domingo, 18 de marzo de 2012

Testing the leg predawn run

Friday and Saturday off due to shin splints, on Friday I even got dressed but it the leg was giving me a lot of problems so I called it a day.
This morning I wanted to come back to predawn even if it was Sunday. The plan today was 8 kms to the mirador easy to test the leg and my confidence, Alexis slept here, so There We was my father, Alexis, Danilo and myself pack of 4 of us, We started out easy and I felt unconfortable as well as the leg, but then I just got into a groove and was feeling better and better, I put the watch on time of day and ran by feel, on the second half , especially the last 2k We really increased pace and Alexis and I were running head to head, I almost beat him in a sprint, but I did not want to turn it into a true race, its just training and I am pretty much injured. At the end the leg was giving me problems, I finished the 8k in 42:27, feeling really good and recovered on the body. It seems that I have not lost a lot in the past 2 weeks of very little running! Weather was excellent.
Runs this week: 3 runs this week due to the shin splint, hope to get back to predawn tomorrow!

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