miércoles, 23 de noviembre de 2016

Catching up

Monday I ran after work with my friend Adelino, We did 6 laps in the conservatory for 7.5k total. splits were 6:23,6:17,6:15,6:10,6:05,4:18. In the last one, I thought that i was going faster, but I felt good. No sore legs the next day so I must be improving. 45:20 for 7.5k.

Tuesday was a rest day.

Today after work again, I met Adelino in the park but He was doing 5 x 1 lap (1000m), He did 3:40--3:50 for all of them, He is a beast.

I got to the conservatory in 6:33, then I had planned to do 3 laps sub 15 mins and see what kind of effort I had to put in to do it, I decided not to look at the watch till the end, I felt good, tired, but under control. Splits for those 3 laps were 4:56,4:53,4:53, spot on!!, then did 2 more easy laps in 6:16 and 6:19 those laps felt like walking. Then 90 more secs to complete the 7.5k in 43:30.

I think I am in shape to run sub 24:15 for 5k, not what I hope, but of course much better than the 25:50s that I have been running in my last few races. The key for me is to trow some quality on a regular basis to get confortable running at those paces, I need to be more structured, but given the work load, I am running as I feel, but I make sure to run some quality during the week eventhough the mileage is very low.

Have a great Humpday!

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