miércoles, 22 de junio de 2011

Hot and humid morning run

This morning I woke up at 5:15 a.m. very sleepy but went out for my morning run T 5:38 .m. anyway, went out with Danilo and my father. The leg bothered me a bit but then eased up and was not a problem, but I did not feel good , I had no energy. The stomach was screamingas if I would be hungry, I was though :D. My energy level was that low that I thought about stopping at 8kms and come back walking the last 3 kms, but I changed my mind when I saw my father far ahead, that I could pass him( he was running only 10k), I kept going and started to feel better mentally. Did 11k in 60:09, very good pace for me and even better given the way I felt, Danilo did 59:27, he dropped me in the 6th km. I pressed the split button at the 8k in 45:02 in case I would have decided to stop, but the last 3 kms that were supposed to be very easy were in 15:07, very nice and I was not feeling very good and I felt that I was moving much slower than that. Never looked at the watch though, I only looked at the stats at the end.

After the run We all 3 discussed about the high humidity and heat, it was very unconfortable, maybe that was the reason that I felt that energyless.

11k total, 60:09( last 3 kms in 15:07 feeling like s$%#$t)

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