sábado, 2 de abril de 2016

Easy run battling the flu: I am defeating it

Yesterday was an off day.

After complaining for the beginning of all this week, telling you that I was very tired and blah blah blah, complaining like a pussy, now I say that in the last 2 runs I have felt great. Eventhough, I am battling the flu, woke up yesterday with a sore throat and my nose has not been great since, but since the symptons are from the shoulders and up, in the body I am feeling normal, I went out to do my normal run.

At 7:20 a.m. I went out to the conservatory with my father, and just ran easy for 6 laps, then ran some more to wait for him and got home, only timed 8.5k, though.

Did not look at the watch during the run, just ran at a pace that felt easy and confortable, splits were:7:51 to get to the conservatory, then 6 laps in: 6:23,6:16,6:10,6:01,6:09,6:06, finish up the 8.5k in 52:50 or so, which is fast compared to my easy runs in the last month or so.

I think, I am a morning runner, because I felt great in the morning, full of energy and the splits seem to come easier, as opposed to the evenings/nights when I have had 10+ hours of work under my belt  and I am hungry and tired. Although the splits are the same, the energy in the morning is much higher. The only problem with morning running is to actually get up and run. I have not run in the predawn after started working again, maybe and I am afraid that I ll get a strong headache because the lack of food, like I have experienced before, but I ll have to give it a try, because sometimes I am pressed at work because I have to leave at X hour to run. Also lately, I am getting home later than I would like, thus running later than I would like.

Will have to start doing predawn runs on work week days and get it out of the way early, not everyday, but some days, at least.

8.7k or so, total.

Tomorrow if the flu permits I ll do my planned tempo run in the mirador.

Have a great Saturday!

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