lunes, 31 de julio de 2017

Change of route

On Saturday -  My father and I ran to the Venezuela street, at the other side of the bridge, so We again faced the big hill, this time I was out of shape, but got it done, I had to jog in place sometimes to wait to my father as I dont know the route very well. Now I do.

I estimate that the total distance was between in 6.6-6.8k or so.  We started this run at 7:10 a.m. and it was already with the heat in full force, We got it done, though!

Sunday - We started at around 7 a.m. just before starting the run, I told my father lets go to guibia beach, I was not into doing laps in the conservatory, so We changed the route once again, 11 mins passed by before We got to Guibia, then my father showed me how He does the sand repeats , We did 1, and I really admire my father that He can do 10 of them, that would take more than 1 hour run. After We completed the 1 loop sand repeat, We kept running in the road till the Hotel Jaragua and back, then I started to build a gap on the way back and finished the run 1:43 ahead of him.
Total time was 37:23, I think it was just over 6k. My father finished in 39:06 or so.

The heat was strong, these days even doing nothing knock you out with this heat, you gotta do what you gotta do, though!

5 runs this week! and I hope that this week I can muster that.

I took the day off today!

Have a great start to the week!

viernes, 28 de julio de 2017

A couple of morning runs

Thursday  -  I ran early in the morning before work, I went out with my father at 6:15 a.m. to the conservatory, and had to do 5.5k because of time. I ended up doing 34:08  and my father did 39:44, He is very out of shape, because He had not run for a month, so I basically did the run solo.

Today - The story repeated, another 5.5k run at 6:10 a.m. in 34:01. My father did 39:06. Again it was basically a solo run. Tomorrow We will change the route a bit and I estimate that We will run 7k or so.

Have a great Friday!

miércoles, 26 de julio de 2017

Catching up

Sunday - I miscounted the laps because I ran with a couple of runners in the conservatory, and I did not look at the watch till the end, when I finished the run that I saw 33:51 in the watch, I only said, what an idiot!! This run was done at 7:00 a.m.

Monday - After work, at 7:00 p.m. I headed out to the conservatory and wanted to do a lap in 5 mins or less, so I started running at an easy pace, did 1 lap easy, but a guy passed me, and I decided to do my fast lap in the 2nd lap, was planning it on my 3rd or 4th lap, ended doing 4:56 for my 2nd lap, and I did not pass the guy, it seems that He also sped up, but soon after that lap I passed him and never looked back, that lap came in 6:02, then a fellow exercise that I have known for a while did my last lap with me, I was totally spent, and it was HOT, I honestly cant remember the last time I sweat that much on a night run ever. Well that lap came in 5:47, I was very tired and jogged my way home. Finished 6.5k in 39:00..

Tuesday was a planned day off.

Today I was going to run at night after work, but got home with a pretty strong headache, so I ll have to run for the remaining days of the week to accomplish my goal of 5 runs this week.

Have a great humpday!

sábado, 22 de julio de 2017

Morning run

Thursday I decided to take the day off, so that I could run Friday, Saturday and Sunday and complete my 5 runs this week.

Yesterday I had the best intentions of running after work, I promise, but it started raining pretty hard so it was not worth it, so a forced day off.

This morning I headed out to the conservatory at 7:40 a.m., later than planned, but I woke up at 6:05 a.m., it seems that I cant no longer sleep past 7 a.m. these days.  I went out to the conservatory feeling good, but that good feeling did not last much, when I got to the conservatory I realize that I had not recovered from my Sunday`s progression tempo, that shows that I am in big very bad shape.

I did 4 laps in the conservatory and get back home, finished 6.5k in 40:15, I took splits, but no point in posting splits on easy runs, I did not look at the watch during the run, just ran whatever felt confortable.

Have a great Saturday!

miércoles, 19 de julio de 2017

Easy watchless run

Today I ran after work, at 7:10 p.m. I headed out to the conservatory without a watch, just wanted to run easy and recover. I felt very tired from the get go, especially after I had to speed up the hill to take advantage of lack of cars in that moment, that acceleration brought my heart rate to its top for a short moment.

After 1 lap in the conservatory, Jose my friend joined me and We ran 3 laps together, I thanked him the company and I got back to home, the only time that I felt decent in this run was in the last mile, felt pretty good in the last 500s of the run. Kept the effort very easy though, and it was very liberating to run just easy without the watch.

It seems that Sunday`s effort took out of me more than expected, or I am in very bad shape that 3 days later I am huffing and puffing.

Did 6.5k today as planned, its time to ramp up this shit!

Have a great Wednesday!

martes, 18 de julio de 2017

Zapping the zero

Monday was a day off  - bought fried chicken instead, what a discipline!

Today I went out running after work, at 7:15 p.m. I headed out to the conservatory pretty easy to recover from Sunday`s effort. I felt sore. Hoped to feel better as the run went by, but I felt worse as the run went by. I wanted to do 6.5k, but had to leave it at 3 laps and 5.5k total in 35:22.

I ran almost 5 mins slower than on Sunday, so today I was running pretty slow, but I think I got the recovery and adaptations benefits of it. I took splits, but never looked at them and it does not worth to reach my watch to post them, no need for that, given that today the purpose was to recovery, but I did not feel great to be honest.

Have a great Tuesday!

domingo, 16 de julio de 2017

Evening progressive tempo run

Today I skip the morning run, because as I was not going to the concert Bonye today I could afford to run at 5:00 p.m. and today it was Wimbledons tennis open final and I wanted to watch it.

