domingo, 6 de enero de 2013

Easy morning run with push the last 2 miles

Yesterday did not run due to lazyness when I woke up, could not fit in the rest of the day as usual. Today I woke up before 8 and was our the door at 8:20 a.m. to the conservatory with the unbroken kicks, ran 6 laps there and decided to push the pace in the last 2 miles, the 5th and 6th lap were in 5:16 and 5:07 respectively, I was hoping for better, at least in the last lap since I pushed much more than the 5th lap, anway when I went off the conservatory I really pushed home for the last 1.2k in 5:25 and got with the heart rate at 1000 bpm I think, the breathing was very fast and I have not felt like that in a long time, that is the last 400s of a mile race, great feeling, waking up the system! Have a great day! oh I forgot today I supposed to do my tempo run but in the middle of the night I was with a very sore throat, but when I feel good during the run decided to push the last 2 miles.

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