martes, 5 de abril de 2016

The flu defeated me

Not so much as I thought, but on Sunday I had planned a tempo run and I took the day off instead, honestly, I had a lot of congestion and although the symptons were above the neck, I did not want to risk anything, I thought about running easy, but then decided to take the day off, so I say that the flu beated me because I could not run on Sunday nor do my tempo run.

On Monday night after work, I was very congestionated, but I was feeling good below the neck so I went for an easy run and I felt really good, I did not remember the flu during the run, so the run was pretty much normal. It was faster than my easy run because after 1 lap in the conservatory a friend called Reynaldo, joined me and He generally trains faster than me and I just stay with him, nothing to recover from except the flu, no workouts done or close ahead so no biggie in running faster than easy pace for a bit.

As lately ran without looking at the watch, but taking my splits, splits were 8:03 to get to the conservatory, then did 6 laps 6:30,6:11,6:04,5:41,5:33,5:24, then did 4+ mins to complete 48 mins to call it 8k or so.

The last lap was not that easy, but I felt confortable, the last lap was by my own, because He only did 5 laps, I noticed several times that his breathing was labored and mine was very controlled, but that is because I run my stress workouts hard and easy runs easy, and on easy runs pace does not matter, so maybe those sub 6 mins that He used to do running easy, are not that easy after all.

Felt very good and laps just flew by!

Today I wanted to run easier than yesterday and after work again, 7:20 p.m. or so I started my run, 6 laps in the conservatory + 90 secs, splits today weree:8:07, to get there, then 6 laps in 6:27,6:23,6:18,6:13,6:12,6:06, then 90 secs to finish in 47:37 so a bit more than 7.5k I think. Did not look at the watch during the run, in fact just knew splits as I was typing this. Realized that felt really good and I am defeating the flu right now. The run just felt confortable and felt really good at the end!

Have a great Tuesday!

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