domingo, 22 de abril de 2012

Almost noon run

Today I went out almost at noon , so pretty hot there, was only doing 5.5k so no problem at all, still was a difficult run, I am out of shape was huffing and puffing at times, it seems that I have lost a lot of aerobic capacity!! did 5.5k in 31:21, for yesterday's and today's runs put the watch on time of day so running by effort, today I thought that I was going much slower than what I actually did!! Its great to be back to running once again, the plan is to build an aerobic base to 40 miles, then try to do PR in weekly miles and then 8 weeks out of an important race, which I dont know what will be do speed workout( Caleb's advice), more than that and I suffer from shin splints!! Felt good overall today!! want to break some PR's this fall!

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