domingo, 7 de septiembre de 2014

Catching up

Over the past week I lost my internet connection, it got repaired yesterday. So I am updating the last week of training.

Sunday- 5.5k in 32:49
 Monday- off
Tuesday- 5.5k in 33:11 after work
 Wednesday- 5.5 in 31:41 after work, I was just angry and ran faster because of it.
Thursday- 45 mins,  most of the run was with Iris, last lap was in 5:13. That girl makes me run harder, She is got a lot of talent.
Friday and Saturday- off
Sunday(today)- 6.5k in 39:17 feeling better and better as the run went by. So I made a promise and commit myself to quit fried chicken and start training seriosly again since I want to do 21 mins in a 5k on December. Stop the talking and start taking action!!



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