sábado, 9 de abril de 2016

A bit of catching up

On Wednesday I was going to do a workout, even I got earlier than usual to home, but then felt a bit lazy and skipped the run altogether, felt like shit afterwards and kind of got depressed. I have realize these days that running is key to maitain my sanity these days, and skipping that run made me feel like crap. A day off wont hurt me, but I hate to take day off because of lazyness.

On Thursday at 5 p.m. We had a recreational meeting at work, and they offered  abit of junk food and cake, they were celebrating March`s brithdays, and of course I ate.

I was going to run no matter what, but after skipping my interval workout the day before, I did not mind losing my interval workout for the week, all in all, I dont have a plan to race, till I get in decent shape, so I dont need to be crazy about that just yet.

At 7:20 p.m. I went out to do my run, the plan was to run easy, because I was going to be stuffed to death like I have experienced in the past, the good thing is that I did not drink coke and I was not that stuffed, anyway, the plan for a workout that day was off.

But ended up doing a kind of progression run and felt pretty good at the end, did around 8k total, and 6 laps in the conservatory in  6:26,6:10,6:12, felt good and decided to push a bit, 5:47,5:55,4:41, in the last one I pushed the pace, especially in the second half of that lap which is flat, on the hills I took it easy.

Felt good and awesome and very content to have run, I felt like shit the day before and its incredible how good you feel after you exercise and do something positive about your life, at this point in my life I would live without my exercise, in my case, running.

Friday was off, this one was planned, because I had to run some personal errands and better to lose a run for that, at least this one was planned out, and felt good about it.

Anyway, the next run would be less than 12 hours away, so no biggies.

Today at 7:15 a.m. I went out to the conservatory with my father and I did 6 laps, He did 5 laps. This time around I decided to run the same direction as He run and I did the first couple of laps ahead and then He caught me and start fartleking for the rest of the run, I felt very good, but in the last lap that He did I was not that confortable, that fartlecking killed me. Got to the conservatory in 7:43, then 6 laps in 6:06,6:10,5:57,5:53,5:28,6:17, yeah after that 5:28, I was tired and needed to slow down to my normal easy pace, then 7:15 to get home in 51:18 for 8.5k.

Hope that those accelerations dont affect me in tomorrow`s tempo. I ll run by feel like lately, but timewise I would like to perform well also.

Did not look at the watch during the run, was surprised when I saw that I did not averaged less than 6 min per km, that felt way faster than We actual did.

Have a great Saturday!

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