lunes, 10 de octubre de 2016

Catching up

I apologize for the disaster post that I wrote on Thursday, the reason was that my keyboard was not working, and I did my best to pòst, but that was not a success.

The last week was a disaster runningwise, it was a difficult week for me, my brother is gone to Spain for almost 2 years to do his master and that made me sad, I am used to see him everyday and to share a lot with him, We are twins after all. Anyway, I wish him the best, The storm Matthew made running at the beginning of the week almost impossible.

I wanted to run on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but when I just could not run because at the time that I planned to run I have visitors here, that is not a big of a excuse since I slept in on both days of the weekend and neglect the running to the evening, but in the evening as I said I had visitors. On Wednesday I went to the gym, but I am still sore from the gym and it was not a very good experience, I started the exercises starving and was nauseous by the time I got home, even when I ate dinner, I still felt bad. I think struggle to get there and to get back home from the gym is more tiring than the gym itself, so I think the gym will have to wait till I do have a car and can get there in 10 mins in the highway.

So I only ran 1 time last week, I felt really bad about it, but this week I will continue my normal training.

Today after work, I went out running at 7:52 p.m. to the conservatory and the plan was to do only 5.5k, so 3 laps in the park and back home, I felt great, surprised myself, I thought that I was going to feel very tired and out ot shape, but I felt fresh and strong. Laps were in 6:23,6:11,6:11, then back home to finish the 5.5k in 34:17.

Felt good and happy to get back to running.I just love running, you just cant compare the feeling from running vs lifting weight, when you lift weights no endorphins there, but when you run, you feel good and good and good, weightlifters will have to forgive me, but I feel much better running than weight lifitng. Of course you should do strength training to supplement your running and to have a more stronger upper body, but I personally dont get the happy endorphins from weightlifting.

Have a great night!

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