domingo, 17 de abril de 2016

Catching up

It seems that lately my motivation for blogging is not much, but that has to come back because as I said back earlier, it gets a lot of work to post more than a couple of runs and all those splits. However, I ll keep this short and sweet.

I could not run on Tuesday or Wednesday. Tuesday was planned and I mentioned something about it in my last post, on Wednesday it started raining very hard at the time of my run, even before getting home, after I spring my ankle, I am very hesitant to run to the conservatory, a lot of irregularities there and you can fell down or spring something. So better to skip the run and to live to run another day so to speak.

So on Thursday my coachee had a 5k time trial in sub 30 mins, I thought She could do sub 28 mins, my father ran with us and We did that run at 6:30 p.m. or so, We got to the conservatory, ran 1 for 1 lap, I did a couple of strides in there, but instead of loosing me, those tightened me even more. We started together, but I said to them that it was a 5 lap (5k) time trial (tempo for me), not 1-2 lap, so after the bigges uphill of the lap I started to build a gap and never looked back, I did not look at the watch during my 5 laps, but I could tell I was working hard eventhough the pace felt easy, I was not feeling easy and I felt tight all around, I was right since my time was 26:51, I was frustrated with that, I wanted to do 25 mins such as in the mirador, but it seems that when I run by effort, my true " 1 hour race pace" effort comes out. When I run 25 mins I generally chase that time on purpose and dont let the pace come to me, anyway, I felt frustrated because I felt like shit. The splits looked like an art piece though. Splits per lap were : 5:25,5:28,5:22,5:21,5:12.  My coachee finished in 29:55, and my father a bit ahead. I think She can run sub 1 hour in next week 10k, She just ran 400s repeats on Tuesday and by Sunday She will be very rested.

After the 5k tempo, I ran 4 x 100s sprints, it were faster than strides for sure, even the recovery I did it walking and by the last one, I felt very spent and done. Next day I was sore as hell!!

Friday after work I was hesitant to run, but I force myself to run whatever it felt like, turns out to be my normal 7.5k run, so 6 laps in the conservatory, the first one in 6:26, the last one in 6:06. Felt really easy , but very sore!! Did not look at the watch during the run, just ran by effort, and mentally this run was loooong!! I was soaking wet at the end! It is starting to heat up!

Saturday morning, just 12 hours after my last run, I was ou to the conservatorywith my father and ran in the same direction as him, I did 5 laps, but built a gap on him, and He never bridged it. Again, did not look at the watch during the run, but laps were 6:23 the first one, and the fast one 5:59( not the last one), felt really tired and sore, but splits were faster or the same as my fresh easy runs, I stopped after 5 laps, and waited for my father to do more laps, then did 1.2k more to get home together. I did 7.5k total again.

Today I woke up sore in my right ankle, It would seem that I spring my ankle, but its Thursday workout soreness and I was planning a speed workout for today, but that will have to wait, because I am very sore and it does not worth it! Better to listen to the body! I dont have races planned so that would not be a huge problem! I ll run easy this evening and if I feel good I ll do a couple of faster laps!

This turned out to be longer than planned! Cheers and have a great Sunday morning!

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