domingo, 4 de marzo de 2012

Tempo run

Yesterday took the day off! wanted to give the leg a bit more rest but planned to do some quality training this morning. This morning really considered taking the day off too, but after a lot of self talking decided to go out at 7:35 a.m. and I dont regret it not even a bit. The leg feel qutie well today, bothered me the minimum and I felt very rested, so running only easy today was not an option I was hungry for a workout, after 2 kms in just under 11:50, that is normal for me in the morning, I sped up to 5:08 for the next km and then wanted to do 10k sub 50 mins, after crossing the 5:08 km, in the km 0 I visualize a tempo running 8 mins miles, in the first 200s had 56 seconds, wait a min, that is my tempo pace, I wanted to ease up but that did not happen, 1:52 for 400s and 4:44 the first km, then decided to do those 5k of the mirador at tempo pace and the last 3k easy, next km came in 4:34, next in 4:35, half in 11:36, ok! that is my normal tempo time, next came in 4:38, honestly in the last 2 kms I was racing a bit the watch to see if I could break 23 mins, then considered that an inmaturity, since this was a controlled effort, in the last 200m had 22:10, so I said , I only have to do sub 50 seconds the last 200s and I am sub 23, I gave it a try and finished the tempo run in 22:58,last km in 4:28. My best tempo run in a while, I have to admit that I forced a bit the pace to get the time, the time should come naturally for this tempo runs, did for those 8k 39:46( around goal half marathon pace), of course the first 2k were slow as hare. Then decided to wait Danilo, but he lasted too much, had to wait around 20 mins talking with a couple of runners, then did 3k cool down to home. Felt a bit tired on the legs in the last part since this time I did not stop to stretch, ran nonstop and increased from 5:08 pace to 4:44 pace rightaway, I wish I could do that in races!! Weather was decent and leg feeling good! Tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day, but I have rested more than necessary this week,at least I am getting in my quality work in and feeling very good! We will see maybe ll throw 8k tomorrow morning!

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  1. Great workout, Cesar -- and great description of it! Seems to me like you are getting very fit. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Doug!! I dont know what to do!! I am taking 2 days off of running because of the shin splints, I want to eliminate the pain altogether, but everytime that I feel good and run , the same night it bothers me a lot!! I dont want to lose the shape that I have gained, but dont want to run thorugh the pain either, this morning woke up in a lot of frustration!! Thanks man, Great marathon pace run you had