miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2018

5kTempo run + 200s repeats

Yesterday I had planned my tempo run for the week. The plan was to run 5k in 25:40s -25:50s and after that do 4 x 200m fast.

I met with my brother at 6:50 p.m. in the Turia park, and I warmed up 1 mile before starting the tempo. On the tempo run I feel pretty good, but got a bit frustrated when a lot of youngster passed me, I am competive so that bothered me, but anyway, I had to run at my own pace and that is discipline.

Overall I felt pretty good and did a negative Split. Finished the 5k in 25:41 with splits per km of 5:10, 5:13 (10:23), halfway in 12:57, 3rd km in 5:07 (15:31), 5:05 (20:36), 5:05 (25:41). After the 5k tempo I did not stop, I jogged 200m easy and then started my 200s right away.

Honestly I felt uncoordinated on the 200s, I had ingrained the tempo pace and legs felt a bit tight, but it was nice to battle through that and get the job done, so 4 x 200s with 200s easy jog in between in 47,47,47,46. In the last one I really pushed in the last 100m without losing good form, but I just could not do the 44 I was hoping to run. Anyway, I think that is a solid workout and I accomplish the purpose of the workout and the time goal, so nothing to complain about.

The weather was pretty nice. Did 1 mile to cool down . 9.6k total.

Today I rest, but I have read that on Thursday a storm is coming, so I have not decided if I ll move the rest day till tomorrow, or Will rest today. We Will see.

Happy with my progress in the last 6 weeks!

Have a great Humpday!

lunes, 15 de octubre de 2018

Easy run

Today I ran at 6:50 p.m. in the Turia Park, did the first km with my brother, but He was doing an Interval workout, so after the 1st km I ran alone for the rest of the planned 50 mins. I just ran easy, the first km was just under 7 mins, I was just running with my brother at that point, then after the 1st km I loosened up a bit and kept hitting 6:29 to 6:20s for the remaining of the kms.

I felt really good and easy, the weather was also pretty good. To be honest I have to hold back not to speed up, not need to speed up on easy runs, let that for your workouts. I got to the 25:30 mark and turned around, then got to the starting point in 50:14, so I did a 46 seconds negative Split, never forced the pace though.

Tomorrow I ll do a tempo run and some 200s after to loosen up.

Have a great start to the week!

Interval workout and finishing up a solid week of training

On Saturday evening, at 6:30 p.m. I did my Interval workout in the Turia Park. I was not so sure of what I would do, if 6-8 x 400m , or 3 x 1000m, 2 x 400m and 2 x 200m, I finally decided for the latter.

I warmed up around 2k, ran 1.4k and then ran some more around where I start the repeats. For that kind of workout you gotta be warmed up, not like tempos where you basically warm up inside the workout.

Anyway, the workout started and went out the first 200m right where I wanted to be in 54 seconds, I pretty much kept that pace/effort and finished the 1st 1000m in 4:31. I felt good, but the turnoever was a bit quicker, but in the next intervals the legs got loose and I could run faster no problem,

Recovered after the 1st repeat, 3:50 or so at a very easy pace, then the second Interval started, I was running faster on this one, so I had to dial back a bit, finished in 4:25, very satisfied with the effort. Rested 3:50 and the last 1000m started in this one I crossed the first 500 in 2:11,so I tried to maintain the same speed and finished in 4:24. So 1000s were in 4:31,4:25,4:24. I really liked that progression, eventhough I was getting more tired. The breathing was labored, but at least I could keep pace.

After that jogged 3:50 and the 2 x 400s started, those were in 1:36, 1:39. Rested for 200m between those one, I was really surprised with that 1:36. I had a lot of years that I did not hit a Split like that.Honestly dont remember the last time I went down from 1:40, so very happy about that.

After the 400s jogged for 200s and then started the 2 x 200s, my legs were very tired from those were in 47 and 44.94 seconds. I really wanted to hammber the last one without losing my form, in races you have to finish fast so that is what I tried to simulate.

Cooled down for around 12 mins, total distance was around 9-9.5k, not bad. Weather was in 25 degrees with a lot of humidity.

I feel that I am improving pretty good, each week feeling better and better and improving on stress workouts eventhough my easy days are really easy, just to recover from workouts, but that is working.

