jueves, 5 de octubre de 2017

Catching up

Not much to catch up really,

I rested from Saturday to Wednesday, on Wednesday, September 27th,  We had to go to Nickelodeon to play basketball, and We did that, but We did very poorly, did not won a game, played very bad, but had fun. I scored 2 points, but threw around 6 shots, only got 1.

Anyway, the experience was good and had fun with my work mates. I ran that day at 6:00 a.m. and did 3 laps in the conservatory and back,  Ran with a girl that runs frecuently there, the idea was to run easy, but did not want to run alone so sped up a bit and ran with her. 5.5k wachless total.

Thursday rest.

Friday - Ran after work and wore my watch, did 5.5k again, and did 34:47 for the run. Felt stuffed because We had cake  at 5 p.m.

Saturday Off again.

Sunday -  At 7 a.m. headed oout with my father  to the conservatory watchless, the first half was terrible, then started to feel better and feel good at the end. 5.5k watchless!

 I have not run since, but I will run in a few mins.

I have to inform that on Tuesday was my last day at my company, since April I had been contesting to a scolarship for a MBA in Madrid Spain in the college Antonio de Nebrija, and finally I got the scholarship, I signed contract on Monday and I finally got it. I am happy but at the same time, its a new experience for me, I travel to Spain next Saturday October 14, 2017.

The MBA starts on October 23th, 2017 but I have to get used to the schedule (Jet Lag) and get used a bit to the culture.

I dont know how the running will play out there, but I certainly will run there and Will take up Heavy weight lifting!

sábado, 23 de septiembre de 2017

Another late morning run

I slept a lot last night, went to bed before 10 p.m. and was up at 5:30 a.m., then get back to sleep till 7 a.m., I was about to skip the run , but my brother was going to run at 9:00 a.m., so I went with him, I went without a watch and got ahead, but as soon as We entered the conservatory , He was going to do a workout and passed me fast and never looked back, I continued at that easy slow pace and felt too tired, I finished 5.5k in around 36 mins, dont know the exact time.

He did 32:20 and did 3 laps there in 15:50, so He is in better shape than I thought, I think I cant run that at the moment, We will see.

I felt tired and the heat and humidity did not help, felt frustrated, because I do medium workouts and last 3-4 days to recover, no good.

Anyway, run done!

Have a great Saturday!

viernes, 22 de septiembre de 2017

Catching up

Monday was a rest day. I played Volleyball with the ladies that are going to Punta Cana to represent the company that I work for.

I ll be in the company till October 3rd, I ll go to study to Spain for 9 months, so will know a different culture and will know new people, but will never forget my friends from CCI.

Tuesday - I ran easy for 5.5k watchless, to run watchless is a very good idea since I dont pay attention to pace and dont frustrate if the pace is slow, I just run by effort. I was so sore that I ran just easy.

Then 20 mins after finishing my run, I received a call from the sister of my brother`s girlfriend , She told me to pick downstairs something that my brother had sent me, when I went down, and take out a big and heavy suitcase, I told her, hey this luggage is for my house?then my brother appeared, He surprised and is here, so did his girlfriend.

Wednesday I took it off, Maria the hurricane is coming to town, but it was not raining a lot, but I did not play with thge logistics very well, so DNR.

Thursday was a day off from work due to the hurricane so my brother, father and I headed out at 9:00 a.m. to the conservatory to take advantage of the rain pause, I did not wear a watch and followed them along, then my brother started to push, then I went ahed for 1+ laps, then He passed me again, this time agressive and I just stayed behind at a good rythm, with about 1k to go I passed him back and I just kept building the gap, I finished the 7.5k in 45:38., my brother finished in 46:0x. My father ran 1 lap because He had stomach problems, but after He did his thing, He went back to the park, but the pace that We were running at was so hot, that He could not follow, I think that my last 1.2k was sub 8 min miles.

I felt good and the weather was not too bad.

Today after work, I really questioned if I should run, I decided to go ahead at 7:00 p.m., not too many people at the park, people dont have discipline. I just went out without a watch and did 3 laps and back home at an easy effort. It was a boring run, nothing exciting, but you have to face those as well, not every run is a paradise and you got to embrace it. 5.5k watchless.

Have a great night!

domingo, 17 de septiembre de 2017

Finishing up a good week of training

Today I wanted to do intervals, but decided not to when I woke up at 6:30 a.m., I was full from the fried chicken that I ate yesterday and it was a good decision, because when I had 500m into my run I felt the same as the past Sunday, tight calves and quads.

I headed out with my father at 7:30 a.m., but He fell behind since  He went to bed pretty late and woke up very early, I pretty much run from the 500m mark to the finish alone.

I decided to leave the watch at home because the watch is bringing me tension and frustration because timewise every run that I get in I dont like timewise. So I think it was a smart decision, since despite the heat and the tightness, I felt good at the end and felt very liberated, dont know the time, but I ran 5 laps in the conservatory and back home with 2 strides in the last 500m to loosen up a bit. Felt good at the end, 7.5k total.

In the afternoon,  from 3 p.m. till 6:30 p.m. We played basketball and walked a lot there, so burned a ton of calories, which is good to me, because I find myself overweight. THe guys that I played with, can win the 5k , they are young, skinny and their fast twitches are at its top, so they really can pull it off, I have endurance, but I am an expert in jogging, not running at fast paces, those days are behind. Anyway, I ll try my best and see what happens in that 5k race in a couple of weeks.

We play basketball in Punta Cana on Wednesday.

I ran 6 times per week, I am not content with my speed, but I have to be content with my consistency, I just have to keep up the good work and the consistency going!

Have a great Sunday!

sábado, 16 de septiembre de 2017

Catching up

Thusday morning I had to run early because I had a trip to Punta Cana and I would be at home by 10 p.m., so the only option was to run at 6:00 a.m., I was tired from Wednesday`s night workout, so I only did 5.5k in 36:10.

On Friday evening after work, I headed out to the conservatory and did 5 laps there and back home, never looked at the watch as the majority of the runs. Finished in 48:23 for 7.5k. Felt tired and really did not enjoy this run at all, but you have to get the training in despite how you feel.

This morning at 6:00 a.m. I headed out with my father to the mirador and We did 8k there, and I thought that I was going faster than the actual pace, finished in 50:05  and my father in 50:07, I outsprinted him. First 3k were in 19:04, next 2k in 6:21 and 6:19 and the last 3k in 18:19, I never really pushed the pace, and when I was about to push it I made myself slow down. But anyway, running this slow is frustrating for me, I felt that at that effort I would run sub 48 mins for those 8k, more than 2 mins slower. To be honest any run is a frustration timewise, so I will have to ditch the watch on non workout days so that does not affect me.

However, I am glad with the consistency I have been putting in the last  3 weeks. Tomorrow I want to do a workout, but lets see how the Boxing fight end today,  I ll run anyway in the morning.

Have a great Saturday!

miércoles, 13 de septiembre de 2017

Progressive tempo run

Monday was my planned rest day.

Tuesday I woke up very early to run at 6:00 a.m., Ran to the park, did 5 laps and then back home for 7.5k in 48:51. I thought that I was running faster than that. In the last lap incorporated 4 x 20 secs strides or so, felt good on these. The heat was awful, it was early in the morning, but I got home soaking wet. Took more than 30 mins to get dry so that I could shower. The heat is very nasty these days.

Today I ran after work at 7:00 p.m., I wanted to do something faster than easy pace, a fast workout or a progressive tempo run, I opted for the latter. I went out to the conservatory easy to warm up in 8:25. Then wanted to do 5 laps in less than 6 mins per lap, I was not sure how that would feel because these days I am running slower than 6:30 per km at my easy pace, but I was ready for something faster today, too much easy running wont get you so far.

1st lap came in 5:57, it felt much faster than that, second lap came in 5:47, so my body was finding the rythm , 3rd lap I was getting tired came in 5:38, then tried to keep the effort going till the end, 4th lap came in 5:34, then Jose joined me for my last lap, thanks to him, I was able to not abbort the workout, I was feeling very bad, I even fainted, but tried to keep my composure and when We got to the flats of the last lap I sped up a bit and took advantage of the last downhill to finish the 5th lap in 5:14, Had to stop for a couple of mins, I was spent and was hurting bad in the last lap, but at least I accomplish the purpose of the workout.

All 5th lap in much less than 6 mins, 1 mins faster than my current easy pace so it was almost a tempo run. Then talked a bit with Jose before going home for my 1.2k cool down. Finished the 7.5k in 45:07.

Good workout, but the heat is very very bad, as I type this I am sweating. I hope that this shit goes away quickly!!

Have a great night!

domingo, 10 de septiembre de 2017

Workout failed

Today I wanted to do a 400m repeats workout in the morning, but I moved the run till the evening. Since the park is not measured I wanted to do a progression run  and in the last 1k or so get in some 1 min repeats. That was my plan for the evening run.

At 5:45 p.m. I headed out to the conservatory in 7:23, I wanted to do laps no more than 6 mins per lap, more towards the 5:40s range, I just got to the 10 min mark and I knew that it was not happening, and frustrated I aborted the workout and completed the 5 laps easy, I am an expert in jogging, but at faster paces I am in very bad shape.

The reason I aborted was huffing and puffing and the calves and quads burned out at that slow pace. My splits in the 5 laps were 6:34,6:41,6:37,6:32, 6:28 and back home in 7:16 to finish up the 7.5k in 48:06.

Although I did not accomplish the workout, I at least got my run in and could run 5 times this week, the goal was 6, but Irma the hurricane did not allow to run on Thursday evening, anyway, hope that I can feel better at faster paces in 3 weeks, if not I ll be in a bad position to perform well in the company. However, I am quiting tomorrow , and my last day in the comany is on October 3rd, at least thats the plan.

I am carrying some extra pounds, but I think that limiting my calories a bit, and running 6 times, I ll lose some fat.

Have a great end of the weekend!

sábado, 9 de septiembre de 2017

Catching up

Due to the hurricane Irma I could not run on Thursday. In the morning it was not raining, but We posponed the run till the afternoon, but it was raininghard in the evening, so DNR.

Friday morning I headed out with my father at 6:10 a.m. the plan was to run 7.5k, but I experienced stomach problems, so I cut the run short  and did 5.5k in 36:23. Very slow, because I was very tired from the effort on Wednesday. My father did 7.5k in 48:47, He was way ahead of me.

Today We headed out to the mirador at 6:30a.m., and the plan was to do 8k easy, my father got excited and started racing the 100+ runner that train in the mirador, so He built a big gap and finished the 8k in 47:20. I came a while back in 48:40. I felt pretty good in the second half, I was soaking wet at the end due to the heat. Did not feel the heat, but the sox and sneackers were totally soaked, thats when I realized that it was hot.

