lunes, 20 de febrero de 2017

Great finish to last week and good start to this week

Yesterday ( Sunday), I went out with my father to the mirador at 8:10 a.m. or so, I wanted to do 10k, but my father went to bed at 3:00 a.m. and was up this early to run with me, so I cut the run short and did 8k like He did.

As soon as We started I knew that the pace would be faster than normal, He wanted to run faster, and when We were running head to head, at times He would speed up to build a gap, but I covered the gaps, because I had nothing to recover from, I also wanted to push the pace a little. We go the 3k mark ( km 0 of the mirador) in 16:45, then next km I had to run it in 5:09 to build a gap on my father, halfway was 21:55, and my father was around 10-15 seconds back. Then I ran on my own, but I decided to keep the pace going, next km came in 5:16, and 5k in 27:11, the pace felt managable, but I did not feel the greatest. I honestly came tired to this run, due to maybe the 2 mini tempos
( 2ks under 10 mins) that I did during the week.

The goal was to try to run 43 mins or at least maintain my first half, 6th km came in 5:21, then I took advantage of the big downhill, and with a bit  more than a km to go I had 37:13, I really raced the watch at that point wanted to do 42:59 at least, honestly did not want to come over 43 mins, so I really digged deep in the last km and could finish the 8k in 42:24. To my surprise my father came along not long after in 43:06, wow that old guy is in better shape than I thought and He drank more than 12 hours yesterday, went to bed at 3:xx a.m. and woke up to run at that pace, I went to bed reasonable early ,  I did not drink and He is 33 years older than me and He almost defeated me great.

This was not an easy run for me by anymeans, but it was not all out either, I just came a bit tired and pushed more than necessary in the last km, sprinting in the last 100-200s. Last km for me maybe was in the 4:30s range. last 3k were in 15:12, and I think my father did that time also, because I think He decreased the gap that I carried over the last 3k.

Anyway, it was a good run, a lot of work to do! Very good week of training. 5 runs thatweek!

Today ( Monday), I was starving when I got home, I almost skip the run, but I downed 2 glassed of water and felt better, got out to do my easy run. Got to the conservatory in 7:56, then did 5 laps there in 6:16,6:05,6:07,6:10,6:04. Then back home to finish up 7.5k in 46:24.

I honestly felt very good on this run, felt strong. The only thing was that I was very sore from the 15 push ups that I did on Saturday, and  bit sore due to the effort yesterday.

All in all, felt pretty good at the end, and glad that I did get my run in!

Have a great start to the week!

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