miércoles, 21 de febrero de 2018

Zapping the zero

I could not run on Monday because at the time I was supposed to run, I had to visit a friend of mine to the hospital so DNR.

On Tuesday I had to go to the internship and did not run early and in the evening I had classes, so a did not run also.

Today I was not going to register another DNR, so at 8:40 a.m. I put my clothes on and went out running, wore my hat and windbreaker. The wind was very strong and it took my around a mile to warm up because I did not wear my gloves and it was around 6 degrees with a lot of wind.

The goal was to run 20 mins , so basically the route that I did last week, but  I decided to extend that after a mile, till I got to the Debod temple, but when I was there I decided to do my normal route that took me 35-36 mins, so thats what I did and I felt pretty good. The effort was pretty easy and I found it long mentally, but physically it was a breeze. 

I am glad that I could run my normal route again, when I was sick recently and felt weak I thought that I was not going to come back, but here I am feeling strong again. Around 35 mins total.

Have a great Wednesday!

domingo, 18 de febrero de 2018

Finishing up the week on good note

Today I did my 5th run of the week, that was the goal. I headed out today at 12:30 p.m. or so, and did the same route as yesterday, felt pretty good and it was very sunny. wore a long sleeve t shirt and my hat, no need for gloves, it seems that the spring is coming up. I felt really good and wanted to run more, but I dont want to rush things. I did around 21 mins, I dont know since I am not wearing a watch. Tomorrow I ll run longer, probably 30 mins and will gradually increase distance till my normal distance. Felt good and happy to be back in the running scene.

5 runs this week, have a great Sunday!

sábado, 17 de febrero de 2018

Getting back into the swings of things

I rested on Thursday and was again yesterday at 5:00 p.m. I did the same route that I have been doing this week, but at the end added 2 more mins. I felt a Little bit out of shape but got it done.

Today I went out running at the same time, 5:00 p.m., but felt much better, I feel that my form is coming around nicely, of course I am only doing 20 mins runs, which is easy, next week , I ll ramp up the distance to my normal route, 35 mins. Today I did the same route as yesterday, but feeling much better. The weather was in 13 degrees and I wore a t shirt and my windbreaker, no gloves, but my hat is innegotiable. I hope to keep feeling like this.

This morning I watched a cross country race held in the park that is in front of where I am living right now, I just knew about the race 10 mins before the start, so I got dressed fast and crossed the Street and got there. Those guys and girls fly by, guys ran 8k, 2 loops in the circuit, women ran 1 loop, 4k. ,  A lot of old guys running fast too. I think that race motivated me in my run this evening. LOL

Have a great Saturday!

miércoles, 14 de febrero de 2018

Feeling better

Today I headed out to do the same route as yesterday, which takes me around 20 mins. Today I headed out at 5:50 p.m. or so and felt much better than yesterday. However, I am still out of shape and will ramp up gradually. Today I wore the windbreaker but not my gloves, felt good. The temps were  in 10 degrees, so not so cold. Feeling better and I will be in my prevous shape in no time. I had 10 days off from college due to the finish of the 1st semester of the master. Next week I wont be able to run in the evening.

Have a great humpday!

martes, 13 de febrero de 2018

Back after 16 days off

As the subject says, 16 days have passed since I ran the last time. As I said in my last post I got sick and I think this is my longest sickness, I lasted almost 2 weeks feeling like s$%t. Today I decided to get back at it, so just before 6 p.m. I headed out to do around 20 mins, so my normal route, but turning around in the first intersection. Sincé I started I felt weak and low in energy, but I was going to do what I set to do. I wore my windbreakers that I bought on Saturday and it worked well. Had to take my gloves off at halfway point, but kept my hat on of course. I might say that the windbreaker protects you well against the cold, but today it was not that cold, so whats I decided to take my gloves off. It was around 7 degrees.

I think the reason I felt so weak was that I have not been eating enough, I just started eating "normally" a few days ago, and sometimes I dont eat breakfast, but I ll have to , because I need the energy. It felt good to be out there doing what you love and feeling healthy again. I still have caughs, but not as bad as in the last week. Another thing is that 16 days of no running is a lot of days when you are used to running consistenly.

Tomorrow I ll do the same distance as today, and then ramp up where I left. In regards to the cold, I think I am not totally crazy for just wearing a t shirt and shorts as long as I am wearing my gloves and hat, those keeps me warmed up, but likely I just need that second piece of layer (windbreaker) although it  makes me a bit hotter than I would like.

Have a great day runners!

jueves, 8 de febrero de 2018


The last time I run was January 28th to finish up a good week of running  , 5 times run. Felt good during the run, but my left shin was bothering me. So I decided to give it a couple of days of rest. Then that was the least of the problems, I got sick and have not run since. It was a strong cold with fever that have knocked me out for several days, and of top of that a lot of expositions and a final exam. The last 2 weeks have been rough. I hope to recover quickly so that I can run again, but I am not fully recovered yet, I feel weak at times and have been eating very Little for the past week. My appetite is cominng back slowly, but I already look leaner without doing exercise, ha!

Hope to run soon!

sábado, 27 de enero de 2018

Catching up

Tuesday I took the day off. Then ran on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Wednesday - Did the same route at 11:xx a.m. without a watch. Kept the effort easy. Around 36 mins.

Thursday - Did the same route at 9:20 a.m., after the 8 mins, increased pace for 400-500m, then ran easy and in the last 1k or so increased the pace again. Nice change of pace. Watchless

Friday - Did the same route at 9:30 a.m. kept the effort easy on this one, never pushed it and felt pretty good.

I am still caughing a lot, luckily it does not bother while running.

Today I rest.

Feeling pretty good with my running, not running  lots of mileage but I am being consistent.

Have a great day!