martes, 21 de octubre de 2014

Catching up

My plan did not work out the way I wanted to last week, because I wanted to run after work on Thursday and Friday, but that did not work, left work way too late!!I ran on Sunday in the morning with the brother and father, I threw a couple of surges there, but my form is sloppy and I am ridiculous fat, I weigh around 192 pounds, with is too much compared to my PRs time( 150 pounds), I have decided and wrote it down to cut the junk till December and train hard and smart and see if that can help my weight. I did on Sunday 37 mins for around 6.2k or so, the last 500s was in 2:02, my brother ran 1:23, He left in the dust, wow, anyway, a lot of work to do. My mindset changed from Yesterday, looked at me in a photo of 2009 and then looked in the mirror, with the face like a watermelon, I said that I neeeded to change that, if I want to become a coach some day I need to use myself as a guinea pig in the experiment, I need to get in shape and be an example. Maybe I wont do 21 mins on December in the 5k, but I ll take care of give my best and if I dont get that goal this year, at the beginning of next year you can do it.

Yesterday did not run due to the inhability of running in the predawn, had my finances course at nigh.

Today after work I headed to the conservatory without a watch and did 3 times the loop that I ran when areas of the conservatory are closed. Dont know the time but I felt good and the pace was easy.

Have a great night!!

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