Yesterday I did my run at 7:00 p.m. because I had to wait for a while becuase when I was getting dressed it was raining pretty hard, I was committed to do my run no matter what, in fact, when I was walking to the Turia Park it was pouring, but once I got there before starting my run, the rain stopped.

The goal for yesterday was to run 45 mins at an easy pace just to recover. I felt a bit tired but really good, kept the pace and effort very easy and just enjoyed my run. Ended up running 46:12 for 7+k. My fastest km was 6:26, I was a bit annoyed because I really want to see splits close to 6 mins per km at the same effort, but I dont alter my effort when I see a slow Split. Easy runs are for recovery and if you want to run faster then dont be a lazy and push on your workouts when the going get tough! Weather was much cooler than Saturday, it was around 17-19 Celsius and it got dark just after the halfway point. Anyway, felt pretty good on this run.

Another 6 runs this week, feeling pretty good, the calf is behaving pretty well and has allowed me to train very consistently in the last 6 weeks. This is my 5th week of 6 runs. Again, I dont remember the last time I did just that.

Today I another easy run, and tomorrow a 5k tempo with some 200s.

Have a great start to the week!

sábado, 13 de octubre de 2018

Easy runs

On Wednesday I took the day off.

On Thursday I met with my brother in the Turia Park at 6:50 p.m. and We ran to the " Churchill" and back in 16:25 and then continued to finish what was a 46:06 mins run. The pace was pretty easy, soemthing like 6:35 per km. I felt good but felt the soreness of Tuesday tempo. Weather was fine.

Yesterday It was a public Holiday here, so We went running earlier than normal, I got to the conservatory at 5:50 p.m., but my brother at that time had 90 mins of running, so I pretty much did my 50 mins solo. I went to the " Churchill" and back in 15:42, both of my calves were bothering me, since that terrain is hard, harder than asphalt I would say.

Then ran to the opposite direction till my watch had 33:30 and then turned around and had to take another route beause on the way out, too much people and kids in the way, but in the way back was not different, a lot of bikes, people, I was in a pretty bad mood. Luckily the calves eased  with 15 mins to go and I could complete 50 mins no problem. I measured 1k and it was slow in 6:25, thought that I was going faster indeed, but that does not matter, improving in workouts/races is what matters. Weather was hot in 30 degrees.

I learned that on public holidays you have to run in the Turia park in the early morning since in the evening too much people are in the way. Good enviroment for sure, but when you are running and bikes and kids are everywhere it could turn out dangerous.

This evening I ll do a workout, have not decided which one, but it would be a speed workout if the calf cooperate, if the calf start bothering me I ll abort the workout right away, yea right!

See you then!

jueves, 11 de octubre de 2018

Tuesday 10k tempo: 53:14!

On Tuesday I had planned a 8-10k tempo, my brother was doing 13k with a goal time of 71:30, which is 5:30 per km pace. As I said earlier I wanted to run the first km in 5:20 and tried to maintain it till the end.

I  have been improving nicely every week, of course muscle memory exist and I have run 44:38 for the 10k 10 years ago, wow, it seems like it was yesterday. Today I ran 53:14 for the 10k, and I had not run a time like that since 2012, where I remember that I did a training run in 49:46 for 10k, but in a race in that same year, did 54:07, have not run better since then until today, so I am satisfied. The weather played a big role since it was around 20 degrees Celsius.

So as I said my plan was to run 5:20 per km, and I had not told that to my brother, I wanted to know if He would follow me or would know inmediately that He was running slower than his 5:30 per km pace. Well, He basically followed me, but I was in the lead after the first 200m, and I could feel his footsteps right behind in the mile, after that the footsteps were Heard farer an farer, I have to admit that on the first half I felt very unconfortable, not because of the pace, because I was not focused, I was focused on the gap that I have built to my brother (as We were Racing), it was after the halfway that I could focus on the task at hand and could  keep moving forward to the finish. The splits were pretty even, so pretty much I accomplished my goal, but I really wanted to run sub 53 mins, but to do that I would have to push a lot and that is not the goal for tempo runs.

Finished in 53:14 wih splits per km of 5:18, 5:21(10:39), 5:18 (15:57),5:19 (21:16), 5:23 (26:39 5k), 5:18 (31:57), 5:16 (37:13), 5:20 (42:33), 5:21 (47:54), 5:20 (53:14). In the last 3k I tried to smoothly increase effort/pace, but  I just stayed in 5:20 per km like a robot, I could not sped up without doing a tremendous effort, but neither I would have slowed down, I felt pretty strong to slow down.

