jueves, 21 de abril de 2016

Week recap

Monday I could not run, I had some  things to do after I got home, but the day off was not planned.

Tuesday I wanted to run harder because since Friday I had been doing only easy running, I was recovered and the body asked for a harder effort so I gave it. I did a progressive tempo run and it turned out to be better than Thursday feeling a lot better, but tired though.

I warmed up to the conservatory in 7:51 If I recall correctly, then did 6 laps at a progressive effort and pace, laps were 5:41,5:33,5:26,5:11,5:15,5:14, then did 1 more lap for cool down and 90 secs to complete 8.5k or so.

I was feeling controlled, but not easy by any means, but I liked the latter splits. After the 3rd lap, Reynaldo, just started running with me, We were running back and forth together till the half of the 4th lap, when He started pushing and built a gap on me, I could not bridge the gap, and I think He did 3 laps in just under 15 mins, which caught me by surprise, I tried to bridge the gap but I could not, of course, I already had 3 laps at tempo effort, He started on fresh legs, but no biggies, He did very well and kicked my ass!!

I just took splits, but doing the math, I think the last 5 laps were in the 26:30s range, so faster than Thursday, feeling better.

It was a good effort, but to be honest I want sub 25 mins in 5k at the same tempo effort, another thing is that I looked at splits at every lap, so was not entirely by effort.

Wednesday was a 7.5k easy run, finshing at home, did 5 laps in the conservatory ranging from 6:23 to 6:11 the last couple of laps, finished the run in 47:09. Did not look at the watch during, just ran easy.

Today I did 7.5k also, but did 6 laps and 90 secs and finished there, I did not wear the watch and just ran what felt easy, and after the first lap, I felt really good. Kept the effort easy again to recover and to get ready for tomorrow, I want to do some kind of workout. Workouts are what make you better!!

Have a great Thursday!

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