domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2016

Another bad week

This week was another disaster runningwise. I did not run on Monday, On Tuesday and Wednesday I was in Punta Cana working, was going to run there, but decided not to, to not carry sweaty clothes in my backpack. On Thursday I left work pretty late because I was not going to work on Friday.

On Friday, at 7:00 p.m. I came back to the running, I went to the conservatory and did 7.5k in 46:00, maybe less. Got to the park in 7:48, Lap 1 was 6:16, then worked my way down to 5:49 in the last lap, feeling very fresh and good. After that run I played more than an hour of volleyball and now as I type this I am pretty sore.

On Saturday at 8:00 a.m. I went to the conservatory again, to run 5 laps and back home, I was a bit tired for the volleyball the previous night. I ran 7.5k in 47:44, Did around 2.5k of those with Adelino who was racing a 10k today. I felt the soreness after that run.

Today I wanted to run, but slept in and I had things to do in the morning and in the eveninig, so I did not find the time to run, of course I did not create it either,  and I was so sore that I did not want to run, but feel guilty anyway.

So this week was only 2 runs and I am eating a lot of food, so I need to get things back to normal, since I want to race a 10k on December 3rh, We will see if I can get some consistensy going, if my running keeps going like this, I wont race for the remaining of the year. I need to keep my diet in control.

Adelino ran 39:50 in today`s 10k and He is out of shape, He placed 22nd out of 1300 people so He ran pretty good. Kudos to him!!

Have a great end of week!

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