I cant deny its frustrating to lose to your father who is 62 years old ( He turned 62 yesterday), I ran easy yes, and was very tired from my workout on Wednesday, but despite that I feel a bit frustrated, because I am still young, sometimes I feel that I am an old guy. But one can I do, if I am tired and my legs are burned an easy recovery run is in order, It would be stupid to race your father on easy runs, so yea He won again.

My splits were 18:42 for first 3k, then did 6:05 and 6:05 for the next 2 k, crossed the 5k in 30:56, then did the last 3k in 17:44 to complete 8k in 48:40.

Tomorrow morning I want to get 5 x 400s with 200m jog in between in the mirador, We will see since I played basketball this evening as well.

Have a great night!

miércoles, 6 de septiembre de 2017

Waiting for Irma with a mini tempo effort

Today I left work at 3 p.m. We were allowed to leave due to the hurricane that is coming called Irma. It was supposed to rain in the evening, but no rain yet, just a bit at 2:15 p.m. and no more, so my father and I took advantage of that and got our run at 5:15 p.m.

I had planned to do 2 laps at 10 mins, by effort, because I had been running easy in the last few days and on Sunday`s effort I felt like a failure. Today I felt like crap, but I was going to try it anyway.

My father went ahead, but I knew that as soon as I start the workout I would pass him or at least He would have to accelerate to keep with me. I got to the conservatory in 8:16 something like that, then did 1 lap easy (6:41) to finish up my warm up, felt better than when I started, but felt dead indeed. I started the 2 faster laps though and I was going to abort in the 1st lap, but when I saw 5:06, I said, hey I am not running that bad eventhough the effort suggest otherwise, so I kept running at that effort till the end of 2nd faster lap which came in 5:13, Felt tired and was huffing and puffing a lot, I even had to stop but around 10-15 secs to catch my breath before continuing my cool down. I am in very bad shape and another person who I had not seen in a while told me that I was fat. Yea I know!!!

Completed 2 more laps easy in 6:50 and 6:29, then back home and sped up in the last 100-120m to finish up my 7.5k in 46:00. My father came some time later in 48:47. The heat was strong, not as bad as previous days, but it is still very hot.

Anyway, at least I ran harder than easy, those slow easy runs get old after a while and dont build your fitness unless you are increasing a lot of mileage or you are a novice. So bring on the workouts!!

I am not feeling very well, feel fat, but hey I gota have patience and fitness wil come, or at least that is what they say!

Have a great Wednesday and be careful of Irma!

I dont know if I ll be able to run tomorrow since the hurricane arrive  just after midnight, We will see!

martes, 5 de septiembre de 2017

Zapping the zero

Yesterday was my planned day off.

Today I ran after work. Got later than planned off work, but  I was determined to run, so I headed out at 7:50 p.m. to the conservatory, the pace was easy and I never looked at the watch during the run. In the last lap I did 4 strides where I felt way better than last week.

However, I still find myself very slow, I thought that I was going a lot faster  than I actually was. But hey, you cant outrun fitness and I am doing what I can.

I checked the splits at the end and got to the  conservatory in 8:06, then did 5 laps in 6:41,6:31,6:32,6:32,5:49 (4 strides) and back home in 7:27 to finish up 7.5k in 48:14.

At least I ran sub 6 mins in the lap that I did the strides, then other laps were very slow. Anyway, happy to have run and happy with the consistency that I am getting.

I hope to keep the consistency going this week eventhough We are alerted of the Hurricane Irma that possibly will get here on Thursday, I hope that that thing dont hit directly here, We are not prepared to fight that thing.

I hope that my training does not suffer a lot because of the hurricane!

Have a great week!

domingo, 3 de septiembre de 2017

Catching up

On Saturday (yesterday) early morning at 7:15 a.m., I headed out with my father to the conservatory , but He pretty much got ahead right off the bat, and as I was recovery and preparing for a workout today, I took things easy.

He built 65 seconds on me and finished the 7.5k in 46:54, I came back in 47:59, I kept the effort very easy, but this heat make things everything but easy.

Yesterday evening I also played basketball, with a coworker, I forgot to mention, but besides the 5k race in the company, I am in the basketball team and our game (s) is on September 13th, I had a lot of years without playing basketball, but I have not lost a lot of my abilities, in fact I think now I am better because I am fatter and can gith better just below the basket.

This morning I wanted to do a mini tempo run of 2 laps in 10 mins of less, I failed because I ran 1 lap in 5:08 and 400m laters I had stomach problems so I bailed the rest right there, then continued easy to complete 5 laps and get back home to complete 7.5k in 47:35. My father came in 54:38, yeah He drank  a lot yesterday! I warmed up to the conservatory, 1 lap easy, then tried to do the 2 laps, but happened what I just told, then the cooldown was to complete the 5 laps.

I am frustrated because those slow paces are getting really old and I am not feeling my best, in fact that 5:08 in the first lap did not feel like a sprint, but it was not a walk in the park either, even a guy that I normally see there with his dog, told me to cut the carbs out since I was fat.

Yeah I am fat, but I am working on it, and I wont cut carbs. I ll try this 2 laps in 10 mins on Wednesday again and see how it feels, then want to do 5-6 x 400s on the weekend. All the rest will be easy recovery runs.

I cant deny that I am pissed off with the way I am feeling and the heat, but I am also glad that I ran 6 times this week. Dont remember the last time I ran 6 times like in the old times.

Have a great weekend!

viernes, 1 de septiembre de 2017

Easy recovery run

Today I headed out to run at 7:20 p.m. or so after work. Today I had planned 5.5k very easy to recover from yesterday`s workout and prepare for the weekend.

I ran with my watch, my only looked at it at the end and did not take splits, no reason to when you are recovering. I felt pretty good, but when I was feeling this good, I was sure that the pace would be very slow, and thats how it played out.

I did 5.5k in 36:14, which is slow, but at least I reached the desired adaptations, I wont deny that I felt frustrated when I saw that time, I was hoping more within the 34 mins range at that effort level, but what  you can do!

The weather was not as bad as in previous days, so that was a positive!! I am really liking the consistency I am getting right now, this is my 4th day running in a row, dont remember the last time I did that, not so long ago, but maybe more than 2-3 months without doing that. Plan to run on the weekend and rest on Monday as my only rest day of the week!

I plan to run 7.5k tomorrow morning with my father, lets see how that plays out!

jueves, 31 de agosto de 2017

5 x 1 min repeats

Today I headed out after work to do my intervals. I headed out around 6:50 p.m., got there easy, then ran one lap easy, and then started my planned workout which was 5 x 1 min with 1 min easy jogging in between. I started very conservative and increased the effort with each repeat. Legs were heavy by the end.

I am in decent shape aerobically, but my workouts fitness is very bad, ,my legs were dead by 4 th repeat, and it was hard to keep the turnoever going, eventhough the pace was not hard, but at least I did the job done.

It was a good confidence buster given the heat, felt much better than expected and did 7.5k total in around 47:03. My watch marked 47:53, but a girl asked to make her company for about 100+ meters that it was dark so I slowed down almost to a walk to be close. No biggies as it was on my cool down section.

My splits were 8:06 to get to the conservatory , then did 6:59 (slower than expected), then the intervals began and following laps were as follow: 5:14,5:47,6:44,6:34, then back home.

This is the first time that I do 7.5k in around 2 months, and I felt pretty decent, so I ll keep training hard but smart.

Have a great Thursday!

miércoles, 30 de agosto de 2017

Zapping the zero

Monday was a day off and hopefully my only day off of the week.

The company that I work at is having a 5k race on September 30th, where I registered, so that right away was my motivation to start training hard, since I do have the possibility to run good there, I mean given the competition, not that I am not in good shape whatsoever.

The winner of that Preliminar 5k, will race on another 5k race in Punta Cana. I honestly dont know if I ll be in the country by then, but I registered anyway, and will add quality and run 6 times per week for this month period, to accelerate the fitness process a bit, not much you can do in a month, but I ll try my best, nonetheless.

Yesterday I headed out to the conservatory at 6:50 p.m., at an easy pace, had planned to do 4 strides in the last lap, and I did just that, the time was just slow in my opinion and the heat was terrible, I was soaking in sweat. Time for 6.5k was 41:18.

Today I pretty much headed out at the same time, but I did not do strides today, in fact I felt a bit tired, so I kept things easy, but the heat makes it everything but easy. Ran 4 laps in the conservatory and total time for 6.5k was 41:27.

Tomorrow I want to do some 1 min intervals, but If I am tired I will skip, no need to look for an injury trying to outrun the process of adaptations, but what can I do, I am stubborn!

Have a great humpday!

domingo, 27 de agosto de 2017

Losing fitness

Tuesday was the last time that I ran until today, I wanted to run and I am motivated to train, but due to technical problems in the bathroom, the less that I sweat the better, but We found and alternative, so today I had to come back to it, I needed to run.

Today at 7:50 a.m. I headed out with my father to the conservatory, I headed out without a watch and just ran easy, no point in pushing things given my current fitness, so I basically ran easy for the whole 5.5k, no sprint in the finish. My father hit the wall early, but We met again with a half lap to go there in the conservatory, that is because He ran in the opposite direction to me and I met with him at that point, after that He started to speed up and He got home first, but as I said  I did not increase pace at any point.

We did 3 laps there and back home for a total of 5.5k, I dont know the time, but the most important thing here is effort, so good effort.

Time to get consistent!

Have a great Sunday!

martes, 22 de agosto de 2017

Getting back to it

A lot of time without posting. I have not been running much, but I am not using the computer a lot, so its a combination of both.

Continuing with my previous post, I ran again when I felt better from the flu which meant that I got back on Saturday of that week, I did 34:13 for 5.5k. Put a harder effort than necessary, but I was basically racing my father  and He finished in 34:17, so He is getting back into shape.

The next time I ran after that was on Friday morning (6:10 a.m.) August 18th, I ran without a watch 5.5k, again racing my father He pushed me more than I should have.  Felt good, but a bit tired at the end.

On Saturday morning (7:00 a.m) I did 5.5k again watchless feeling a lot better but at an easier effort, my father stayed back.

On Sunday morning (7:40 a.m.) I did 5.5k again watchless, feeling good, I went to bed later than planned, but felt good nonetheless, its time to ramp up those 5.5ks.

Rested on Monday.

Today I had scheduled to run with a friend, She runs very early in the morning, so We met at 5:20 a.m. in the mirador, that meant  a 4:40 a.m. wake up. I got out to run at 5:00 a.m. and waited for a couple of mins in the 3k in 19:42 (km 0 of mirador) till my friend came, I did 4.4k with her at 29 mins or so, the effort was very easy, but I had a lot of time without running that " long",  after We said good by, I started again, but ran 1.1k and then did the last 1.9k walking, I could have run it, but since  do have a lot of time without running more than 7.5k, I did not want to risk any injury, I know, it sounds paranoic, but you have prevent injuries. So in total I did 8.5k or so. The weather was so hot that time of the morning, but I got it done, good run. A lot of new people running in the mirador, wow I saw more than 60 runners I should say there, this sport is growing, I do better start training again.

lunes, 7 de agosto de 2017

Catching up

It seems that I am getting into the habit of only posting 1-2 times per week, sorry to make u wait, haha.

