miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

Running again at last

Ha sido un buen tiempo de que no blogeo, la semana pasada solo corri el jueves y despues los otros dia no me levantaba a correr por la manana, so missed run.

No corri ni lunes ni martes, but decided to put a stop to this incosistency and went out running today. Today me levante a las5:30 a.m.,y casi me quedo durmiendo porque me acoste muy tarde , but then i say to myself that i needed to get it done , so that i dont become a standard sedentary person if i keep up like i am doing in the past few days( or weeks:S).
Sali hacia el conservatorio y le di 3 vueltas , para un total de 5.5k en 30:17, much faster than last thursday and it felt a lot better , for some reason i was more waked than last time, maybe i am getting used to waking early ( although is not for running, but to get ready for work).

The first mile or so, it felt like an eternity and at the beginning i felt somewhat unfamiliar with the pace and stride, but after the mile , it really became natural. Good run. It feels good when you have your running done. Need to get more consistent.

Otra cosa, aunque eran las 6 de la manana, hacia un calor del caray,wow, no hubo ni una brisita.

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