jueves, 17 de junio de 2010

Good run to the Mirador

Hoy me levante a las 5:30a .m., con suenio como siempre. Sali a correr como a las 5:53 a.m., hacia el mirador. Para hoy queria hacer 7k y asi fue, ida y vuelta al 500m del mirador, i did the 7k in 35:02, second half(3.5k)in 16:32, so i increased the pace a lot but it felt good. Felt much better than yesterday beacuse i didnot have stomach problems today and the pace felt pretty easy. It was one of those days when i was flying without much effort, aunque debo admitir que en los ultimos 500m acelere mucho y llegue sofocado pero overall felt pretty good. The run is already in the books, that is the best thing about running in the morning.
The weather was good.

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