This week I only ran 3 times, these days it seems that I am running 3-5 times per week and its a great week. I have come to accept that my lifestyle only afford that, I have to accept that I am not a morning person, and some days I just run in the morning, but some days I am not motivated to do so.

Monday and Tuesday were off.

Wednesday ran in the morning at 6:00 a.m.with my father and ran 34:56 for 5.5k, my father finished in 37:03. I felt flat and thought that I was going a lot faster.

Thursday and Friday did not motivate myself to run in the morning and left work later than planned so  both days became DNR.

On Saturday I ran with my father at 7:45 a.m. to the conservatory, did 5.5k in 34:42, My father finished in 36:23.

On Sunday, I really slept a lot, went to bed at 9:30 p.m. in the night of the Saturday, but when I woke up, waited too long so it heated up and I lost motivation, as I was not going to Bonye this evening, I could affort to run in the evening at 6:10 p.m. I went to the conservatory and 3 laps and back home in 33:58, with a fast last 150m.

I dont know if it was the rain breeze that I faced during the run, or the virus that I have been fighting since Friday, or a combination of both, but after the run I started to get sick and got the flu, now as I type this I am full sick, caughing a lot and skipping runs.

Unfortunately, I wont run till I am healed, that might mean Wednesday or Thursday, so another 3-4 runs per week. Not optimal, but at least I am doing something.

Have a great start to the week!

lunes, 31 de julio de 2017

Change of route

On Saturday -  My father and I ran to the Venezuela street, at the other side of the bridge, so We again faced the big hill, this time I was out of shape, but got it done, I had to jog in place sometimes to wait to my father as I dont know the route very well. Now I do.

I estimate that the total distance was between in 6.6-6.8k or so.  We started this run at 7:10 a.m. and it was already with the heat in full force, We got it done, though!

Sunday - We started at around 7 a.m. just before starting the run, I told my father lets go to guibia beach, I was not into doing laps in the conservatory, so We changed the route once again, 11 mins passed by before We got to Guibia, then my father showed me how He does the sand repeats , We did 1, and I really admire my father that He can do 10 of them, that would take more than 1 hour run. After We completed the 1 loop sand repeat, We kept running in the road till the Hotel Jaragua and back, then I started to build a gap on the way back and finished the run 1:43 ahead of him.
Total time was 37:23, I think it was just over 6k. My father finished in 39:06 or so.

The heat was strong, these days even doing nothing knock you out with this heat, you gotta do what you gotta do, though!

5 runs this week! and I hope that this week I can muster that.

I took the day off today!

Have a great start to the week!

viernes, 28 de julio de 2017

A couple of morning runs

Thursday  -  I ran early in the morning before work, I went out with my father at 6:15 a.m. to the conservatory, and had to do 5.5k because of time. I ended up doing 34:08  and my father did 39:44, He is very out of shape, because He had not run for a month, so I basically did the run solo.

Today - The story repeated, another 5.5k run at 6:10 a.m. in 34:01. My father did 39:06. Again it was basically a solo run. Tomorrow We will change the route a bit and I estimate that We will run 7k or so.

Have a great Friday!

miércoles, 26 de julio de 2017

Catching up

Sunday - I miscounted the laps because I ran with a couple of runners in the conservatory, and I did not look at the watch till the end, when I finished the run that I saw 33:51 in the watch, I only said, what an idiot!! This run was done at 7:00 a.m.

Monday - After work, at 7:00 p.m. I headed out to the conservatory and wanted to do a lap in 5 mins or less, so I started running at an easy pace, did 1 lap easy, but a guy passed me, and I decided to do my fast lap in the 2nd lap, was planning it on my 3rd or 4th lap, ended doing 4:56 for my 2nd lap, and I did not pass the guy, it seems that He also sped up, but soon after that lap I passed him and never looked back, that lap came in 6:02, then a fellow exercise that I have known for a while did my last lap with me, I was totally spent, and it was HOT, I honestly cant remember the last time I sweat that much on a night run ever. Well that lap came in 5:47, I was very tired and jogged my way home. Finished 6.5k in 39:00..

Tuesday was a planned day off.

Today I was going to run at night after work, but got home with a pretty strong headache, so I ll have to run for the remaining days of the week to accomplish my goal of 5 runs this week.

Have a great humpday!

sábado, 22 de julio de 2017

Morning run

Thursday I decided to take the day off, so that I could run Friday, Saturday and Sunday and complete my 5 runs this week.

Yesterday I had the best intentions of running after work, I promise, but it started raining pretty hard so it was not worth it, so a forced day off.

This morning I headed out to the conservatory at 7:40 a.m., later than planned, but I woke up at 6:05 a.m., it seems that I cant no longer sleep past 7 a.m. these days.  I went out to the conservatory feeling good, but that good feeling did not last much, when I got to the conservatory I realize that I had not recovered from my Sunday`s progression tempo, that shows that I am in big very bad shape.

I did 4 laps in the conservatory and get back home, finished 6.5k in 40:15, I took splits, but no point in posting splits on easy runs, I did not look at the watch during the run, just ran whatever felt confortable.

Have a great Saturday!

miércoles, 19 de julio de 2017

Easy watchless run

Today I ran after work, at 7:10 p.m. I headed out to the conservatory without a watch, just wanted to run easy and recover. I felt very tired from the get go, especially after I had to speed up the hill to take advantage of lack of cars in that moment, that acceleration brought my heart rate to its top for a short moment.

After 1 lap in the conservatory, Jose my friend joined me and We ran 3 laps together, I thanked him the company and I got back to home, the only time that I felt decent in this run was in the last mile, felt pretty good in the last 500s of the run. Kept the effort very easy though, and it was very liberating to run just easy without the watch.

It seems that Sunday`s effort took out of me more than expected, or I am in very bad shape that 3 days later I am huffing and puffing.

Did 6.5k today as planned, its time to ramp up this shit!

Have a great Wednesday!

martes, 18 de julio de 2017

Zapping the zero

Monday was a day off  - bought fried chicken instead, what a discipline!

Today I went out running after work, at 7:15 p.m. I headed out to the conservatory pretty easy to recover from Sunday`s effort. I felt sore. Hoped to feel better as the run went by, but I felt worse as the run went by. I wanted to do 6.5k, but had to leave it at 3 laps and 5.5k total in 35:22.

I ran almost 5 mins slower than on Sunday, so today I was running pretty slow, but I think I got the recovery and adaptations benefits of it. I took splits, but never looked at them and it does not worth to reach my watch to post them, no need for that, given that today the purpose was to recovery, but I did not feel great to be honest.

Have a great Tuesday!

domingo, 16 de julio de 2017

Evening progressive tempo run

Today I skip the morning run, because as I was not going to the concert Bonye today I could afford to run at 5:00 p.m. and today it was Wimbledons tennis open final and I wanted to watch it.

At 5:10 p.m. I headed out to the conservatory, I headed out easy, but as soon as I climbed the big UTESA hill, I started to increase my pace/effort gradually, then I decided that I wanted to see 31 mins in the final time, I never looked at the watch, I only at the end. I did 3 laps in the conservatory and each lap was getting harder, because I was injecting more effort in every lap, but the pace was managable, but on the way home I really increased effort and the last 500s were hard, I finished the run feeling very tired and had to walk several mins to catch my breath, finished the 5.5k in 30:32.

I did have a lot of time without running sub 31 mins in that distance, today I realized that I am in bad shape and need to get back into shape, but I am happy that I stayed strong and finished at strong pace.

Splits were: 7:18 to get to the conservatory, 3 laps in 5:49,5:31,5:21, then back home in 6:02. No wonder why I felt so tired, that pace for me right now is hard, but I think that I am doing the correct actions to get back into shape. My lunch today was potatoes with chicken and did not eat till stuffed, like I usually do, so I knew that I would feel good in today`s run, I fuel my  body, not stuffed it.

I am starting to incorporate potatoes into my diet, I like them, but for some reason never ate them, I think that is a simple vegetable, but leave you satisfied and gives you energy, I ll incorporate plaintains as well, I gotta get back to my ideal weight.

4 runs this week, not ideal, but not a disaster either, and todays tempo gives me an idea of what shape I am in!

Have a great Sunday!

sábado, 15 de julio de 2017

Easy morning hot run

Yesterday I took the day off.

I woke up at 6:00 a.m., but did not head out till 7:35 a.m. to the conservatory, did 3 laps there and back home for a total of 5.5k in 33:37. I did not look at the watch as I am doing in the last few runs that I have done. Splits were 7:31 to get to the conservatory, then did 3 laps in 6:23,6:18,6:09, then back home in 6:43 accelerating in the last 150m, in that acceleration I felt like a marine lion, to heavy.

All in all, I am happy to have run, the weather is so hot that you have to think it twice to go out in the sun shining hard. You gotta do what you gotta do though.

Have a great Saturday!

jueves, 13 de julio de 2017

Catching up

Last week I only ran 2 times,

The first one was on Wednesday , which I did 34:26 for 5.5k at 6:00 a.m.

The other one was on Saturday where I did 33:16 for 5.5k.

Those were my only runs for me that week.

This week I rested Monday and Tuesday and was back to the running on Wednesday. Yesterday I started my run at 6:00 a.m. and did 3 laps in the conservatory in 6:23,5:56,6:14  to finish up the 5.5k in 34:09. I did not speed up in the last 150m.

Today I ran at 7:00 p.m., I had 3-4 weeks that I did not run in the evening, but I need to get back into things, so I got home from work, then changed and headed out to the park in 7:39, then did 3 laps in 6:14,6:12,5:32. Yes, in the last lap I increased pace because I was chasing a guy, I did not feel more tired eventhough it was 45 seconds faster than previous laps. I sped up in the last 150m of the run and finished in 32:52 for 5.5k.

I felt good, but I have to ramp up the kms again.

Have a great Thursday!

domingo, 2 de julio de 2017

Sunday blah run

Today I woke up before 6 a.m., but did not head out to my run until 7:25 a.m. waiting for my father, I am not sleeping a lot these days, dont know the exact reason.

I headed out with my father to the conservatory to do 5.5k, I did not feel the mood to go longer and He said that He was only doing 3 laps there (5.5k), I need to get back to 7.5k as soon as possible.

My father and I got to the park in 7:33, He was a couple of steps back, but I was not feeling very good, and He passed me and started to build a gap, I did not have nothing to respond with so I let him go, and if I felt good later I might try to catch him, He was on his way to 32:xx 5.5k. After the second lap I saw him stop and started limping, I was surprised since I never had watched my father limp like that without being injured, He said that He suffered a calf cramped that forced him to stop. I told him, that I would run 2 more laps and then We together would get home walking. Thats how things played out. My splits were 6:30,6:14,6:18,6:10, then ran 1:15 more to complete what I suspect was 5.5k in 34:16.

