viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2016

Easy run with Adelino

Wednesday I took the day off.

Yesterday at 7:30 p.m. I went out to the conservatory with my friend Adelino and I was so sore that I could not run fast as He suggest, He wanted to do 400s repeats, but I was sore and I wanted just to run easy. After almost 3 laps together, He decided to do 6 x 400s, and I continued my way to finish up my easy run.

I did 6 laps in the conservatory and in the last lap I did 5 x 100s strides feeling very heavy and sluggish, that lap came in 5:35 though, I did my 7.5k in 46:51 or so.

I felt good at the end and the weather was very nice. Adelino did good in his repeats, from 88 to 78 secs the 400s, He looked smooth and fast.

Today I took the day off again and I ll run both days of the weekend to complete my 5 runs this week.

Have a great Friday!

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