, but when Roalbert passed us , Jose went with him and they started gaining on me very fast until they were none to be seen. I basically ran alone for the remaining of the run. I got a bit upset because I felt very heavy and bad in the first 3 laps, then started loosening up , no one to blame but me, Yesterday I decided to improve my diet and eat cleaner. I was not running too slow, but they were running around 5:10-5:20 so that was enough to gap me right away. With patience I ll get the results that I want, at least I am training and getting my runs in. 8.5k around 51 mins. Felt good at the end, at the beginning felt the juice that I drank during the day, it seems that I ll have to eliminate all sugary beverages before evening runs.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

lunes, 13 de abril de 2015

Zapping the zero

Today I went out running at 6:10 p.m., I did not drink coke during the day and my lunch was very light, so I was starving throughout the afternoon, but in the run I felt great, felt very smooth and did not feel fat and with all that gas inside me. I ran 5 laps with Jose at a ver good clip, the last 2.5 laps were I cannot say easy, We were pushing each lap faster than the last, I did around 28 mins for 5 laps, I was running without a watch because I borrowed it to my Brother who was doing a workout. After those " fast" 5 laps I did 2 more at a very easy pace to complete the 8.5k. Felt good, but after the run felt very hungry and was not feeling very good. Now I ll grab something to eat. Hope you have a great week!

Another thing is that I have noticed that more people are viewing my blog, Thanks a lot, I appreciate the fact that you take your time to check out my blog! Thanks a lot!

domingo, 12 de abril de 2015

Short run to cap the week

Yesterday took the day off.

Today at 6:25 p.m. I headed out to the conservatory and did 5 laps at a very slow pace, not by purpose, but because all the food that I ate today ( fried food) and coke. I have done a commitment with myself , tomorrow I ll start to eat healthier and to eliminate fried food considerably. A lot of people tell me that I am fatter and my brother insist that I am very wide( wristwise). I am running slow and when I am trying to run fast and become airless very soon, that must be the weight :). Today I did 5 laps in 6:22,6:23,6:29,6:18,6:14. Very slow and with a full stomach for most part of the run. Anyways, I completed the 40 mins feeling confortable. The weather was good and the atmosphere there was good too, a lot of kids playing and skating and driving toy cars, etc.

5 runs this week, I have been consistent but as long as I dont control my portion and quality of food, I wont get anywhere.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

viernes, 10 de abril de 2015

Better evening run

Yesterday I complained because of the way that I have been feeling. Today I decided to wear a watch to see if the splits were consistent with the effort and to distract myself a little,its great to run by effort, but when you feel like crap its not so fun to run by effort, so I decided to wear the watch and busy the mind in the numbers stuff. Did 5 laps in 6:24,6:20,6:03,5:53,5:56. Felt like crap in the first 2 laps as the splits suggest, then kind of loosened up and felt better. I was running with Jose but in the 3rd lap He pulled away because I had to stop several times to tie my shoes. I had to tie my right shoe during the run 6 times. That is the first time that I have to do it so many times, in fact its quite rare to do that even once during running.  The weather was rainy, even started puring a bit during the run, but the real heavy rain fell after the run, We stayed under roof for more than an hour I think, joking and laughing. Completed the 40 mins and I went out to do around 32-33 mins(4 laps).

Have a great Friday everyone!

jueves, 9 de abril de 2015

The bad running streak continues

This evening at 6:20 p.m. I headed out to the conservatory and did 7 laps there, not much to report other than I felt like s#$"#T once again, felt very heavy and never got into a groove except maybe in the last lap. I Felt fat and to top things a person that I see everyday when I run the big hill 500s out my home told me today " You run everyday but you also are fatter" He said it in a way that by no means was offensive and I only laughed and said " I am eating just too much" He replied back that I needed to decrease portions. I was not angry at that moment, but when in the conservatory I felt so fat and out of shape and full I realized that it was all my fault and I was the only one to change that shitty behavior. When I quit coke for a month or so (well not quit but decreased it significantly), I was feeling real light during runs and felt real good, but as I am drinking around 4-5 16 oz glasses during the day before my runs, I think that is the reason of my shitty performance even when you running pretty easy. I ll have to decrease the amount and save that for the weekends. I do better do that so that I dont look like a fool next time I complaint about feeling bad during runs.

Its normal to feel bad on some runs, but I have been feeling this way since Saturday and casually all runs has been after a coke drinking marathon. Oh well!!  No more complaints!

8.5k without a watch!

Have a great night!