jueves, 2 de marzo de 2017

Morning shortie

I rested Tuesday and Wednesday to see if I could recover from that thing that has my legs flat. I woke up early today at 5:40 a.m. and headed out the door a couple of mins before 6 a.m., I went out to do 7.5k, but within 2 mins in the run, I knew that this going to be a short run, I felt flat and wanted to stop, my breathing was fine, but the legs did not respond. Got to the conservatory in 7:56, did 1 lap in 6:41, headed out the conservatory  and get back home to finish up 3.5k in 22:40. I really dont care about the pace or time, what worry me is the way that I am feeling lately, its rare, I was feeling great till I was injected to donate blood, but it was a week ago, so its time for me to recover completely.

I ll try it again tomorrow morning, if I continue feeling this way, I ll have to visit a doctor, because is very frustrating.

All in all, happy to have run and happy to have waken up to run before work.

Have a great Thursday!

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