martes, 13 de febrero de 2018

Back after 16 days off

As the subject says, 16 days have passed since I ran the last time. As I said in my last post I got sick and I think this is my longest sickness, I lasted almost 2 weeks feeling like s$%t. Today I decided to get back at it, so just before 6 p.m. I headed out to do around 20 mins, so my normal route, but turning around in the first intersection. Sincé I started I felt weak and low in energy, but I was going to do what I set to do. I wore my windbreakers that I bought on Saturday and it worked well. Had to take my gloves off at halfway point, but kept my hat on of course. I might say that the windbreaker protects you well against the cold, but today it was not that cold, so whats I decided to take my gloves off. It was around 7 degrees.

I think the reason I felt so weak was that I have not been eating enough, I just started eating "normally" a few days ago, and sometimes I dont eat breakfast, but I ll have to , because I need the energy. It felt good to be out there doing what you love and feeling healthy again. I still have caughs, but not as bad as in the last week. Another thing is that 16 days of no running is a lot of days when you are used to running consistenly.

Tomorrow I ll do the same distance as today, and then ramp up where I left. In regards to the cold, I think I am not totally crazy for just wearing a t shirt and shorts as long as I am wearing my gloves and hat, those keeps me warmed up, but likely I just need that second piece of layer (windbreaker) although it  makes me a bit hotter than I would like.

Have a great day runners!

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