domingo, 23 de octubre de 2016

Catching up

No running till today and I capped off the week with another 3 runs this week. Not the best thing in my book, but it was bad planning more than anything. but I will take it, todays run was good enough to be positive and to know that I have not lost a lot of fitness.

Today I headed out at 8:00 a.m. to the conservatory by myself, I let my father to sleep. I never looked at the watch during the run today, no point in checking splits when you are running easy, so I have to cut that habit out, that worked very well.

The plan was to do 5.5k easy, but I was feeling good and I encountered the Valencia runner that I saw the other day and He was doing 1 lap repeats, so 1000m, so I encouraged him and then in another lapI asked him the time He was running the repeats, He was doing them in 3:45, He did 3 repeats, then on his cool down( I supposed to go home, but I continued doing laps with him talking about running and about Valencia, Valencia is the place where my brother went to to his master 2 weeks ago, and He graduated in the same college, my brother is attending to.

So I can say that I found a friend, He is a great guy and a very good runner, I knew he was fast since the first time I saw him running, today I asked about his PBs and He is an elite, 16 min 5k runner, 33 min 10k runner and 75 mins in the half. Here in the country those times are run by the elites.

He only runs 3 times per week so He is got a lot of talent, I told him that if He trained more frecuently He would be a world class athele, but his response also made me thinking, He said that maybe He would not enjoy it that much if He trained that frecuent. Anyway, it was a good conversation and I finished my run in 67 mins. I never run that long these days, but I just took advantage of the good conversation and ran more so a win win.

Laps were between 6:25 and 6:11, so my normal easy pace. Felt good and easy.

I estimated the distance in about 11k or a bit less.

Have a great weekend!

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