domingo, 10 de junio de 2018


Yesterday I went out to do my run after days without running due to college obligations. Everything was going normal, first half was crossed in  17:27. However, as soon as I climbed the big uphill and was entering the park to the last 600m of my run. I felt a big pain in my left calf, I tried to run through it, but then it felt like a "crack" in my calf and it hurted even more I could not run anymore, I stopped my run in 31:29. Tried to stretch, but it hurted so I aborted that, then finish the workout limping in the last 600m.

I limped for the whole remaining of the day, it felt strained. I took a few antiflamatory pills and today I woke up feeling a lot better. I am not limping anymore walking, but when I try to run it hurts a lot. So I decided to rest till Saturday next week, I think by then I ll be recovered. I ll sure lose fitness, but I have to be Smart and dont try to run through an injury that might be worse later. So patience and I ll be back soon.

3 runs this week! I cant remember the last time that I only ran 3 times in a week, but college and that injury put my running in my back seat.

Have a great Sunday!

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