The running is weird, since yesterday I had drank the night before and only slept 4 hours, and today I barely drank a beer yesterday, slept decent and felt like crap for the whole run, tight calves, felt heavy. You just have to embrace good days as the come by! I got the run in at least and ran 5 times this week although all short runs.

Have a great Sunday!

sábado, 1 de julio de 2017

Catching up

Wednesday - I went out running at 6:00 a.m. with my father, I felt low in energy, but surprisingly, I did 32:52 for 5.5k. I sped up in the last 150m like I am doing in all my runs. I was surprised with the time.  My father did 33:30.

Thursday - I felt much better than Wednesday and thought that I was going much faster, I did 32:46 for 5.5k at 6:00 a.m..  Sometimes you run faster when you feel worse. My father ran 35:14.

Friday I took the day off and got to work at 6:50 a.m. to catch up on some work. Work is a bit crazy the last few days.

Today -  I was up at 6:20 a.m. but waited longer to get out , I went to bed last night at 2:20 a.m. I was drinking some beers with my father and uncle, then a few friends joined us. I felt better and better as the run went by and finished the 5.5km in 33:10 with splits of 7:33 to get to the conservatory, then the first couple of laps, were basically waiting a fellow runner that was very close to me behind, I did not want to run alone, approaching the finish of the second lap I took a glance back, but did not see him, so I just sped up a bit, then increased pace a bit, from the park to home, accelerating like in the last few runs in the last 100-150m. Laps were 6:24,6:17,6:00 and 6:22 for the last 1.2k. Felt good, but these 5.5k are getting old, I gotta get back to my 7.5k bread and butter runs. This time I had to run alone, but father was tired and let me go for today.

Have a great Saturday!

martes, 27 de junio de 2017

Catching Up

I have been running, but not how I want.

Past week I did 4 runs starting on Thursday.

Thursday- I did 34:48 for 5.5k at 6:00 a.m., Felt good.

Friday -  I did 33:09 in 5.5k at 6:00 a.m. Felt good again.

Saturday - Ran with my father at 7:00 a.m., and I did 5.5k once again in 32:47, my father and I were head to head, but with 100s to go I took off and built 16 seconds or so on Him.

Sunday - If I remember correctly, I think I was in the 33:40s range for 5.5k. Another 7 a.m. run.

That week finished at 4 runs for me.

Monday  - Rest.

Today I woke up at 5:30 a.m. after 8+ hours of sleep. Went out with my father at 6:07 a.m. to the conservatory, and We did 5.5k in 33:47 (myself) and 33:54 ( himself), I outsprinted him, I was ahead for the basically the whole run, but He caught me with about 150m to go, then I finished in a sprint, like I am doing in the last few runs, I built 7 seconds on him. Felt good.

Have a great Start to the week!

domingo, 18 de junio de 2017

Finishing up the week

On Thursday We had a public holiday here, so I could run past 7:00 a.m. in the morning. We my father and I decided to run with a couple of friends in " El parque del este", so I planned on doing 2 laps there which is 8k. We started the run pretty slow, then I find myself ahead and was building a gap I encouraged them to go at my pace, but they stayed behind, so that meant to run alone.

I was not feeling very good because the prior day I would just push a little bit for my current fitness.  The first lap came in 24:30 and I was tired, but faced the 2nd half, 1k in the second lap I caught another woman runner, as soon as I put myself next to her, She sped up to kept the pace with me, then We introduced ourselves and encouraged each other, the heat was very strong there. She helped me a lot and made the kms go easier and faster, when I had around 1.8k to go, my father joined us( He when He completed the 4k lap He started running in the opposite direction than me, so We could then meet at some point), then Claudia turned around and I finished the last km with my father. Finished the 8k in 48:12.

Splits per km were: 6:22,5:58,6:22,5:47,6:01,5:57,6:07,5:36. I think that some splits were offs, some long, some short, because my effort did not change as much with each passing lap, but the times suggest otherwise.

Finished very tired, but glad I made it.

On Friday, I woke up to run in the morning when suddently starting raining heavy, I bagged the run.

Yesterday, I went out by myself to the conservatory and did 5.5k in 34:27, the heat is still sucking, but I battled it out and get the run done. This run wsa done at 7:05 a.m.

Today I woke up at 6:30 a.m., but the sun was shining in full force. I almost skip the run, but then decided to do it, sometimes you are not going to be motivated, but you have to do it anyway. Decided to leave the watch at home this time and ran without a watch. Went to the conservatory, did 3 laps and back home, felt good, but unconfortable because of the heat.

And again I am feeling the pounds, even an old guy that I had time without seeind there in the park, when He saw me He asked me what happened and stared at me, like if I was an allien, yea I have put around 30 pounds since 2010. I just laughed, but in the back of my mind, I know what I have to do to be lean and to increase my performance, but isntead keep eating like a pig. 5.5k untimed.

4 runs this week. Not great, but not a disaster either.

Have a great end of the week!

miércoles, 14 de junio de 2017

Midweek catch up

On Sunday I did 5.5k watchless with my father, I finished a couple of mins ahead of him, but I kept the effort very easy, except when I started the run that from the get go I started fast till around 500-600s, then ran easy the rest of the way. The next day I could feel the DOMS.

Monday and Tuesday were rest day. I definately have to start getting my runs in the morning.

Today I woke up at 5:30 a.m. and was out with my father at 6:07 a.m., He did work today, I ran before work, as soon as I started I felt good and strong, knew that it was going to be a good day. Took my splits but never looked at them, except when I finished my run.

Did 5.5k in 31:53, was a bit surprised with the pace, and with the way I felt today. Got to the park in 7:28, then did 3 laps in 6:11,5:48,5:37. Eventhough I ran progressely faster each lap, an old women that had a good pace built a gap on every lap, She was running in the opposite direction, I mean, I was clockwise and She was counterclockwise, She was fast.

Anyway, did the final 1.2k in 6:19, accelerated the last 100m + fast. Finished strong and was ready to takle work. As I write this, I am pretty tired and left work at 8:00 p.m. feeling good, but tiredness is catching up now.

Have a great Humpday!

sábado, 10 de junio de 2017

1 min repeats

Yesterday I took the day off, running in the weekend I would complete my 5 runs this week.

This morning my father and I went to the conservatory at 7:00 a.m., and I started the run feeling flat, I thought that today`s run it was going to be a struggle, but after the big hill in the first 500m, I first pretty good and passed my father, the heat was striking strong and I kept the pace and would postpone my mini workout for tomorrow, but after the first lap in 6:20, I decided to do 5 x 1 mins, because my body was asking for  a change of pace, so I started the mini workout, completed my 5 x 1 mins with 1 mins easy in between, the next 2 laps came in 5:17 and 5:29, then headed home for the cool down finishing in 32:41 for 5.5k.

I felt really good at the end, but the heat was very strong. My father came a bit later in 35:50, He said that the heat was very bad and He could barely run.

Tomorrow will be another easy run before the match between Stan Wawrinka and Rafael Nadal in the Roland Garros French Open. It should be an interesting match.

Have a great Saturday folks!

jueves, 8 de junio de 2017

Catching up

On Tuesday after work around 7:50 p.m., I headed out to do 7.5k. It was time to be back to my normal amount of kms. I was pissed off, so this time around I was not allow nobody passing me, and if somebody passed me it was going to be a hard battle.

I was running normally when in my last lap I passed a guy and He wanted to sit behind me, in the uphill I did a big surge, if He wanted to sit He would have to make a good effort, I left him in the dust. Did that  lap (km) in 5:18, after just speeding up at the halfway point of the lap. I finished the 7.5k in 45:34.

On Wednesday I took the day off.

On Thursday I was up at 4:05 a.m. and could not get back to sleep, so chatted a bit with my brother who is in Spain, and at 5:35 a.m. I headed out to the conservatory , never looked at the watch and ran 5.5k so that I dont miss my run at night. I have to adopt this morning routine since I am leaving work late, and I am hungry and low motivation at that time of the night to run, so the morning running would suits my current lifestyle better, and I would miss less sessions as well.

I saw my splits after today`s run and they were 8:01 to get to the conservatory and 3 laps in 6:22,6:18,6:20 and back in 7:03 to home to finish up 5.5k in 34:41.

Tomorrow I was going to take the day off, but I think I ll do another short run, to keep the consistency going, I have rested too much in the last few weeks.

Felt good, but had GI problems so I had to cut the run short.

Have a great Thursday!

martes, 6 de junio de 2017

Zappin the zero

Today I left work at 7pm and got out eunning almost at 8 pm..i thought that the weather would be ok..but it Just felt like a sauna..I was sweating a lot Just before the 800m mark.

I got to the conservatory in 7:44..then did 3 papa in 6:19,6:21,6:17..rhen back home in 6:31 to finish in 33:45 for 5.5k.i sped ip the last 300 and finish hard.

Felt good..but that heat was very unconfortable.

domingo, 4 de junio de 2017

Catching up

Not a lot of running to catch up.

Thursday May 25th, I ran 7.5k in 45:42. I kind of raced the run , because I was chasing a guy, and when I finally caught him, He sped up again, and I had nothing to respond, that wass my last lap, so I did not have another change, I lost I guess. its was at a controlled pace though, not racing.

Then did not run till Tuesday of this week. Did 5.5k in 34:13 at 7:50 p.m. , feeling pretty good.

Then Thursday did 33:51 for the same route and distance at almost 8 p.m. I leaving work late these days.

Saturday did another 5.5k in 33:43, feeling good.

Today did 5.5k  in 32:42, got the park in 7:38, then did 3 laps in 6:16,6:02,5:54, then back home in 6:25, pushed a bit in the last 500s and sprinted the last 100s.  Felt really good, it seems that the last night beer`s helped, eventhough I did not ate dinner. So the fueling discussion is very individidual.

4 runs this week, not optimal, but these days I have been very stressful with work and personal decisions. Running helps me to relieve stress, though, I have come to the realization, that with my current lifestyle is difficult to train seriously for a race, I enjoy my runs , but I dread racing. Anyway, sooner or later I ll have to come back to it.

Have a great Sunday!

miércoles, 24 de mayo de 2017

Catching up

One week since I posted, but I have not run much either.

On Thursday I did 7.5k to the conservatory in 47:09.

On Saturday before the expo hotels where I was one of the staff saling the hotel that the company that I work for owns. It was a new experience for me, and I was scared, but I think I did pretty good, on Saturday I did not close any cells, but on Sunday I could close 3 sales, and I really enjoyed it. That teach me a lot, because I am a shy person, so interacting with people really improve my skills. Its good to get off your confort zone and challenge yourself.

