sábado, 23 de mayo de 2020

Catching up and a Tempo Run

Wednesday -  I ran after work at   8 P.M. I worked from home and for the reamining of the week was like that. I ran 6 laps at an easy pace in the Blasco park, I did 5:46 I think for the first lap, but then got the pace down, and finished the last lap in 5:06. Finished the 8 laps (7.2k ) in 42:18. Felt Good, a bit hot, but Good.

Thursday -  we had planned a tempo run, but I was having a stressful work day, so I told my brother that I was not sure about doing the tempo that day and that I would probably go with him, at his pace. In the afternoon work eased up, so I got my motivation back and then decided that I would do the tempo. But this time I would treat it as a structured workout, not warming up within the same run. I would warm up 12 mins including my normal 5 x 50m strides like I do to all my hard workouts. When I finished my warm up, my brother showed up in the park, but He had already warmed up, because he started running from his home. I did not have high expectations, because as you know I did not run for 6 weeks due to the luck down. Ok, I ran inside home once 21 mins, but not sure if I could count that as training. I did some Dynamic stretching before starting. Then we started the tempo together, but I soon gap him and with each passing lap I lapped him more and more. To be honest, He did not do so well. I felt pretty Good and the pace felt managable from the beginning, in the last lap I was tired, but I could sustain pace. To be honest I am in much better shape than I anticipated. We would do 5 laps in the park and then complete 5k. I would calculate my pace each lap and then calculate what would take me to do 500m more. Well I did 24:20-24:23 for the 5k.Which in my book is Good, not so far than my tempos before Quarentine and feeling stronger, about 40-45 seconds slower, which is less than I thought. I Will in my normal 23:30s sooner than later. My splits per lap were: 4:26, 4:25, 4:20, 4:24 (17:36), 4:20 (21:57), then ran 2:26 more which took my a bit more than the half of the park and I finished the run at 24:23. My brother stop his watch at 25 mins, but he passed the  5 laps in 24:44, which is around mid 27 mins for 5k, which is terrible. The guy did 20 x 20 push ups in the morning. I told him that he had to set priorities, if he wants to perform well, then he had to treat running seriously. He had gotten weight, one year ago he could do the tempo runs with me. Anyway, I told him that he had to eat less and take running seriously, He runs everyday since quarentine release, but what I mean by seriously, is that on workouts days, eat well and not tax his body with extra strength training. Of course, that Will depends upon your priorities. After the tempo, I did 2 more laps to cool down in 11:20 (5:50, 5:30) and called it a day. 9.5 laps of running which is around 8.6k total.

Friday - Ran at 8 p.m. again ( that is the earliest allowed Schedule in the evening to run) in the Blasco park and did 8 laps (7.2k) at an easy pace, started the first lap in 5:32, then got down to 5:10 the last one, most of them in the 5:12-5:16 range after the first lap. Felt really Good , hot, but felt pretty Good and not sore at all after the tempo the day before. Feeling very strong.

Today was supposed to be my rest day, but I am very bored here at home, so I Will do a 30 min run (6 laps) at an easy pace, and that Will be easy run for the day. Better that than watching YouTube videos or wasting my time in non sense.

martes, 19 de mayo de 2020

Zapping the zero

On Sunday  I again did 6 laps in the Blasco park at 8 p.m., I just went to bed too late yesterday to run in the morning. I kept the pace under control, did better than expected. Did the 6 laps (5.4k ) in 30:37. Then did 40 seconds more to complete 31:20 something. Felt pretty Good. Then did 2 laps waking.

On Monday I ran after work at 8 p.m. ( no earlier choice in the evening), I started my 8 laps as usual pre pandemic. Kept the effort easier than when I do shorter laps, but it was still fast compared to what I usted to do on full training mode. Did 8 laps (7.2k) in 41:54. Last lap in 5:06. I did not feel pretty Good, my left knee was avoiding me, cramps, and a side stitch, but cardiovascularry felt pretty Good.

Yesterday I ran again after work, and ran with my brother, of course keeping social distance. He only did 30 mins, but I did 8 laps . I am not doing less than that. Kept the first 5 laps pretty under control, at around 5:25 per lap. Then in the last 3 laps I started to push a Little and in the last part of the last lap really pushed. Last 3 laps were in 4:52,4:42, 4:12. Felt Good. However when I finisihed, I cramped a muscle in my back and my right glute/hamstring was bothering me. I did 1 lap waking afterwards and that dissapeared. Did 8 laps (7.2k) in 40:53. To be honest, I am surprised with the way that I am feeling, I suspected the comeback would be very hard, but it has not, in fact it feels that I have not lost any fitness at all. But in reality I have lost some, but no races by now, so plenty of time to get back. At the end of the week my brother and I are going to do a 5k tempo in the Blasco park, so I would tell better where I am at.

Looking forwards to today`s run!

domingo, 17 de mayo de 2020

Friday watchless unplanned tempo run

On Friday after work, I left the watch at home, but I wanted to push a lap or two. In the end I did the whole 6 laps at a Good clip. I did not have a watch, but I told my brother to take my time ( I f$%·$ck his run because of that, very selfish on my part, but then I apologized, I did not think about it at the time). In the end I did 26:50 or something like that. So something around 4:58 per km, which is Good given my current fitness and without doing nothing  for 6 weeks ( of course I have been running for almost 2 weeks, since the luck down withdrawal). I felt pretty Good , but at the same felt unconfortable at times. What surprised me the most is that I type this on Sunday and yesterday or today I dont feel any soreness at all. Maybe I am in better shape tan I though, and maybe that time off served me as a recovery period instead of throwing my fitness out of the blue. My brother ran around 30 mins. In the first couple of laps he was very close, but after that He started to run easy. After the 6 laps at " fast" pace I did 1+ mins easy to complete 5.5-5.6k or something like that. I did 2 laps walking after that.

