lunes, 27 de febrero de 2017

A blah weekend of running with my father

Yesterday We both did 8k to the mirador at 7:20 a.m., my father did 48:00 or so, and I did 48:35 feeling like shit once again. I tried to surge a couple of times, but He would match every move and eventually got ahead.

Today is a public holiday here , National independence, but He was going to do only 6k, and I wanted to do 8k, but eventually I did 6k and that was my body was ready for.

I started feeling good for the first couple of mins, but then the flat feeling came again and stay there for the rest of the run, after 2k, right after running the chuchill uphill, I was huffing and puffing like crazy and the calves were burning, then after that I tried to surge to build a gap on my father, again He would match my surge easily and build a gap before the halfway point. Then after turning around, He started to dissapear on the horizon and my frustration increased, I almost stop before the halfway, but I stayed strong and finished.

My father ran 33:5x or 34:0x, dont know. When He finished He was too far ahead in the distance, then 2+ mins in 36:29 I finished. I hope to feel better soon, because its frustrating that at an easy pace, you are struggling and feeling flat.

The good news is that the run is in the books, hope to feel better tomorrow. 6k@36:29 (18:01 back half).

Have a great Monday!

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