jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012

Mini short intervals

Today wanted to do my short intervals, but a mini version to test the leg and not to hurry things after my week break. At 10:30 a.m. went out to the conservatory to warm up, put the watch the watch on time of day and warmed up my regular distance, did 16.10, 50 seconds faster than my normal warm up, the shin was bothering me a lot when I started, I thought that it does not have to do with running since I have rested a lot in the past 10 days, probably are my work shoes that are not helping , are very spent and my foot really hit hard on the ground when I walk, anyway, did 5 x 1 min fast, finished tired in the breathing, the legs a bit heavy, but the mindset was fine, felt happy to be back on the intervals, around 10 mins cool down, for a total of 35 mins, yea , too little, but need to be cautious!

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