martes, 4 de noviembre de 2014

Catching up

 I have been running regularly, but because I have internet problems I am not being able to post.


Thursday morning did 3 laps corner to corner in the conservatory watchless.

Friday morning did the same  with my father, but threw 1:52 in the last 500s. total 44:50.

Saturday, did the same but my father beat this time, did 44:10

Sunday I ran a 10k watchless in the mirador, felt tired and that seemed like a marathon.

Monday took the day off

Today was off from work so I went out running at 8 a.m. ran watchless again, and in the first 15 mins felt very tight and fat but then loosened up and felt great. around 45 mins total

The consistency has improved dramatically and I am feeling fitter except when I started this morning when I felt hopeless, luckily that improved dramatically after 20 mins.  Have a great night everyone!

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