domingo, 17 de abril de 2016

Nice easy evening run

As I said this morning, I was going to run easy in the evening to see how I felt, but I did not speed up , I just kept things easy, this upcoming week will be plenty of time to get a workout or two. I woke up with a very sore right foot, but as the day went by, I felt really good and by the evening I did not feel soreness at all!

The plan today was to do 5-6 laps in the conservatory for a total of 7.5-8.5k, I opted for the longer because I felt really good. I got to the conservatory in 7:51, then did 6 laps in 6:20,6:14,6:13,6:14,6:09,6:09, back home in 7:02 for 52:46 for 8.5k. As I told already, felt really good and easy, I looked like a robot since I seemed like I was not breathing at all. But that is easy to do on easy runs (no pun intended).

It seems that on weekdays I am tired from work since on easy runs its hard for me to get sub 8 mins in the conservatory, but in Saturday morning and in this case Sunday evening, it was easy to do. I did not look at the watch during the run, just looked at the splits at home, and I am posting them here.

Another easy one in the books! I ll have to get in a good workout so I dont start to lose fitness!!

Have a great Sunday night!

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