domingo, 3 de julio de 2011

Catching up

my lack of blogging has been due to the fact that I dont have a computer recently and I have to borrow my girlfriend's computer.

Saturday 25/06: rest , the leg hurted very much.

Sunday - 26/06, 9k in the dawn to the conservatory and the gomez route, 50:45, I dont know if its more than 9k but its something like that. This afternoon hispaniola half marathon.

Monday- 27/06- rest

Tuesday 28/06- woke up very early and at 5.15 a.m. did 8k to the mirador in 44:08, the leg felt fine.

Wednesday 29/06, Same as yesterday , but with my father in 46:03.

Thrusday 30/06 Took the day off, because of lack of motivation. Also the past 3 days could not get to classes because I had a job training.

Friday 1/07-In the late morning went out to the conservatory to do 8.5k, ended doing 6k or a bit more, did one lap and then did a lap to the maximo gomez till the conservatory entry and back to my house in 32:52, finished tired.

Saturday 2/07 and sunday 3/07 are off days, yesterday no water to take a shower and today did not have the motivation to go out. That happens when you dont have races to train for.

My training is going not very good but the leg has been bothering me and the extra recovery serves well, but the low motivation is playing a role here also, I ll try to get back my consistent.

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