jueves, 28 de abril de 2016

Tempo progressive run

I had been running since Monday, so Tuesday and Wednesday were off, one of those were planned, but the other one not that much.

Today I had planned to do a tempo run, because Sunday and Monday were pretty easy and plus 2 more rest days, no reason to run easy again, I was totally recovered today ready to stress the body again, at least with a light tempo run.

I got out to the conservatory (1.2k) and then started my 5 laps (5k) tempo run. The goal was to do it in low 26 or so, but the most important was that I felt solid and good. Splits per lap were 5:27,5:15,5:19,5:14,5:06. The splits were good, but I felt very tired by the end, and I wanted to run sub 5 mins the last lap, but that was not possible, I was very tired and I could only muster a 5:06. The final time for the 5k (5 laps) was 26:23, but those hills got the best of me.

I felt controlled and good the first 3 laps, but then started to feel tired. My problem with these tempos are that once I go out at a x pace, its difficult to purposely increase the pace, I just seem to stay there, I have to train those changes of rythm, because if a competitor change gear during a race, I wont be able to cope with those surges.

All in all, I am satisfy with this, at least it was faster than the previous 2-3 tempos that I did by effort. Today I just looked at the watch every lap, but was monitoring the effort at all times.

For a cool down did a bit more than a lap (1.2k or so), so call it a 7.5k day. A short overall run, but the effort was there. Another factor that made the run much more difficult was the heat, I was sweating a lot by the end of the workout and even before getting to the conservatory to finish my warm up.

Happy with the effort, I hope to run sub 26 mins at the same effort for 5 laps in the conservatory. That soon will come!!

Have a great night!

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