On Saturday I took the day off, I did not want to, but I never run everyday so why run everyday when I am not in top condition. It would be foolish.

Today I Will run at 8 p.m. but I Will run easy, since tomorrow I want to start wth my 8 standard laps. Also I want to start more intelligently, meaining more easier days and 2 " hard days " per week. But the hard days Will still be easy, some type of fartlek. Also, my brother wants to do a tempo run on Saturday, but that one Will be organized, warm up/ cool down, etc. I dont think I cant run much faster tan I did on Friday because or maybe yes. The thing right now is not to over do it.

Have a great weekend!

viernes, 15 de mayo de 2020

Catching up

On Wednesday I ran at 8:15 p.m. and did 6 laps in the Blasco park, started at 5:14 and finished the last lap in 4:06 only pusing the second half of the last really and maintaining Good form. Finished feeling pretty Good. middle laps were in 4:56, 4:54, 4:53;4:47. FInished in 28:52, but kept running till 30:12, so around 5.6 kms total.

On Thursday, ran at 8 p.m. and kept the effort easy without pushing the pace, 6 laps in 30:43, first lap in 5:35, then second lap in 5:15, then kept myself in 5:01-5:02 for the rest. Felt Good and easy today.

After I type I Will head out for my today`s run.

miércoles, 13 de mayo de 2020

Zapping the zero

I thought that I posted my Monday`s run. On Monday I ran at 20:00 as usual these days. I have to be honest, on this run I finished at tempo effort. It was not easy, but it was not all out either. I started at a Good easy clip, but in the second lap I already was running sub 5 mins per lap, and then I felt that someone was behind, and unconciously I probably started to race hi, because I was increasing pace. I did 6 laps and 100m more to complete 5.5k. Did 6 laps in 28:18 so it was at a Good pace, maybe 5:15 per km . Splits per lap were: 5:14, 4:53, 4:36,4:01,4:34,4:28. After 28:18 I jogged easy till I completed 30 mins. In the last 4 laps I was running close to 5 mins per km, it did not feel that hard, but it did not feel easy either. I was in really Good shape before taking those 6 weeks due to the pandemic. After the 30 mins, I am doing 2 laps walking.

Yesterday it was a rainy day, so at 8 p.m. there were not many people, but but way more than a normal rainy day. Much more space to run feely though. I did again 6 laps, but easier. This time I decided to keep the effort easy to not over do it. First lap was 5:35, then progressed to 5:07 feeling at the same effort. 6 laps (5.4k) in 31:45, then ran 40 seconds more to complete 32:27 or 5.5k or so. 1 lap waking after that, intended to do 2, but it was pouring, so I called it a day.

I am feeling Good even though I lasted 6 weeks without doing nothing, as I said, I was in excellent shape before the luck down. I need to be intelligent though. Sometimes is hard when you feel fresh and a lot of people running next to you.

Looking forwards to today`s run!

lunes, 11 de mayo de 2020

Good run to end the week

On Saturday I took the day off.

On Sunday I ran at 8 p.m., since it was a short run, I had no problema to do the run that late, plus I was very bored the whole inside home. I ran with my brother, but I soon let him behind. I ran 6 laps and a bit more to complete 30 mins. I ran the 6 laps (5.4k ) in 29:26, a bit slower tan Friday, but feeling much better. I felt controlled and strong. I felt my left achilles bothering me at the beginning of the run, but once I warmed up it was just fine.

I cannot overdo things right now eventhough I feelmuch better than expected. I Will do this week the same 30 mins runs, I cant forget that i lasted 6 weeks without doing nothing, so I need to be cautious about it and veyr gradual. Weather was pretty Good and a lot of people in the park, had not seen that many people on that park in  a Sunday.

6 runs for the week, which was the goal 5.4-5.5k each day.

Have a great start to the week.

sábado, 9 de mayo de 2020

Catching up

On Thursday at 8 p.m. I ran in the Blasco park  and did 6 laps as every day this week. 5.4k total. That day I was really tired and in the lap before the last one really felt the tiredness so at that time I said that I would rest on Friday. I finished the 5.4 k in 31:50. Laps were 5:32 working down to 5:09. Felt Good, but tired.

Yesterday, I was to walk in the park to take Friday as my day off, but I decided that I would run again, I walked enough 30 mins to the office and 30 mins and back and I downed a whole bag of pistachios myself so I decided that I needed to burn some of those calories.  Anyway,  the run was solid and I ran with my brother. Of course, we did not run directly together because I went out several seconds ahead to keep the new term " social distance". I ran harder than I should but I felt solid.  He is in Good shape also, because he finished 20 second or so behind, and I pushed some in the last lap. Splits per lap were 5:14,5:01, 4:53, 4:50, 4:49, 4:30. First half  in 15:08 and last half in 14:12. Then kept running to complete the 30 mins. I did 6 laps in 29:20 (5.4k) so it was around my current maratón effort. I felt Good, strong, but if I had to talk I am sure that I would lose air if you know what I mean. Weather was Good, not too hot!

So I went to bed at 2 a.m. last night and I was going to run this morning, but decided to take my rest day today, I never run everyday, and no point in running everyday in the come back. So rest day today and back at it tomorrow. I am heading the right direction, since the soreness each day is less than the last day eventhough the pace is " faster" than it should.  I think that I Will back to workouts sooner than I though.

Have a great Saturday!