miércoles, 16 de noviembre de 2011

Catching up

I have only run 9 times for the last 3 weeks

8k in 43.26, first half in 23.08 and the last half in 20.17

8k in 44.52.

9.2k watchlesss.

7.5k watchless.

8k in 46.53

7k in 39.56

7k in 39.17

5.5kin 30.34

5.5k in 30.26.

My running has been bad, just running 2 times per week for the last couple of weeks , this week i only ran on monday so far. These runs were in the predawn and 3 of them were in the late morning, no evening run since march 28th. Need to get consistent again, since I am running the christmas 5k in december 24th. Missed this sundays 10k for my lack of training.

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