jueves, 23 de octubre de 2014

Morning run with father and setting goals

This morning woke up at 7:30 a.m, since I am off from work, Headed out to the conservatory to do the 3 laps route that I do when areas of the conservatory are closed. When I started I felt tired, I think the return was going to be easy, but its not gonna be, I ll have to sweat a lot to get there. Anyway, I ran 47 mins total, got to the conservatory with my father and waited for him from the conservatory to home. I felt tired as I said,hope that improves in the next few days. The weather was very hot, but I am glad I got out there!

I wrote down 4 goals for the remaining of the year:

1) Give up the fried chicken and fried food till December.
2)Lose 10-20 pounds as a result( that might take a little longer than December)
3)Train hard, smart and consistently
4) Get a better position in the work force.

These are the 4 goals that I wrote in a paper sheet and is next to my bed,so when I get weak, I look at it and the motivation comes back.

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