domingo, 9 de septiembre de 2012

"Easy"morning to the conservatory

This morning slept in a bit and was out for my run at 8:45 a.m. to the conservatory, with the sun shining hard, got to the conservatory in 6:58 and that was the last time that I looked at the watch, I started to feel tired and was dragging myself, did 6 laps there, but the last 2 laps were in survivor mode and to finish the run I had to use mental tricks, was very tired and the legs did not responded, I looked like a novice. I hate to feel that way. In retrospect, I think that I raced very good in my last race, 38:16 for 5 miles or so, doing the second half easy, the last 3 weeks prior to that were like these past 3 weeks and I felt in the race, the same that I felt today. Everytime that I get inconsistent for 2-3 weeks, I start basically from zero so to speak. Its time to stop the f#$@#lazyness and start moving my butt, I really admire some daily milers here that given the busy life, the put running as an important facet in life. I need to start doing so and start setting ambitious goals to improve. Glad that I could finish the run though!! Have a great Sunday! I ll be back again tomorrow!

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