jueves, 5 de julio de 2018

Tempo run with Erick

Today  I ran with Erick at 11:30 a.m. and the goal was to run easy, but I knew that I had to be prepared to run faster because his easy pace is 8 min per mile or less. I wanted to push the pace a bit though, since I have been running easy for the last + month due to the injury.

We started at a good clip, I tried to stay as relaxed as posible, We crossed the first mile or what I guess is a mile in 9:35, so almost a min faster than my normal pace, I knew that the final time would be around 31-32 mins for my classic route, faster than I have run in over a month or 2.

I felt pretty good at at times I pushed the pace but staying relaxed, halfway point came in 15:48, I was surprised with that time since I thought We were going to run around 16:15, when I saw that Split and the second half is usually faster, I contemplated the idea of running sub 31 mins, but I wanted to stay as relaxed as posible.

I took advantage of the downhill and tried to increase my turnover, with around 7 -8  mins to go I tried to increase my pace to see if I could drop him , but I just could not He was running very confortable . After We climbed the big uphill I was huffing and puffing but I felt good at the same time because I shortened the stride and kept the same effort as in the flats, when We climbed the hill I tried to make up for the lost time, in the end We ran 30:46. which is around 1 mins slower than my tempo pace.

I felt very controlled but tired at the same time, maybe my increase in mileage since my last tempo run payed off, because the pace felt easier compared to those times when I run alone, maybe it was the company, that I felt the pace very controlled due to the other guy running next tome.

All in all, satisfied with the effort given my Little running the last month, this is my final run with Erick, at least by now. Tomorrow I fly to Boston to a MBA program and when I get back He Will be in the Dominican Republic already.

It was nice to share moments and runs with him, I ll miss my roomates for sure!

I ll take another week off due to my travel, I get back to Madrid on Saturday July 14th and I ll run on July 15th  because I ll get here very tired or maybe who knows I ll run.

Have a great week all, this week I ran every day so far, so 4 runs for the week!

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