miércoles, 21 de marzo de 2012

Better than yesterday run

This morning failed again in the predawn, but at 10:45 a.m. went out to test the leg after yesterday´s dissapointment, went out without a watch to the conservatory, did 3 laps there and came home for a total of 5.5k untimed. The pace was easy and the stride very short to really minimize impact in each stride, I have to admit that the shin bothered me for the whole run, but in a less degree than yesterday, could make 2 more kms today, however, I compared both legs and man, I really feel good on my right leg, and both legs are really fresh, but that pain is really ruining things off!! at least I can run, weather was a bit hot!! Happy to be out there running!
On Sunday I have a 10k race , I dont have too many opportunities to race because most races are held on Saturday afternoon and at that time I am at work, so I dont know what to do , do you think its a good idea to race through the shin splint or its better to really get over this thing first before thinking about racing again?

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