3 runs that week.

 I did not run from Saturday till today.

So today no excuses, I needed to get out, I felt tired as soon as I got out, went to the conservatory and did my normal 7.5k distance. A guy in my 3rh lap started to race me, so I responded a bit, but dropped him in the next lap and never saw him again. I really get pissed when I am about to pass a person and this person start racing so that I dont pass, sometimes I just maintain composure, but sometimes that rubs me in a bad way.

Splits today were:7:57 to get there, 6:22,6:14,5:56,5:57,6:00,6:49 to get home. Did 45:50 for 7.5k. I never felt great, but I thought that I was running my run short, because the way I felt as soon as I started.

Felt happy and good post run, glad to be back in the running scene! and glad that I am challenging myself in other areas of my life as well.

Have a great week!

miércoles, 17 de mayo de 2017

Zapping the zero

Monday was off. Running some errands after work.

Tuesday - Could squeeze a run after work at 7:00 p.m. , did 45:32 for 7.5k. Splits were 7:50 to get there, then did 5 laps in 6:23,6:17,6:00,5:59,5:41, then on the way home did 6:47 to finish up in 45:32. The heat this day is awful, I think an oven is cooler than the weather lately.

Today I took the day off, More personal errands , but are neccesary, so I skip the day off, ate fried chiken instead.

The last few days I have been stressed out, and for the rest of the week it will be that way. I have to work on Saturday and Sunday, the company that I work for will be there sending their hotel, so I was selected for selling staff. Ha! a shy and introvert selling, that will interesting.

All in all, I hope that the running will at least stay, aiming for 4-5 runs this week, given the busy weekend ahead.

The diet coke continues!

Have a great Wednesday!

lunes, 15 de mayo de 2017

Busy week

This past week I only ran 3 days, life and work got in the way.

Rested on Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday -  did a 7.5k easy run after work in 46:20. Feeling low on energy, but at least did not feel bloated.

Thusday and Friday - rested. Not sure resting about what, but took both days off.

Satuday morning headed out with my father to the conservatory, did 7.5k in 45:47. Felt better as I increased pace.

Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m. headed out to run 7.5k again in 47:00.

3 runs that week. Getting back to work was hard, the transition is mind blowing.

The good news is that I am feeling better as the run goes by, instead of the opposite.

In regards to coca cola, I drank on Monday, but then decided to keep my word, and I am tying with diet soda, it gives me the sweetness that I want, but it does not contain calories, so its a good substitute. The first couple of days, that stuff tasted bad, but then my bud kind of get used to it.

I feel that I dont miss the normal soda, and I feel that this diet soda satisfy me the same as the former, but without putting calories ( i.e. pounds) in my body. I read that diet soda increase your apettite, thus you end up eating more and end up fatter than when you drank normal soda, but so far, i have been eating the same. I think that its a matter of self control.

I hope to get back to sub 180 pounds with this big change, skipping days of 1000s calories of drinks should make a difference.

I weigh myself for the first time in over a year, and I was at 198 pounds, I got susprised, I had clothes on and big shoes, so naked it must be something around 190 pounds. I really thought that I was in the 180-185, but the running suggests that I am gaining weight, due to the difficulty in maintaing paces that should be a piece of cake for me.

So the decision to ditch normal soda, is spot on.

I ll keep outta the scale, but the running should improve as the pounds go down.

oh, I forgot, today I took the day off, because after work, I had to solve something. Zapping the zero tomorrow!!

Have a great start to the week!

domingo, 7 de mayo de 2017

Caping the week on not a very good note

I took the day off on Wednesday to rest.

On Thursday I wanted to do a progression run, because I wanted to rest on Friday as well, as that day I got back to work, I got to the conservatory in 7:32, but was really tired and had to slow down to my easy pace and kept that way till the finish of the run, I finished the 7.5k in 47:39. I felt really tired, and I cant trick my body. Maybe years before I could that where I could do 2 workouts on consecutive days, but right now its impossible for me as I can see.

Friday was off.

Saturday was out with my father at 7:15 a.m. to run with a lot of heat, I felt like crap from the get go, tried to accelerate with each passing lap, but without looking at my watch, the run was a struggle, the heat got the best of both of us. I finished in 47:08 for 7.5k. My father finished in 49:16. We complained a lot about the heat, but as long as the heat affected me, I felt flat from the get go.

Sunday (today)  - I slept in, got to bed a bit late watching the boxing fight, but I am sleeping more than necessary, after I came back from Samana, I put the run for the evening, but when it was time to run at 5:50 p.m. I felt somewhat full from lunch, I had eaten lunch at 12:20 p.m. so no reason to feel stuffed and bloated.

I headed out to do my normal run anyway, after I got up the UTESA hill, I was huffing and puffing as if I were sprinting, and right away I knew that the run was going to be a struggle once more. luckily, the legs felt good, but the problem was my stomach, I decided to run 2 laps in the conservatory and stop there, called it a day at 3.2k in 22:20s or so, very very slow. The splits for the 2 laps were 7:02 and 6:49.

I am feeling really bad in my running lately, I should feel fresh from the workouts, because are not that hard, but instead I am feeling like shit and heavy on my easy runs, I have came to the conclusion, that I am increasing my weight again ( according to the way I feel and look in the mirror), my times are very slow and I need to dial it back again, I had enough.

I am drinking a lot of coke and I need to put it a stop to that, my nutrition is not that nad, but that little coke addiction is killing me softly. I am really mad, because as long as I want to get back to my old PR`s I need to stop that shit out, if I want to be the best that I can be. When I stopped today after my mediocre run, I even considered giving up the sport and get in weight lifting.

However, I know that I need a lot of corrections to do in regards to my eating and coke drinking and to stop this weight increase that is affecting my workouts, I was running 2 mins faster on my easy days in my 7.5k runs, now I cant even run sub 46 mins. Likewise, in my tempos I was running 4:50s and the last km in 4:40s, right now, maintaining 5:10s is a fucking struggle.

5 runs this week, with the last run being a total disaster.

Sorry for the negativity, but I am somewhat mad today with myself, I am not taking this thing enough seriously, I will drink coke only on weekends starting tomorrow!

Have a great Sunday!

martes, 2 de mayo de 2017

Evening " light" workout

Today I almost take the day off. But suddenly, at 6:30 p.m., I was not doing anything at home, and really did not see a reason to take the day off, since I rested 3 days las week ( it was unplanned though).

I planned the workout that I have set up for past Friday, so warmed up to the conservatory, then did 1 lap easy, and within that lap easy, I did 3 strides to warm up the legs and the turnoever, and then workout started, the plan was to do 2k @ 10:30-10:40 and then recover 2-3 mins easy, and then do 5 x 1 min repeats at a fast pace, with 1 min rest in between, then cool down to home.

I did the 2k @ 10:20 (5:11,5:09), then jogged for 3 mins, and then started 5 x 1 min fast with 1 min easy in between, I felt tired during those repeats  and the pace was not as fast as I wanted, but the effort was certainly there, I really wanted to get done with this workout, the 5 th repeat finished exactly in the end of the 5th, lap so cooled down easy to home to complete 7.5k in 45:48.

I thought that the overall time was going to be a lot faster, but it seems that I did not run that fast during the ON periods of the 1 min repeats. All in all, the effort was there.

A bit frustrated with the way I am feeling, but at least I am getting my runs in, and getting in a couple of workouts per week, probably the only additional workout that I ll do this week is a 11-12k run easy paced on the weekend.

Have a great night!

lunes, 1 de mayo de 2017

Las Terrenas

On Friday I was going to do a workout, but I was not able to run even, it started raining hard at 3 p.m. and never stopped, I got really mad for that, because I knew that on Saturday I would not be able to run unless I wake up at 4:30 a.m. before the travel, it just did not happen. I sometimes suffer headaches due to early risings and as We were traveling to have fun, did not want to last the whole day with a headache.

On Saturday, We took the bus at 7:00 a.m. to Las Terrenas to spend a couple of days there, from Saturday and coming back on Monday. As We went to the beaches for the whole Saturday, running in the evening was very hard to do.

I accepted the fact that I was going to run only 4 times this week, but it could have been worse.

On Saturday I went to bed at 2:20 a.m. and Woke up at 5:15 a.m. tried to get back to sleep, but my fathers snoring would not let me, so I got up, and started my run at 5:53 a.m. it was pouring  a light rain, but I had lost 2 days already, so no more missed days.

I just went out to explore the place, and did 45:42 total, I did 18 mins out, back in 17:38 (35:38), then did 10 more mins the other direction to complete the 45:42. Felt really good eventhough I downed 3 medium beers the night before. I only slept 2.5 hours the night before. After the run, did 7 x 80m strides or so, wanted to do 10, but the right glute was cramping, so I decided to call it day.

On Sunday I went to bed at 12:00 a.m. I was jut tired and got up  at 7:00 a.m. to run, this time father ask me to wake him up, so that He could join me on the run, the before I just kind wanted to run alone, I experienced something bigger than a casuality, but that is a running blog, right?:)

Back to the run, I did the exact route as yesterday, of course I ran by time, but the distances were pretty similar to yesterday, However, today I felt much more tired than yesterday, I felt sore, and defintely had a low point during the run where I was feeling low in energy, felt better and could continue my run, this run was shirtless and was soaking wet in sweat. Today was very hot, as opposed to yesterday. The run duration today was 45:53, pretty much the same distance. My father was a bit back.

So good runs with a very flat terrain, no hills to speak of, a good weekend in the beach. I have to get back to it, it serves as a way to disconnect from the monotony that most of us live on a day to day basis.

I might upload a couples of photos from the beaches!

Hope you had a great weekend!

jueves, 27 de abril de 2017

Evening recovery run

Today I ran in the evening, at 5:45 p.m., I headed out to the conservatory with my father. The plan today was to run easy hopefully with him, but that was not the case. As soon as We headed out He built a gap and got bigger from there, I was feeling pretty tired and a bit full from all the food that I ate today.

I kept the effort very easy, but even then I was huffing and puffing, it seems that Sunday`s workout and yesterday`s " long run" really taxed my body, so I think that its good that I am tired, because then I would be stronger. Of course, that is not easy to understand when your father of 62 years of age, is running faster than you, even on easy days. Actually this is the first run of the week for him.

We did 5 laps in the conservatory, He finished in 46:15-46:25 for 7.5k. I finished a while back in 47:55. When He finished, He just feel down to the floor and really hurt his knee, hope that He can run tomorrow with no problems. Splits per lap were 7:59 to get to the conservatory, then 5 laps in 6:34,6:26,6:22,6:26.6:24.

I am planning a mixed workout tomorrow, but if during the warm up I feel really tired, I will skip the workout, no need to rush things, I just need to absorb the training and keep moving forward.

Have a great Thursday

miércoles, 26 de abril de 2017

Morning "Long run"

Yesterday I took the day off. I had 6 days running in a row, so it was time to rest, yea at my level (slow) that is the most appropiate thing.

