domingo, 5 de marzo de 2017

Morning 8k to the mirador

Today I headed out to run with my father at 8:00 a.m, slept in aliitle today, but next time W have to get out earlier because the heat is making its presence already.

After the first km in around 5:40-5:50s, and my father pushing the pace, I knew that He wanted to do 42-43 mins 8k, I left him go, I am tired of racing my easy runs. When We met again ( He coming back and I am still on the go, I passed him my watch so He could track his finishing time and mine).

I got the mirador 0k  (3k in) in 17:26, but then did know my splits because as I said earlier I gave the watch to my dad, He crossed the halfway in 22:04, So I suspect He could run sub 43. mins, bettering his time from 2 weeks ago.

He kept building building a bigger lap till I no longer saw him. He finished in 43:17 for 8k and I finished in around 45:40 ( I had to wait around 30 seconds in an intersection for the cars to cross). I pretty much run the whole way at an easy/ controlled effort.

I am happy with the way that I am feeling, I am getting back to normal, I no longer feel flat legs and I am getting motivated,so  a win/win, but I think its time for ramping my weekly mileage and my wekend mileage, and not better way to do it than to run early in the morning.

5 runs this week, not a great week, but I am getting better.

I want to run 7.5k tomorrow morning, We will see if my willpower and determination cooperate.

Have a great Sunday!

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