viernes, 17 de junio de 2011

Catching up

I have not had computer, yesterday I borrowed my girlfriend's.

Friday 10/06- The shin splints really bothered me that day and I decided just to not run the race the day later. 7k in 40:23. The heat was ugly.

Saturday 11/06- Rest day. Today was supposed to be the race but I dont even run, giving the leg a break.

Sunday 12/06- Went out in the morning with Danilo to do 6k, but I was feeling so good that we decided to do 11k, I did not wear a watch but Danilo took the time, it was around 63:40. Felt really easy, and the leg bothered me a bit, I regreted not to run the race, but maybe If I ran it I would have hurted very bad, who knows!!! Today felt real good.

Runs this weeks: 5 runs

Kilometraje semanal: Around 45 kms, the leg is not letting me to pile up the miles.

Monday 13/06- Rest. Giving the leg a break.

Tueday 14/06- This morning Danilo was doing a workout, and I was hungry to run fast, decided to do portion of the workout with him, the leg behaved well today and I warmed up 3k to the mirador in 20 mins, quite slow, then was going to do 3k at 4:10/km to see how I felt, but only managed 2 kms in 8:22 (4:11,4:11) with identical splits. The reason that I stopped there was stomach problems, the leg was just doing fine. Then cool down to home, so 9k with last 6k in 30:40. Felt real good today.

Wednesday 15/06-This morning woke early and out as habitual, but this time by my own, did 11k in 61:03, felt the legs a bit tired and sluggish, plus the leg was bothering me to be honest. 11k total.

Thursday 16/06- This morning when I woke up was raining very bad so I decided to skip the run, when I came back from classes at 10 :a.m. Danilo and I went to the conservatory walking and started running there, We did 8 laps there, I ran without a watch but he took the time, I finished the 8k in 43:40, and I felt sprinting the whole way. Happy to have gotten my run in.

Friday 17/06(today)- The leg was bothering me a lot last night and this morning so I will rest today to give the leg a break. Listening to the body is the only way that I can really run "consistently". I want to start training again with the fast stuff. Damn injury. I want to do something fast tomorrow, we will see how the leg behave.

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