martes, 28 de octubre de 2014

Fun night run

Yesterday took the day off, went to bed too late on Sunday.

This evening after work, I headed out to the conservatory and did the 3 laps that I have been doing in 10:06,9:36,9:48, then the last 7 mins of the run really pushed the pace really hard effortwise, I probably did did a mile in 7:15, dont know for sure, but the effort was there, finish the run in 45 mins. Then stayed there looking for the menu, ha!! if you know what I mean! beautiful women there!:)its inspiring to see a lot of people exercising and doing something for their help, that push me to train harder and never quit exercising (running in my case), that makes me a better and happier person without a doubt. Tonight I was very greatful that I can run and exercise, not a lot of people can! Have a great night folks!! I do have scheduled a predawn run for tomorrow since I wont be able to run at night due to the finance course, I am training for a 5k, so I CANT sleep in!! Cheers!

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