martes, 14 de octubre de 2014

Thoughts on life (and death)

First of all I want to thank god the opportunity be here once again, not everyone has the opportunity nor value the opportunity that god gives then. Why I say this?

On Sunday when I was having fun with my father and brother dancing and hearing to music outside  in a place called " la zona colonial", a lot of people gather together there. When the party was on, it seems that a guy fell down and collapsed, the 911 lasted too much to arrive, the guy was took  out of scene with the eyes open, We all thought that He was drunk or something like, that after a while I just went to the bathroom and saw that the 911 guys was getting the guy in the ambulance, well after around 30 mins, one of the singer gave the news that the guy had dead, therefore the event was suspended, We were like in shock man! You go out to celebrate life and you dont know if you are coming back home or are going to live the next moment, To suspend the event was the best decision because that shows respect for the family and the sould of the guy!

On Monday when I was at work I received the news that a guy that frecuent the bank and joked around with the employees there and joked a lot with me, I guy that I really liked, He was funny and respectful, plus We joked a lot with the female coworkers, the guy was dead on past Friday, I was in shock, more than the day before because He was a guy that We all met there in the bank, even other clients, that was bitter to swallow, I cant not believe that I ll not listen to his jokes anymore. Very Very sad.

So my conclusion is why people get obsessed with external posessions and forget the basics about life, dont get me wrong I dont want to be conformist here, but I just notice that people often strive to only improve economically and dont improve as a person and spiritually. Anyway, I am just greateful that I can run,smile , walk, live, breath, every single day. Try to be the best person I can, so if I die there wont be regrets!!!

Life can be taken in a second, but if you live the life full of joy, then it wont be regrets!!

Runningwise I did not run yesterday, but yesterday decided that I was running in the predawn today no matter what, was going to run today for my friend Floiran and the run was going to be dedicated to him. I went out today at 5:55 a.m. to the conservatory and got there in 7:50, then did 4 laps in 6:29,6:32,6:21, and in the last lap I was feeling so good and alive that I decided to increase the pace a bit, I almost scream in joy, I was just greateful to be able to run and to be alive, I got home in 39:36 for 6.5k, I loved this morning´s run since I had a lot of time without running predawn, I m looking for tomorrow´s predawn run. I just want to train hard because I can!!

Running is awesome!! Have a great night everyone!! and be greatful for everyday you are here on earth!

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