martes, 23 de junio de 2015

Short easy run

Yesterday I rested. To be honest I thought that I would rest for the whole week, but then I thought that I need to keep running so that I can lose some calories and not get crazy staying at home " resting", I have decided to keep the running short so that I can reap some aerobic adaptations. Plus Ryan Hill, the owner of hill runner and an acomplished runner that I have known for almost a decade, suggested to keep the running 10-20 mins duration and to do exercises for the calf and for the shin, I ll do just that. I really enjoy running and I really enjoy outdoors exercise.

Today at 6:10 p.m. I went out to the conservatory and did 2 laps there to complete the 20:10. Got there in 7:33 and did 2 laps in 6:10,5:58. So I basically ran at my normal pace. I felt good, but the right shin was obviously bothering me. So a lot of 20 min runs as long as this shin takes it.

Glad that I ran!! Its a gift that We must feel greatful and proud of.

Today I fellow exerciser in the park asked , How do you have so big and strong legs(calves and tights)? Well, that surprised me, I told him that I have been running for a lot of time, but the running is the partial reason, since genetics plays a big role into that. I have known a lot of runners that have been running for years and have chicken legs. Its a combination between running and genetics, but I think the genetics beats the running part. I have to admit that my legs are bigger due to the fact that I am a bit overweight (around 195 pounds), but I tell you that I have that weight and you would not believe me, that is because I increase weight even in all parts of body. I must be thankful for the compliment, so I think is a gift to have strong legs when others want it so badly even  when they exercise legs alot.

Have a great Tuesday!

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