viernes, 3 de junio de 2011

Two morning mini runs

Wednesday and Thursday were day off. No particular reason, I just did not go out in the morning and did not want to run in the afternoon. It has to help to the shin in the leg, right?

This morning I woke up at 5.15 a.m., and was out with my father at 5.45 a.m. my plan was to do 11k easy, but when I got to the 3.6k in 22:15 or so( its measured the park again each 200m), I had to sit down, because I wanted to go to the bathroom, ya know, stomach problems, I was angry about that, but nothing that I could do about, I just sat down in one of the banks and waited for the feeling to go away, then I got up and the plan was to come back to my house walking , when in the km 0 I saw a bathroom that I did not know that was there, so I got in, did my thing and then ran 3 more kms to my house in 15:40. Oh well, 6.6k total with a rest of around 15 mins in between. The weather was rainy at first but then it eased up. Too much rain for the last couple of days.

6.6k total with a rest in between, unintentionally though, around 37:55. The leg felt decent, was bothering me a bit, but at least I had not to change my form. Love the morning running, hope to be consistent again, as I was 1 month ago.

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