miércoles, 16 de noviembre de 2016

Another fast couple of laps

Yesterday I again  ran with Adelino ( the spanish runner friend), today I wanted to do a couple of fast laps or do something fast, that is why I started the run very slow , We kept it very easy, and after 1 lap easy in the conservatory, I took off, yea right!! I sped up and He followed me with easy, I decided to do 2 laps to see what time I could muster, I was not all out, but close, 4:29 in the first hard lap, then continued, I knew that I decreased the pace , but no that much and my breathing heared like a Bethoven melody. 4:51 for the 3rd lap, for a total of 9:20 for 2 laps (2k).

I was a bit dissapointed with the way that I ran those 2 laps, the difference in time was huge, I would have felt happier if it would have been the slower split first and the faster split later.

Anyway, then I did 2 more easy laps, I took the splits for the easy laps but its not worth mentioning, in the 6th lap,Adelino was going to run at his pace and I was going to try to run another hard lap, I took off with him, but I only lasted 250-300m, then I continued the lap easy to finish up in5:40 and finish the 7.5k in 45:40. Adelino ran his lap in 3:34, He is a beast and He says He is out of shape!

Today I decided to rest and I am a bit sore from the couple of fast laps, I have to say that Monday`s run was not that easy, and maybe I would have performed better with more recovery because I threw a fast lap on Monday also.

Anyway, I am happy that I can throw laps sub 4:55 with relative ease.

Tomorrow is going to be an easy day, I need to structure my training better to get the most of my hard days.

Have a great Humpday!

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