viernes, 13 de abril de 2012

Predawn limping run

This morning I went predawn at 5:45 a.m., went out with my brother. Everything was going ok, till the mile point or so, suddenly the cramps and the pain in my left leg was evident , my brother was gapping me and I was pretty much limping the rest of the run, did 6k in 37:21, I supposded to do 7k at much faster pace, but the left shin had other plans, I worked through it and could get to the finish of the run, pretty much limping or at least I felt like it. OK! rest is not a benefit in this case, rested 1 week, about 1 month ago, did not work, rested 6 days till Wednesday, did not seem to work either, it seems that I ll have to take my calf exercises a lot more seriously, We will see how I feel in tomorrow's run!! all in all, felt happy to be out there running in the predawn and see the sunrise, the temps at this time of day is far better than at noon!! Happy Friday!

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