lunes, 25 de abril de 2016

Catching up

Another delay in my posts here.

Friday was off, was lazy and decided to do my interval workout Saturday morning.

Saturday I woke up very early, and was out at 7:00 a.m. to the conservatory to do my planned interval workout,  1 lap easy,1k (1 lap) fast, and then 4 x 2 mins with 2 mins recovery jog in between,  cool down a lap, and I did 8.5k in 53:58 or so. The 1k fast was in 4:23, so my fastest km in years I think, I was very happy with it, because the fastest before  that was 4:33, and I cut 10 secs off that which is great given that I felt with a more controlled stride, felt better and was under control although tired and huffing and puffing.  I dont know if it was because it was in the early morning and I was full of energy and felt very good, because when I do them in the evening I already have had 10 hours or more of work which is tiring, but I wont overanalyze things, I felt great when I saw that 4:23, then took 4 mins of easy jogging before starting the 2 mins repeats, then did 4 x 2 mins, and those felt good, but I was breathing  harder and harder with each repeat.

At the end I completed a very good workout and I really worked hard for that. As I said total time was just  a couple secs faster than 54 mins.

Sunday I felt really tired but woke even earlier because I had to run some errands, I started the run at 6:40 a.m., I felt tired from the workout and just ran very easy, splits showed how tired I was, I did 8.5k in 55:10 or so which is very slow for me and the splits were from 6:44 the first lap to 6:17 the last lap, after the third lap I was feeling good and loose, but the first 3 were all tightness!! Good recovery run!

Today (Monday), I almost skip the run, but put the pussyness aside and got out there, it poured lightly during the run, but nothing major. I felt really good when I started, but as soon as I got to the conservatory in 8:02, felt like crap again, did 5 easy laps in 6:31,6:25,6:23,6:22,6:21, 7:16 to home to finish the 7.5k in 47:55. Felt very good at the end. Good easy run!

Hope you have a great start to the week!

Another thing is that my coachee ran her first 10k race yesterday in 67:53, She ran very strong and I am proud of her, I know She is in better shape, but She has improved a lot!! my father ran also and finished in 59:17, his Personal worst, but He was experienced a strong knee pain from the get go, I also have been told that race was 10.3k instead of 10k exact.

Enjoyed specting the race!

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