domingo, 25 de marzo de 2012

At least it was a good tempo run

was supposed to be a 10k race , was a 8k race, because they had us waiting 2 hours in the 40 celsius sun, the shortened the race distance, I was hoping to run sub 48 mins at worst in the 10k and I ran 38:16 in 8k which is just that, I raced without a watch, felt bad from the get go, in the second half just took it easy and basically stopped racing, but when my brother told me the time was 38:16 I kind of surprised, I thought that with the easy second half I would get into the 40 mins, so happy about that, but felt dissapointed in the way that I felt after 2 kms, really bad feeling, anyway ran by effort and I just did what my body told me, it was like a 5 mile race. The sun and the weather was very bad, on top of that we waited for 2 hours for the race to start in those temps!! the shin splint did not bother me at all today!

warmed up around 1 mile total!

5 runs this week: so the shin splint are getting better, we will see how it responds after this race!

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