viernes, 8 de agosto de 2014

shaking out in the predawn

Yesterday I did not run due to the inhability to wake up early and time constraints in the evening, since when I get off work I go to the mall so that I could register from the race. This morning I finally ran in the predawn at 6:20 a.m. after months without doing it. I did not have any choice today because if I ran in the afternoon it would be too close because the 5k is tomorrow morning, I did 3 laps there in 34:35. I felt really good but man the pace is too slow, I need to run faster, at least I am heading the right direction. I dont have goals for the race,just to give an honest effort, I am in pretty out of shape,I just want to motivate a friend and myself to train harder. Have a great night everyone!

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