jueves, 14 de febrero de 2013

Random thoughts

I have been pretty absent from running for the last month or so, the inconsistency has beaten me. Today I wanted to get back at it but I threw up 6 times in the mid night till the morning and decided to call it a day and not go to work. I do feel better, but still feel with a sore stomach. I have decided to quit daily mile, and to blog my running only in this blog like when I started. Daily mile is a great way to meet people but you got a lot of pressure too, comparing to the other runners, etc. I have just decided to write for me and the willing people that want to take a look at this blog. I am sure that way my consistency will start to improve, since the only person that is going to motivate me is myself, not other guys runs, or other guy's paces, like it was on dailymile. I really want to start training hard again, but with the work schedule that I have, its kind of difficult, because if I dont do it in the morning, then the run is virtually missed, since no motivation to go out tired past 7 p.m. to run, and when I want to take advantage of some sleep, I cant because I gotta run at 5: a.m. so in the last several days I have opted for more sleep and have neglected the running, but to be honest I miss the running and I want to be back to my old self. On another note today is my girlfriend's birthday, Our anniversary and valentines day, but I am sick so I am not sure if I ll do something out of normal today, though it would be great to just see her and share with her. Cesar

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