Today I wanted to wake up early and do 11k to the mirador in a falt terrain, that would count as my long run, I was a little anxious, because I have not run such a distance in quiet a while, but I did not wake up that early to go to the mirador, so I had to do it in the conservatory, which has 2 hills per each km, so around 20 hills, muich more difficult than the mirador in all aspect, mentally and physically, its not easy to run 1k laps on end, complete a long run ( in my book).

So it was really a battle, at times I just wanted to quit and do my normal run of 7.5k, but I hung on, and battled it out through the heat and mental pain that I was embracing. I did 8 laps in the conservatory and when I got home I had 10.5k, so I needed 3 more mins to complete the 11k. Those 3 mins were the longest in a long time, I was just wanted to get done.

I am glad that I stayed strong and completed my distance, it was definetely not easy, but I did it. I was soaking wet at the end, the heat and humidity were awful, and that made the run just worse.

Splits were: 7:55 to get to the conservatory ( had some traffic problems), then did 8 laps in 6:42,6:35,6:33,6:28,6:28,6:22,6:20,6:21,7:15( to get home), and 3 more mins to complete the 11k. Total time was 70:53.

In my opinion, it was very slow, but I really wanted to make my laps after the halfway sub 6:10 per lap, but the legs did not want to go faster than 6:20.

However, I am happy to have completed the distance, and I ll build up the distance, so sooner or later I am able to do a half marathon in practice, its been a while since I have run more than 20k, I would say the last time I did it was in my half marathon race in 2009.

I think the long run would be key if I want to get back to my old PR`s or at least close to that. I need to keep working all systems though, because I dont want to become an exter at jogging and when its time to push the envelope, I could not.

Need to find another route also, do laps and laps and laps there its not pretty.

I started this run at 7:13 a.m.

Have a great Humpday!

lunes, 24 de abril de 2017

Easy recovery run?

This evening I could find a groove where it was not raining, so at 6:00 p.m. I headed out to the conservatory at a very easy pace to recover from yesterday`s session. However, this run was anything, but easy.

I was super tired, and the calves felt very tight, it seems that this rainy weather and the high humidity really get the best of me. I only felt better in the last lap and on the way home where I could loosen up a bit. Just put the watch on time of day and did not take splits, I knew that this run was going to be difficult.

 I finished the 7.5k in 49:28. I dont remember the last time that I ran that slow in 7.5k, but anyway the effort was there, and those repeats really taxed my system.

Tomorrow I ll rest, as I do have 6 days in a row running, which a lot for me. On Wednesday I ll try a longer run, its been a while since I have run more than 9-10k, so I ll give it a try, this is an aerobic sport after all.

Have a great start to the week!

domingo, 23 de abril de 2017

Feeling better:400s repeats

Today I woke up feeling a bit sore, but hey, I had been running pretty easy for the last couple of days, so I had to do something harder today, so I opted with my A plan to do my 400s repeats eventhough the roads were completely wet.

I went out with my father to the mirador, and when I ran the uphill  I am usually dead and my calves screaming because of the tightness, today I felt really, good  and realized that it could be a ver good day, from km 2-3, I did 4 x 10-15 seconds pick ups. Not mile pace, but a bit slower.

Warmed up 3k to the mirador in 18:56, stopped a bit, laced my shoes, the workout planned was 6 x 400s with 200s jog in between,  and I decided to not look at the watch during the workout and see the splits post run at home. That is what I did, 1st repeat, fell under control, no that fast, but effort was there, 2nd repeat felt a bit harder, but still under control, 3rd and 4rd I was feeling it, but still not struggling, on 5th and 5th repeat, I tried to relax for the first 200s and really increased effort in the last 200s, I was getting pretty tired after the 4th one, but I had the strength to complete 6th repeat, as opossed to last week where I did 4 repeats and was dead.

I think that the body found its own rythm, and after the first one it automatically put its own effort, so the 6th repeat could be completed at the desired effort.

After the 6th repeat, I walked a couple of mins, since I was huffing and puffing, then the 3k cool down to home started, 19:20 for the 3k cool down.

As I was drinking water at home, I looked at the splits for the first time and they were: 1:45,1:45,1:43,1:45,1:47,1:49. Pretty even splits, but as I suspected, in the last 2 repeats I was tired. A lot of work to do, but at least the effort was there.

Although I got a lot  of work to do, I feel happy, because I felt strong and felt good overall, that is a good sign!

Very rainy day and it seems that I will stay at home once again!

Have a great Sunday folks!

sábado, 22 de abril de 2017

A couple of easy recovery runs

On Friday eveining at 6:30 p.m. I headed out to the conservatory and did 5 laps easy, finished 7.5k in 47:17.

On Saturday Morning I went out with my father at 7:00 a.m. or just before, to the conservatory, but He was a head right off the bat, He built a gap and never I could bridge it. I just ran pretty easy to get ready for tomorrow`s 400s. Did 5 laps in the conservatory.

I finshed the 7.5k in 47:03, while my father finished in 46:40. I dont know but I am feeling sore, my quads are killing me , dont know the reason, I cut the tempo run short, and the pace was pretty slow to accumulate lactic acid in the muscles, then after 2 days pretty easy, the soreness is there, but anyway, I ll hit my 400s tomorrow, or least I ll start the workout, I wont be stupid either if things dont click.

I think the heat has to do with that, too hot even on rainy days.

Have a great Saturday!

jueves, 20 de abril de 2017

Tempo run Failed

Today I ran at 5:50 p.m. or so, I wanted to do a tempo run of 4 laps in the conservatory at 5:20 per lap/km. That sounded very managable for me, heck I have run 7.5k a that pace a couple of months ago.

The day was rainy, but it was pretty hot, I warmed up to the conservatory, did 1 lap easy, and then started the tempo run, after the first lap I was huffing and puffing a lot, and it was difficult to maintain pace, first lap came in 5:22, I continued on and the breathing became more noticeable as workout progressed, after the second lap in 5:16, but with the left quad burned out, I decided to just quit the workout, complete the remaining 2 laps easy and head home for a cool down.

I felt like I was running sub 5 min per km, the effort was high and my breathing could tell it, I tried, but I failed, on to the next one.

46:57 for 7.5k.

Have a great Thursday!

miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

Recovery run

I did not run on Monday and Tuesday. Monday was a planned rest day, but Tuesday I was going to run in the afternoon, but the rain did not let me.

So Today (Wednesday), I was out at 8:00 a.m., to avoid the rain in the evening, the plan was to run easy to prepare for my " tempo" run tomorrow. This run was all, but easy, I got to the conservatory just fine in 7:46, then decided to not look at the watch.

The first 3 laps in the conservatory were difficutl, although the effort was easy, I had both of my calves very tight, which is a pain the arse, with every step.I knew that they were loosening up anytime during the run, so I kept my goal to do 7.5k.

In the last 2 laps in the conservatory, I loosened up, but still kept the effort easy, finished feeling pretty good, but the run overall was pretty slow, finished 7.5k @48:21. The weather was a bit hot, but cloudy.

Tomorrow I ll try to run 4 laps in 5:20 per km, that would be a piece of cake, but given my actual fitness, I am not so sure. Probably I should take it easy, but I cant keep training like that, so no matter what, if cant hit my goal times, the effort will be sure there. Sounds stupid, but pussyness has to end.

Have a great Wednesday!

domingo, 16 de abril de 2017

400s repeats

This morning the plan was to run  5-6 x 400m repeats in the mirador. Did not have an idea of times range, since I have been years without doing 400s repeats.

I started my warm up from home, 3k to the mirador, started very easy and then in the last km of my warm up I threw 3-4  x 10 seconds pick up, since I felt the calves burning and I felt tired overall, those pick ups made me feel better.

3k in 19:07, passed, stopped for a  min or so, before starting the workout. Wanted 5-6 x 400s with 200m jog, actual workout was 4 x 400m, with 200m jog in between.  I almost called it a day after 3 repeats, but forced myself for the 4th. 3k cool down for a total of 8.6k or so.

Times were 1:42,1:45,1:45,1:45. These are slowest times that I have run in 400m repeats, and  I was huffing and puffing like a sprinter. I am really surprised with the slow that I have become. However, doing those wokouts, you realize in what shape you are in, I am in very bad shape.

But the good news is that its the first step to get into workouts once again, stress workouts is what really makes you as a runner, not jogging around without purpose as I have been doing for the majority of the last few years.

Next Saturday I ll try again to do 6 repeats and at a faster pace, to be honest I was tired today due to the strong uphill running yesterday, although I was running easy, it seems that it made an effect on my body.

All in all, happy to be back doing stress workouts!

Have a great end of easter!

sábado, 15 de abril de 2017

Change of route

Today I headed out with my father at 7:00 a.m. to another house to prick something for my father, the house was arounde 7k from home ( after crossing the river Ozama), so I wanted to run easy  because I want to do 5-6 x 400s tomorrow to see where I am at, a lot of years without doing those reps. We will see how that plays out.

We took the Bolivar straight till the river, then after the river took a big uphill that put the brakes on my father, then it  was a combination of rolling hills and flat, no downhills to speak of, but I managed them pretty well, it seems that the hills in the conservatory on a dialy basis, prepare me well for that kind of stuff. All in all, I felt strong running those hills at an easy pace, when I felt that my effort was raising, I slowed down a bit.

However, if I had to do those hills at race pace it would be another story, but again, I think I ll conquer them.

We got to the house in roughly 40 mins, then I decided to run more to complete 45:40 so that I  can make sure I ran my peauut butter distance, which is 7.5k. I think We did more though!

This route was a lot of fun, those 45 mins passed by faster than ever, thats because I pretty much do all my runs in a 1k loop, which is boring after 4-5 laps.  I have to change route more often, that is the beauty of running, you can travel anywhere with your own feet, and I have been limiting myself to the 1k loop park.

Running is a beautiful sport, and it can help you admire what you would, if you are in a car. I promise I ll try to change my routes more often, eventhough its only on weekends.

45:40 in a bit more than 7.5k.

Have a great day!

viernes, 14 de abril de 2017

Morning recovery run

I went out with my father at 7:00 a.m. to the conservatory. My plan was to run very easy to recover from yesterday`s " workout" and get the adaptations for recovery. My father went ahead, and stayed that way for the whole run. He finished the 7.5k in 46:35, and I did it in 47:15, keeping the effort very easy.

My splits were 7:56 to get there , then 5 laps in 6:30,6:22,6:20,6:18,6:14, then back home. Kept the effort easy and relaxed, I am going to respect recovery runs and stress the system 1-2 times per week. I do have a lot of time training in no man`s land.

