miércoles, 19 de septiembre de 2012

Short intervals: 200s repeats

Yesterday slept in so off. This morning was up at 5;15 a.m. and out at 5:45 a.m. This week I had planned to start workouts. Today I warmed up 3k to the mirador and included hellen drills, then did 8 x 200s in 48,47,45,47,45,46,45,41 with 200s jog in 80 seconds or so, according to my watch I did 3k including the recovery in 16:01. The workout was not that bad, although It was much slower than when I was in mile PR shape, but was a consistent workout and good effort for the workout. The problem came in the cool down, the legs were fry and I struggled to get home. Too hot in the predawn! Hope you had a great day!

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