I have to say that km 3-5 and 5-7 (back) its full of Rolling hills and at an easy pace you dont feel those hills, but when you are running hard you feel those hills a lot and I had to keep focus not to get distracted or affected by those hills, so I think the splits reflect that I handled those hills well.

1st 3k were in 15:57, second 3k were in 16:00 and 3rd 3k were in 15:57, so pretty even.

1st 2.5k in 13:20 and 5k in 26:39, so again pretty even, I pretty much hit 5:20 per km, like a robot, I dont think that I have ever run that even in my life.

After the run I felt starving so We headed to the chinese buffet libre to recharge energies and start the recovery process, lol.

The 10k tempo was preceded by 1.5k easy to warm up and around 10 mins very easy to cool down, but the cool down I did it after stretching a bit and drinking wáter and after waiting for my brother to finish. So my cooldown started around 25 mins after I finished the 10k.

Anyway, I am very satisfied with the effort, but I am pretty far of my 44 mins shape. However, I have to keep training and improving, thats the only way I can get close and closer.

Rested yesterday and today and tomorrow Will be easy 45 mins to run to recover and on Saturday do another hard workout.

Have a great Thursday!

martes, 9 de octubre de 2018

Starting the week

I forgot to mention that on Sunday I finished another week with 6 days per week of running, the 4th in a row, I dont remember the last time I did something like that. Of course, now its more difficult since I am unemployed and I have more time. Whats better than running to spend your free time?

Anyway, Yesterday I did another easy run to recover from Saturday and at the same time prepare for today`s workout. I ran around 18 mins with my brother, then he turned around because He only was doing 35 mins, I opted for 45 mins, so I turned around when I had 23:00, and came back to the starting point in 45:06 or so, so mission accomplished. The pace was fairly easy around 6:20 and 6:15 per km, sometimes it feels unconfortable when you are running that pace and a lot of people passes you, holding back and paying attention to your own training is a test of patience also. You have to respect the easy days as your hard days. The weather was very rainy, when I finished the run it was pouring rain, so walking to my house would have been unconfortable, so I jogged one more mile to my house at a very easy pace, so I would say that I did around 8.5k total.

The weather is getting cold the last few days, right now as I type this is cloudy and the weather is in 20 Celsius, but since its cloudy it felt cooler.

Yesterday`s morning I also did push ups, 4 sets of 15 repeats and 1 set of 10 repeats, getting stronger in that regard, which I think has helped my running.

For this evening I am planning a tempo run but at a slower pace, maybe 8-10k. That would give me the mental strength and the added sustained threshold work. Plus my brother is doing 13k at 5:30 per km and want to help him a bit. Well I have not told him, but I want to cross the first km in 5:20 and after that evaluate my effort, if I felt good I keep that pace, if I dont feel that good I would slow down to his pace to run 5:30 per km, but honestly I am inclining more for the former.

As the last 2 days were pretty easy, I need to push some on today`s workout eventhough the distance is " long".

Running earlier today since its a public holiday here so We are planning to meet at 5:50 to start the warm up.

Another thing, the leg did not bother me at all yesterday, I could feel something there, but could run normally. We Will see how it behave today with the faster pace and with the cooler temperature.

Stay tuned!

domingo, 7 de octubre de 2018

Easy run

Today I ran at 6:50 p.m. with my brother in the Turia park. Today the goal was to run easy to recover from yesterday`s workout.

I felt really good and was talking with my brother, I measured a couple of kms for fun, the first that i measured was in 6:29 and the other was in 6:11, so once We warmed up We increased pace but without noticing. I just ran with my brother for 20 mins, because He turned around earlier ( He was doing 40 mins total), I turned around at 23 mins, and finished where I started in 44:56, I completed the 45 mins, which was the goal.

The weather was pretty good, I barely broke a sweat. I always say that running in this weather is like cheating, I would rather the humididty and the heat to really track my progress, but its what it is. I am feeling pretty good in my runs.

Another thing worth mentioning, is that on the way back, when I had around 28 mins, the left calf started to bother me again and it gave a mini cramp, luckily I could continue my run " normal" and never had to stop, but it seems that the tightness in my calf has returned and I have to be careful.

All in all felt pretty good and easy!

Have a great Sunday!