Have a great Easter Friday!

jueves, 13 de abril de 2017

Progressive tempo run

Last week I ran 5 times per week,  and that is the consistency I am seeking. I rested on Monday, but on Tuesday morning I went out with my father to the conservatory at 5:47 a.m., I was leading the run, but in the halfway of the first lap, my father passed me and started to build a bigger lap with each passing lap.

In the last lap I tried to bridge the gap, and tried to help myself in the last 1.2 on the way home, but I could not catch him, of course I was running confortable and only sped up in the last 500m of the run, but the weather felt so good, that the pace was faster than it felt.

I fnished the 7.5k in 45:;05, and my father in 44:20-44:25.

Wednesday took the day off. I experienced a strong headache on Tuesday, I think that was becasue I woke up very early.

Thursday  (Today) I worked till 1 p.m., I am on vacation till May 5th, so I had to leave things ready. I downed a medium beer with a couple of coworkers, and then We parted ways. I ran today at 6:30 p.m., since We are on easter, few cars on the street.

I ran easy and did a couple of easy laps in the conservatory, and then I decided to just do 3 laps (3k) at 5:20 per km pace, and see how that pace felt effortwise, actual splits for the 3 laps were 5:16,5:12,5:03. But I felt way more tired than I should, then started my cool down home and did 2 x 15 seconds strides in the last 500m to loosen up the legs just a bit.
Total time for 7.5k today was around 43:35. Got to the conservatory in 7:40 and the first warm up laps were 6:18,6:10, before turning on the "jets".

I see that I have lost a lot of fitness, it could be a combination of me gaining weight, and neglecting stress workouts, but its good to be back doing mini stress workouts, that is what build your fitness.

Have a happy easter! See you on the roads tomorrow morning!

domingo, 9 de abril de 2017

Evening easy run

Today I decided to sleep in, (if waking up at 8:00 a.m. on a Sunday is sleeping in) and ran in the evening.

I headed out at 6:20 p.m. to the conservatory, feeling tired and heavy, I almost cut the run short, but as I was feeling better and better as the run went by, decided to do the planned distance. I got there in 7:34, then did 5 laps between 6:18-6:10, headed back home to finish up 7.5k in 46:16.

Happy to have gotten my run in despite feeling like crap. I think the only reason I am feeling that way is because I am gaining weight, but I have to put it a stop, will decrease my soda consumption, I will stop training purposelessly, years pass by and I dont get anywhere.

Well, enough talking! Have a great Sunday!

sábado, 8 de abril de 2017

Catching up

Friday - Woke early once again and at 6:00 a.m. I went out to the conservatory  and did 4 laps, then back home to complete 6.5k in 39:55. First half was 20:40 and was the only time I looked at the watch during the run. Felt good at the end.

Saturday (Today) - I went out with my father at 7:15 a.m. to the conservatory , got there in 7:31, was a bit ahead of my father at that point, my father tried to catch me at the end of the first lap, but when I listened to the steps behind me, I sped up and never looked back, He then slowed down I think, because my surges were short lived.

The plan was to surge in the last 100-150m of every lap, then in the last lap, incorporate 3-4 strides, and in the last 500m of the run incorporate 2 more strides. That was what I did, but I felt very tired when I finished this. I finished the 7.5k in 44:02, felt much harder than that. My father did 47:05.

My splits per lap were 5:49,5:53,5:53,5:46,5:41. Glad that I run, but at faster paces I am feeling very heavy.

Have a great Saturday!

jueves, 6 de abril de 2017

Easy morning run

Tuesday and Wednesday were off due to staying till late at work. Today I decided to go in the morning so that I dont miss any more runs.

I woke up at 5:40 a.m. got dressed and went out to the conservatory, I did not look at the watch, but at the beginning I felt flat, the first half of the run I felt flat. Then started loosened up, but I experienced stomach problems, so I had to cut the run short.

Finished doing 5.5k in 33:50, with splits: 7:47 to get to the park, then 3 laps in 6:18,6:09,6:04, back in 6:57.

I felt good at the end, but the stomach betrayed me.

Have a great Thursday!

lunes, 3 de abril de 2017

Evening run after work

Today I got out to run after work. I headed out to the conservatory at 7:05 p.m., no more lazyness in the week, I decided to do 4 laps in the conservatory and head back home. I did not look at my watch, wanted to run easy and the heat was not helping, the heat is coming in full force.

I did not feel bad, but I did not feel good either, it was a decent run. Finished the 6.5k in 39:00. So exactly at 6:00/km pace. Splits were: 7:37 to get to the park, then did 4 laps in 6:07,5:58,5:59,5:51. Back home in 6:53.

Happy to have run and not let the lazyness get the best of me. The key is to act fast, get home from work, get dressed and head out, if I last too much chit chatting and checking my cellphone, then the run is likely to happen, that was the case two weeks ago, before I got sick. Luckily, I now how to solve it out.

Probably I ll take the day off tomorrow, We will see!

domingo, 2 de abril de 2017

Morning run with my father

Yesterday I went to bed reasonably early, I went to bed before 11:30 p.m., I went out to eat hamburguer and downed a german Beer, that helped me to sleep right away,  so I knew that today`s morning run was going to feel good.

I headed out with my father at 7:25 a.m. to the mirador. The plan for me today was to only do 6k at an easy pace, I dropped my father in the 1k mark, got to the halfway point in 17:34 (3k), then turned around, my father turned around also when I turned around, so this time He was ahead of me, He sped up, because I sped up progressevely and I could only pass him in the last 150m to finish up the run. I finished the 6k in 33:44, with a second half run in 16:09, finished up hard in the last 150m to beat my father.

I felt good, but that final sprint really tired me out, I have to ramp up the consistency and the mileage if I want to see improvements in the watch.

All in all, I am very happy to being able to run, only when you take some time off and you dont run, you realize how important is running in your life.

Have a great Sunday! See you in the roads tomorrow morning!

sábado, 1 de abril de 2017

Amost another week off

I had not run since Sunday. On Sunday morning  I went out to the mirador with my father and did 8k, I felt good on the first half, but on the half back did not feel good. First half was in 22:26, the back half in 22:55, I surprised with that time becasue I pretty much ran the second half way slower effortwise than the first half, it has a big downhill though. Finished the 8k in 45:21, pretty close to what I run 2-3 weeks ago.

Then From Monday till Saturday I did not run, because I got sick and I dont run sick, I got the flu, even today I have the remainings of the flu, but nothing below the shoulder so I was good to go. So today I was back at it, and I dont plan to take such breaks, because the idea is to build fitness, not to lose it.

Today at 7:35 a.m. or so after going to bed at 1:30 a.m. I was drinking a beer with my uncle and dad, (they were drinking rum), but my eyes were open before 6:40 a.m. but I hate to go to bed that late, I was tired from work and the beer relaxed me a lot and put me in a sleepy state.

We went to the conservatory, but was ahead of my father before the big uphill 500m within the run, at that point I know that is not a good day for my father, because I usually catch my father well ahead of the bighill, so after We climbed the hill, I was basically runing by my own for the rest of the run.

Got to the conservatory in 7:37, then did 3 laps in 6:18,6:07,6:02, then back home in 6:47, to finish up 5.5k in 33:20. I did never look at the watch during the run, so I thought I was running slower when I saw that time. Felt better as the run went by, when I woke up I had a headache, I think it was not a hangover, because the amount of alcohol that I took, was not that much to experience a hangover and I already know when to stop. Anyway, the run helped to clean my head and feel much better afterwards.

My father finished in 35:04. Happy to have run once again, I decided to took it easy today as opposed to going with the flow the past Saturday, tomorrow is going to be another easy run, I just want to get back into the swings of things.

Have a great weekend!

sábado, 25 de marzo de 2017

1 week off

I took 1 week off, so my last run was last Saturday. This was not planned, but I just did not find the motivation to run in the evening for the whole week, and in the morning I cant run because the apartament door is not working from the outside in, so this morning I was back at it with my father.

I think I needed this week off, because I felt pretty good and the pace was much faster than normal, I just did 5.5k today, to get back into things. I got to the conservatory in 7:03, then did 3 laps in 5:54,5:50,5:49, then back home in 6:27 to finish up the 5.5k in 31:31. My father finished in 34:52.

I felt good and fresh, I think that when I donate my blood I should have taken a week off, maybe I needed that week, maybe not, but today I felt pretty good and rested.

Last week when I tried to do 2 laps in 10 mins, that should be easy for me, but it was a struggle and I even had to stop for a break because I was huffing and puffing pretty hard.

I am happy to get back into things!

Let the consistency begin!

Have a great Satuday!

domingo, 19 de marzo de 2017

Catching up for the week

This week I only ran 3 times. Rested on Tuesday, Wednesday, friday and Today.

So on Monday evening I was not feeling pretty well, so I decided to get out running at 7:00 p.m., I ended up doing 5 laps in the conservatory and back. Finished the 7.5k in 45:42.

On Thursday eveing, I went out again at 7: something p.m. The plan was to do 7.5k, but I did not feel well, Felt flat and full of gases so cut the run short and did 5.5k in 34:47.

On Saturday morning, I went out with my father to the conservatory and I was feeling good, dropped him early, got to the conservatory in 7:35, then did 5 laps in 6:11,6:12, in the 3rd lap decided to easy up a little so that I would try to run 10 mins in the last 2 laps. The 3rd lap came in 6:19, then the 10 min challenge started, 4th lap in 5:03, wsa huffing and puffing more than necessary, then tried to push the pace so that I could make up the time that I lost in the 4th lap, 5th lap came again in 5:03, so 10:06, and the worst was that I had to stop for about 20-30 seconds to catch my breath before heading home at an easy pace. I then decided to race the watch and in the last 500s incorporated 2 x 100s strides to finish up the 7.5k in under 44 mins. Worked out well since I finished in 43:56.

I felt good today, but I did not feel good in the fast portion, I had to put a lot of effort to maintain that pace, I felt heavy also, it seems that I have been gaining weight, because in the 100s strides I felt like a truck with the 4 doors open.

Anyway, happy to have run.

Today I slept in a little because I went to bed after 2 a .m. watching the baseball game between the Dominican Republic and USA, as I am dominican, I lost. Wanted to run in the evening, but life got in the way so I could not run.

Tomorrow is another start to the week and I hope to run more next week!

Have a great Sunday!

domingo, 12 de marzo de 2017

Morning 8k to end the week

Yesterday night I ate a lot and drink three beers, I wanted to only drink one, but as soon as the Dominican Republic started socring in the baseball game, I got over my head and ordered two more. I really enjoyed that baseball game and even more that my country won. Very fun game!

Today I was up at 6:30 a.m. after going past midnight to bed, Got out at 7:30 a.m. waiting for my father and We headed out to the mirador, I got out at a good clip and decided that I would push the pace to see if I could run 42-43 mins for 8k, but when I saw 16:44, basically the same split that I did 42:24 ,3 weeks ago I decided to run easy for the rest of the run, my calves were getting pretty tight and to hit that time it would be to make the run harder than necessary, so I eased up and hit the halfway in 22:47, then continued easy with the calves very tight, then in the last 2k, the calves were not tight anymore, so I pushed a bit, but not much.