At 5:10 p.m. I headed out to the conservatory, I headed out easy, but as soon as I climbed the big UTESA hill, I started to increase my pace/effort gradually, then I decided that I wanted to see 31 mins in the final time, I never looked at the watch, I only at the end. I did 3 laps in the conservatory and each lap was getting harder, because I was injecting more effort in every lap, but the pace was managable, but on the way home I really increased effort and the last 500s were hard, I finished the run feeling very tired and had to walk several mins to catch my breath, finished the 5.5k in 30:32.

I did have a lot of time without running sub 31 mins in that distance, today I realized that I am in bad shape and need to get back into shape, but I am happy that I stayed strong and finished at strong pace.

Splits were: 7:18 to get to the conservatory, 3 laps in 5:49,5:31,5:21, then back home in 6:02. No wonder why I felt so tired, that pace for me right now is hard, but I think that I am doing the correct actions to get back into shape. My lunch today was potatoes with chicken and did not eat till stuffed, like I usually do, so I knew that I would feel good in today`s run, I fuel my  body, not stuffed it.

I am starting to incorporate potatoes into my diet, I like them, but for some reason never ate them, I think that is a simple vegetable, but leave you satisfied and gives you energy, I ll incorporate plaintains as well, I gotta get back to my ideal weight.

4 runs this week, not ideal, but not a disaster either, and todays tempo gives me an idea of what shape I am in!

Have a great Sunday!

sábado, 15 de julio de 2017

Easy morning hot run

Yesterday I took the day off.

I woke up at 6:00 a.m., but did not head out till 7:35 a.m. to the conservatory, did 3 laps there and back home for a total of 5.5k in 33:37. I did not look at the watch as I am doing in the last few runs that I have done. Splits were 7:31 to get to the conservatory, then did 3 laps in 6:23,6:18,6:09, then back home in 6:43 accelerating in the last 150m, in that acceleration I felt like a marine lion, to heavy.

All in all, I am happy to have run, the weather is so hot that you have to think it twice to go out in the sun shining hard. You gotta do what you gotta do though.

Have a great Saturday!

jueves, 13 de julio de 2017

Catching up

Last week I only ran 2 times,

The first one was on Wednesday , which I did 34:26 for 5.5k at 6:00 a.m.

The other one was on Saturday where I did 33:16 for 5.5k.

Those were my only runs for me that week.

This week I rested Monday and Tuesday and was back to the running on Wednesday. Yesterday I started my run at 6:00 a.m. and did 3 laps in the conservatory in 6:23,5:56,6:14  to finish up the 5.5k in 34:09. I did not speed up in the last 150m.

Today I ran at 7:00 p.m., I had 3-4 weeks that I did not run in the evening, but I need to get back into things, so I got home from work, then changed and headed out to the park in 7:39, then did 3 laps in 6:14,6:12,5:32. Yes, in the last lap I increased pace because I was chasing a guy, I did not feel more tired eventhough it was 45 seconds faster than previous laps. I sped up in the last 150m of the run and finished in 32:52 for 5.5k.

I felt good, but I have to ramp up the kms again.

Have a great Thursday!

domingo, 2 de julio de 2017

Sunday blah run

Today I woke up before 6 a.m., but did not head out to my run until 7:25 a.m. waiting for my father, I am not sleeping a lot these days, dont know the exact reason.

I headed out with my father to the conservatory to do 5.5k, I did not feel the mood to go longer and He said that He was only doing 3 laps there (5.5k), I need to get back to 7.5k as soon as possible.

My father and I got to the park in 7:33, He was a couple of steps back, but I was not feeling very good, and He passed me and started to build a gap, I did not have nothing to respond with so I let him go, and if I felt good later I might try to catch him, He was on his way to 32:xx 5.5k. After the second lap I saw him stop and started limping, I was surprised since I never had watched my father limp like that without being injured, He said that He suffered a calf cramped that forced him to stop. I told him, that I would run 2 more laps and then We together would get home walking. Thats how things played out. My splits were 6:30,6:14,6:18,6:10, then ran 1:15 more to complete what I suspect was 5.5k in 34:16.

The running is weird, since yesterday I had drank the night before and only slept 4 hours, and today I barely drank a beer yesterday, slept decent and felt like crap for the whole run, tight calves, felt heavy. You just have to embrace good days as the come by! I got the run in at least and ran 5 times this week although all short runs.

Have a great Sunday!

sábado, 1 de julio de 2017

Catching up

Wednesday - I went out running at 6:00 a.m. with my father, I felt low in energy, but surprisingly, I did 32:52 for 5.5k. I sped up in the last 150m like I am doing in all my runs. I was surprised with the time.  My father did 33:30.

Thursday - I felt much better than Wednesday and thought that I was going much faster, I did 32:46 for 5.5k at 6:00 a.m..  Sometimes you run faster when you feel worse. My father ran 35:14.

Friday I took the day off and got to work at 6:50 a.m. to catch up on some work. Work is a bit crazy the last few days.

Today -  I was up at 6:20 a.m. but waited longer to get out , I went to bed last night at 2:20 a.m. I was drinking some beers with my father and uncle, then a few friends joined us. I felt better and better as the run went by and finished the 5.5km in 33:10 with splits of 7:33 to get to the conservatory, then the first couple of laps, were basically waiting a fellow runner that was very close to me behind, I did not want to run alone, approaching the finish of the second lap I took a glance back, but did not see him, so I just sped up a bit, then increased pace a bit, from the park to home, accelerating like in the last few runs in the last 100-150m. Laps were 6:24,6:17,6:00 and 6:22 for the last 1.2k. Felt good, but these 5.5k are getting old, I gotta get back to my 7.5k bread and butter runs. This time I had to run alone, but father was tired and let me go for today.

Have a great Saturday!