Ended up running 45:19 for 8k,first half in 22:47 and second half in 22:32. second half is downhill for the last 3k, so its easier. My father did around 44:30 for 7.5k or so, He is very tired from his hard run on Friday.

I am happy that I got my run in once again and finish up my week on a good note. 5 runs this week!

I need to ramp up the mileage if I want to see big improvements, and the only way to do that is running early in the morning!

Hope you have a great Sunday!

sábado, 11 de marzo de 2017

Dawn running

Today I slept in a little, but was out with my father at 7:15 a.m. to the conservatory. I basically ran by myself today, because my father did  hard session yesterday evening and was very tired today.

I got to the conservatory in 7:32, then stopped looking at the watch till the end. I felt good, but sometimes felt tired, but generally felt good. I finished the 7.5k in 45:18. With lap splits of 6:10,6:12,6:05,6:07,5:59, then back home in 6:43.

Holded back at the end,because as tomorrow is ging to be flat to the mirador, maybe I will push a couple of kms tomorrow, or will run longer (10k or so). My father finished in 50:02.

Hope you have a great Saturday!

viernes, 10 de marzo de 2017

Predawn Friday

Yesterday I took the day  so that meant running today, Saturday and Sunday to complete my 5 runs.

Today I woke up at 5:40 a.m. very sleepy, but I determined to get my run in, so I braved the elements and got out. Got out to the conservatory in 7:53, then did 5 laps in 6:18,6:12,6:07,6:09,6:09, back home in 6:44 to finish up my 7.5k run 46:05.

Felt good during the run, the last 2.5 I did it with the fellow runner that I ran on Wednesday, the funny thing is that the 2 laps that I did with him today were at 6:09,6:09 the exact same splits as on Wednesday when We ran 2 laps together.

I felt good at the end, and I am looking forward to my run tomorrow morning! Have a great Friday Night!

miércoles, 8 de marzo de 2017

Predawn run

Today I was up again at 5:40 a.m., and was out at 6:00 a.m. I went out to the conservatgory and never looked at the watch till the end of the run. I did 5 laps in the conservatory and back home. I felt that I never kind of woke up during the run, lol.

I ran the last 1.5 laps with a fellow exerciser there, that I have run with in the past. I finished the 7.5k in 47:05, I thought that I was going faster, but I felt a bit tired today and never felt loose. But it felt good to be done and to have the rest of the day " free", ha! I left work at 7:42 p.m., so not much time free, but at least running in the morning allow me to not get pressured in the evening to run, I can do it stress free in the morning.

Splits were 7:55 to get there, 5 laps in 6:28,6:23,6:20,6:09,6:09, then back home in 6:57. Felt good at the end but as I said, I felt that I never woke up, ha!

Another run in the books, hope to feel fresh soon, to get in  a stress workout!

Have a great Humpday!

martes, 7 de marzo de 2017

Zapping the zero

Yesterday when I woke up it was raining very hard, so I opted to skip the run and take the day off.

This morning was up at 5:40 a.m. and was out the door at 6:07 a.m, or so, I started feeling cold, dont remember the last time I felt cold when I run. Within 1k I no longer felt cold, but the breeze was very cool, did not feel great, so could not take advantage fully of that weather.

Today I did 5 laps in the conservatory and got back home, got to the conservatory in 7:49 if I remember correctly, then 5 laps in 6:21,6:22,6:15,6:00,6:10 and back home in 6:57 to complete the 7.5k in 46:30. I did not feel like in the past week of training, but I did not feel great also, but felt decent at the end.

Glad that I got my training in!

Hope you had a great Tuesday!

domingo, 5 de marzo de 2017

Morning 8k to the mirador

Today I headed out to run with my father at 8:00 a.m, slept in aliitle today, but next time W have to get out earlier because the heat is making its presence already.

After the first km in around 5:40-5:50s, and my father pushing the pace, I knew that He wanted to do 42-43 mins 8k, I left him go, I am tired of racing my easy runs. When We met again ( He coming back and I am still on the go, I passed him my watch so He could track his finishing time and mine).

I got the mirador 0k  (3k in) in 17:26, but then did know my splits because as I said earlier I gave the watch to my dad, He crossed the halfway in 22:04, So I suspect He could run sub 43. mins, bettering his time from 2 weeks ago.

He kept building building a bigger lap till I no longer saw him. He finished in 43:17 for 8k and I finished in around 45:40 ( I had to wait around 30 seconds in an intersection for the cars to cross). I pretty much run the whole way at an easy/ controlled effort.

I am happy with the way that I am feeling, I am getting back to normal, I no longer feel flat legs and I am getting motivated,so  a win/win, but I think its time for ramping my weekly mileage and my wekend mileage, and not better way to do it than to run early in the morning.

5 runs this week, not a great week, but I am getting better.

I want to run 7.5k tomorrow morning, We will see if my willpower and determination cooperate.

Have a great Sunday!

sábado, 4 de marzo de 2017

Things heading the right direction

Today I did another morning run, I headed out to the conservatory at 7:30 a.m. with my father, We got there in 7:48, and I was ahead by a couple of seconds. My father yesterday evening did a sand workout in the beach and He was tired, so I was trying to shake him off , yes I pretty much race him even on easy days,  maybe because He destroyed me past weekend Sunday and Monday.

I did 3 laps there in 6:21,6:11,6:11, I glanced back and He was close, with 600s to go, I watched him through the bus station mirror and He was coming by me quietly and I accelerate a bit and before going the big downhill, I yelled" I know that you are right there" and pushed myself through the downhill, built another gap and could finish the 5.5k in 33:34. Of course I pushed, but at an easy effort, He finished in 33:52. I think He is in great shape. I did the last 1.2k in 6:33 or so, so not too shabby given my feels this past week.

In regards to that, I was not feeling 100%, but I am feeling a lot better and I can finally make surges and dont feel flat, tomorrrow I do plan on increasing the mileage a bit and the goal is to feel even better, its time to ramp up the training once again.

I said that I was going to race a 5k next Saturday, I am not sure about that just yet, that will depend on how do I feel during the week, no point, in racing when you are feeling bad. We will see! maybe I wont say anything when I do race, because I alwasys say that I am going to race and often end up not racing.

Have a great Saturday!

viernes, 3 de marzo de 2017

Another morning run

Today I woke up at 5:30 a.m., and was out the door a couple of mins before 6 a.m., I felt better today, things are getting in the  right directions, not 100% yet, but things are improving. I did 3 laps in the conservatory and back for a total of 5.5k.

Got to the co nservatory in 7:58 or so, then did 3 laps in 6:28,6:18,6:14, then back home in 7:11 for a total of 34:43 for 5.5k. I am liking these morning runs and I am happy that things are improving, hope that things keep getting better from here.

I just came home from eating a 1 pound burguer, I just wanted to take revange since first time I tried I could not finish, but this time I did it. Need to burn those calories off during the weekend!!

Have a great Friday!

jueves, 2 de marzo de 2017

Morning shortie

I rested Tuesday and Wednesday to see if I could recover from that thing that has my legs flat. I woke up early today at 5:40 a.m. and headed out the door a couple of mins before 6 a.m., I went out to do 7.5k, but within 2 mins in the run, I knew that this going to be a short run, I felt flat and wanted to stop, my breathing was fine, but the legs did not respond. Got to the conservatory in 7:56, did 1 lap in 6:41, headed out the conservatory  and get back home to finish up 3.5k in 22:40. I really dont care about the pace or time, what worry me is the way that I am feeling lately, its rare, I was feeling great till I was injected to donate blood, but it was a week ago, so its time for me to recover completely.

I ll try it again tomorrow morning, if I continue feeling this way, I ll have to visit a doctor, because is very frustrating.

All in all, happy to have run and happy to have waken up to run before work.

Have a great Thursday!

lunes, 27 de febrero de 2017

A blah weekend of running with my father

Yesterday We both did 8k to the mirador at 7:20 a.m., my father did 48:00 or so, and I did 48:35 feeling like shit once again. I tried to surge a couple of times, but He would match every move and eventually got ahead.

Today is a public holiday here , National independence, but He was going to do only 6k, and I wanted to do 8k, but eventually I did 6k and that was my body was ready for.

I started feeling good for the first couple of mins, but then the flat feeling came again and stay there for the rest of the run, after 2k, right after running the chuchill uphill, I was huffing and puffing like crazy and the calves were burning, then after that I tried to surge to build a gap on my father, again He would match my surge easily and build a gap before the halfway point. Then after turning around, He started to dissapear on the horizon and my frustration increased, I almost stop before the halfway, but I stayed strong and finished.

My father ran 33:5x or 34:0x, dont know. When He finished He was too far ahead in the distance, then 2+ mins in 36:29 I finished. I hope to feel better soon, because its frustrating that at an easy pace, you are struggling and feeling flat.

The good news is that the run is in the books, hope to feel better tomorrow. 6k@36:29 (18:01 back half).

Have a great Monday!

sábado, 25 de febrero de 2017

Another blah run

Today morning I was hoping to feel much better than last night during my run, but it was not the case. Again I felt low energy and my legs did not respond. I thought that it was the cake that I did at work, but when I recalled that I donated a lot of blood on Thursday realized that it was the reason that I felt so weak and low energy.

Nonetheless, I did 7.5k today at 7:20 p.m., 5 laps in the conservatory  and back with my father, I tried to build a gap, but my father would match every gap that I built, I accelerated from the conservatory to home to finish in 6:44, but finished with hands on knees at an easy pace, finishing in 46:33, and my father in 46:55, He slowed down in the last 400s.

I felt very weak and I dont like running when I feel that way to be honest, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Tomorrow I hope to feel better, the plan was to do 400s intervals, but it wont be possible, I do better take it easy until feeling good again.

Have a great night!

viernes, 24 de febrero de 2017

Blah run

Did not run on Wednesday, nor Thrusday, yesterday was not planned though. I had to donate some of my blood to a person in need.

Today I did not snack on fruit, but instead the company celebrate the months birthdays, so they gave cake and sodas, thats what I got at 4:20 p.m. and I thought that during todays run I would feel energetic, but that was not the case, I felt like shit from the get go, and inmediately knew that the run would be a struggle, I had planned to do my normal distance of 7.5k, but I had to cut the run short to 5.5k.

Total time was 34:30, with 3 laps in the conservatory in 6:25,6:18,6:14, then back home in 7:12. Felt flat today, but at least I did something.

Whereas, my brother and Adelino met today, and talked a bit, its good to know that they could connect and become friends as We were when He was here in Santo Domingo. I told him that We would all meet there in Valencia one day.

Thats what I got for today, I hope that tomorrow morning I dont feel like I did today!

Have a great Friday night!